Why RIP Jeremy Renner Is Trending

RIP Jeremy Renner is taking off on Twitter. What's going on?

By Drew Dietsch | Published

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RIP Jeremy Renner, or more specifically #RIPJeremyRenner, is taking off on Twitter today. If you think that means the Hawkeye actor has passed away, you would be understandably confused to learn that he is still alive according to all reports. So, why the hashtag proclaiming his death? It turns out it is part of a movement to get the actor removed from his status as a celebrity. In the common parlance of the times, it looks like a strong contingent of people want to cancel the actor.

The RIP Jeremy Renner movement seems to center around a large number of controversial elements in the actor’s past. One of the more focal points is that people want him held accountable for his actions having to do with his ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco. The two divorced back in 2014 after just ten months of marriage and the reasons cited were irreconcilable differences. However, Pacheco later alleged that Renner threatened to kill her. She also describes an incident where Renner put a gun in his mouth and threatened suicide in front of her but then fired the gun into the ceiling in an effort to frighten Pacheco.

The disturbing allegations don’t stop there. The RIP Jeremy Renner movement is also bringing up other incidents that Pacheco claims happened. Some include Renner being under the influence of cocaine and alcohol and biting his young daughter Ava. Ava said that her dad bit her when he was “being mean and yelling.” There is also at least one incident alleged by Pacheco that Renner left cocaine out on a bathroom counter that was easily reachable by their daughter.

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These issues would be enough for a reasonable examination of the actor’s behavior, but the RIP Jeremy Renner movement is also concentrating on some of his actions during interviews over the years. He has used derogatory language against trans people, gleefully used an outdated term on The Graham Norton Show, used a racist slur against Black people during an interview, and even called Black Widow a slut during an interview for the second Avengers film. These aren’t quite as horrific as the alleged behavior against his family, but it’s an unfavorable way to conduct yourself and is certainly not a good look for an actor who is attached to playing a superhero.

With all of this combined, will the RIP Jeremy Renner attempt actually see him being shunned from mainstream entertainment in the same way it happened to Gina Carano? It all depends on how the consensus swings and what cost studios think having him attached to their projects is worth. We know he is set to headline the upcoming Hawkeye series on Disney+. Could that be the last we see of him in the role after all this information continues to be brought up on social media? Or will he be able to skirt any repercussions since he isn’t actively antagonizing people on social media in the same way Carano was? No matter what happens, RIP Jeremy Renner does not mean that the actor is dead. But it does look like his career is the next one to possibly get the ax.

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