See Salma Hayek Enjoy The Pool In Pink Bathing Suit

By Charlene Badasie | Updated

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Salma Hayek has been delighting fans with photos and updates from her summer vacation. In her latest post, the actress is seen enjoying the water with her husband, Francois-Henri Pinault. For the candid shoot, the 56-year-old wore a pink swimsuit, complimented by a white manicure and chunky silver rings. “Enjoyed the great blessings of sun, water, and love,” she wrote in the caption.

The Black Mirror star often showcased her swimwear on social media. However, Salma Hayek’s latest post was unique as she was completely makeup-free. Interestingly, the actress has gone all-natural before, sharing a candid selfie that celebrated her visible signs of aging. “Me, waking up and counting how many white hairs and wrinkles have crashed the party this morning,” she wrote in a previous post.

In a cyberspace dominated by filters and digitally altered perfection, witnessing a prominent figure like Salma Hayek champion the beauty of a bare face and completely slay in a swimsuit is incredibly refreshing. The actress recently revealed her beauty secrets to People, saying that she has never used Botox.

Salma Hayek and Meditation

Instead, Salma Hayek credits her looks and health to meditation, which helps care for her mind and body. “A lot of things in my body and health issues, somehow I developed this strange meditation that I keep evolving,” she told the publication. “I can do it for hours because I don’t feel the time, and it’s so much fun.”

“It’s actually feeling the energy. It moves, and it dances inside of you with different feelings and sensations. So I do a lot of the frequency machines,” she added. Salma Hayek explained that she firmly believes in the power of meditation for its anti-aging effects, even if it’s not traditionally associated with that purpose. “When I don’t do it for some time, everything starts to drop,” she said.

“A lot of things in my body and health issues, somehow I developed this strange meditation that I keep evolving. I can do it for hours because I don’t feel the time, and it’s so much fun.”

Salma Hayek

Away from Social media, Salma Hayek was last seen in Magic Mike’s Last Dance from director Steven Soderbergh. Written by Reid Carolin, the movie serves as a sequel to the 2015 film Magic Mike XXL. The story sees Mike fall in love with Maxandra Mendoza, a socialite who encourages him to launch a stripper stage show in London.

Magic Mike’s Last Dance is the third and final installment in the franchise. Along with Salma Hayek, the film stars Channing Tatum, Ayub Khan Din, Jemelia George, Juliette Motamed, Vicki Pepperdine, Gavin Spokes, Catilin Gerard, Christopher Bencomo, and Nas Ganev.

Salma Hayek also appeared in a Black Mirror episode titled “Joan is Awful.” Directed by Ally Pankiw and written by Charlie Brooker, the story revolves around an ordinary woman who makes a startling discovery – a global streaming service has launched a television drama series based on her life.

To her surprise, her character is portrayed by none other than famous Hollywood A-lister Salma Hayek. Annie Murphy, Michael Cera, Rob Delaney, Ben Barnes, and Himesh Patel also appear in the episode. Black Mirror’s “Joan is Awful,” which is part of the show’s sixth season, premiered on Netflix on June 15.

Seesaw Monster

Salma Hayek is also set to star alongside Anne Hathaway in an intriguing comedy thriller adaptation of Kotaro Isaka’s book, Seesaw Monster. While most of the project’s details remain under wraps, Olivia Milch has been chosen to pen the script.

This collaboration marks an eagerly anticipated reunion for Hathaway and Milch, who previously collaborated on the script for Ocean’s 8. Their shared creative history promises an exciting and captivating new venture. The highly anticipated Slam Hayek movie currently has no release date.