Watch Salma Hayek Pour Wine Over Herself While Busting Out Of Her Top

Salma Hayek pours wine over her chest in a behind the scenes video from her Glamour photoshoot.

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

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Let’s be real honest for a moment, this is the opening sentence to an introductory paragraph that is likely to be ignored. Salma Hayek’s photoshoot for Glamour, promoting her upcoming film Magic Mike’s Last Dance, is located down below. Since yes, it does feature video of the best part of From Dusk Til Dawn, an astonishing 27 years later, pouring a glass of wine over her chest.

It would be a disservice to refer to Salma Hayek as an “ageless beauty,” and much more accurate to say she’s aging like a very expensive bottle of the finest Catalina wine. The video starts with the actress pouring wine over herself while sitting on a bar, and then goes from there to an amazing one-shoulder black dress. The Puss in Boots: The Last Wish voice actress is wearing a ponytail so tight and severe that it could compete with Ariana Grande’s famous hairstyle.

The next segment features Salma Hayek in a white gown outside on a balcony, followed by inside photos of another, tighter white outfit. This third outfit includes one of her most adorable co-stars of all time, and a very good boy, in a white dog that is doing his best to understand stage directions. The House of Gucci star has been modeling for almost as long as she’s been acting, and since she started on Mexican television in 1988, that’s a career longer than some of her current co-stars have been alive.

In sharing the behind the scenes video from Glamour’s photoshoot, Salma Hayek reminds all of her fans (22.7 million on Instagram alone), that she’s always had a quirky sense of humor and at 56 is still one of the hottest stars in Hollywood. Unfortunately, she recently shared in an interview that because of her stunning looks casting directors were keeping her away from one of her favorite genres: comedy.

salma hayek
Channing Tatum and Salma Hayek in Magic Mike’s Last Dance

After breaking out in Desperado, alongside her frequent co-star Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek made a few in-roads away from the role of eye candy in Matthew Perry’s comedy Fools Rush In. That same year, she starred alongside Russel Crowe in Breaking Up, but after 1997 the comedy roles started to dry up. An astonishing 20 years later is when the screen siren had a new opportunity to prove her comedic chops thanks to Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson.

Salma Hayek played Sonia Kincaid, the wife of Jackson’s Darius Kincaid in the hit action-comedy film. In fact, the film was such a success that the 2021 sequel, Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, has her character take center stage. While Rotten Tomatoes rates the film as only 26% fresh, the audience score of 79% is far more accurate, as sometimes, critics are wrong.

Coming out soon, Salma Hayek is poised to star in what may be her best film yet, Magic Mike’s Last Dance with Channing Tatum. The third film in the male stripper trilogy has Tatum catching the eye of Hayek’s wealthy socialite and starring in her new London production. The incredibly hot and intimate dance scene, framed by a Steven Soderbergh film, will be out on February 10th.