See Salma Hayek Celebrate In A Stunning Sexy Bikini

By Zack Zagranis | Published

There’s no better way to celebrate National Bikini Day—AKA July 5th—than with a picture of busty beauty Salma Hayek in a two-piece bathing suit! The 56-year-old looks half her age in a recent Instagram selfie where she poses in a pool like a sexy Siren. Hayek’s bodacious bod, much like the feisty Latina herself, just doesn’t know when to quit—much to the delight of Salma’s millions of adoring fans.

Selma Hayek celebrated National Bikini Day in a stunning triangle bikini.

Salma wore a patchwork triangle bikini trimmed with white lace that was barely able to contain Hayek’s amply endowed upper torso. The Mexican-born sex bomb captioned her photo, “Happy #NationalBikiniDay! Can you believe the bikini has only been around for 77 years?! Let’s hope they don’t ban them too #notathrowback” The star had to throw in that last hashtag because otherwise, fans could easily mistake the picture for one taken decades ago thanks to her eternally youthful looks.

Several of Salma Hayek‘s fans—both famous and otherwise—commented on the actress’s steamy bikini pic. The comments were overwhelmingly positive—how could they not be?—with many, like fellow actress Isla Fisher, simply responding with multiple fire emojis. A few fans commented with GIF’s of Hayek as Santanico Pandemonium, her bikini-wearing character from 1996’s From Dusk till Dawn.

salma hayek
Salma Hayek in Dogma

Salma Hayek had to use the hashtag #notathrowback to convince fans it was a recent photo.

If the GIF’s of the younger Hayek were meant as some critique of her current over-fifty look, they backfired spectacularly. The image of a Salma Hayek from close to 30 years ago juxtaposed with how she looks now only serves to highlight just how little has changed. Hayek’s ridiculously toned mid-section alone is enough to make everyone, even those 10-20 years her junior, weep with envy.

Salma Hayek’s Next Major Projects

The bathing beauty’s next project is the upcoming Without Blood directed by Angelina Jolie from a 2002 novel of the same name. Salma Hayek plays Nina, a woman who witnessed a horrifying act of violence as a child and only escaped because of a miraculous act of mercy. Years later, Nina—now in her fifties—runs into her childhood savior and is forced to relive the events of that fateful night that shaped her entire life.

The movie co-stars Demian Bichir, Juan Minujin and Bernardo Tuccillo. While IMDB has no release date listed for Without Blood, the film is considered in post-production, implying a release sometime later this year or early next year. In the meantime, there’s always Salma’s Instagram to keep fans busy until her next movie role. In addition to the above bikini pic, the star has been posting some other really steamy content as of late.

A video of the actress frolicking in the very same bikini was posted yesterday, and it just might be responsible for several recent cardiac incidents reported across the world in the last 24 hours. All kidding aside, Salma Hayek may be pushing 60, but she certainly doesn’t move like it. Other recent posts have included the obligatory behind the scene dressing room shots and an absolute thirst trap where the sexy star is lying in a sauna wearing two small towels—and nothing else!

Every day is bikini day when Salma Hayek is around!