Megan Fox Has An Eerily Similar Lookalike On OnlyFans, And She Does Transformers Requests

Taylor Ryan is an OnlyFans model with a striking resemblance to Megan Fox.

By Zack Zagranis | Updated

megan fox

Megan Fox has a doppelganger across the pond, and she makes £25,000 a month on the social media site OnlyFans. Taylor Ryan decided to monetize her resemblance to Fox after friends started telling her she looked like the Transformers actress. The Daily Mail reports that as soon as Ryan began copying Megan’s winged eyeliner and leather look, the money started pouring in.

Five years ago, the Megan Fox look-alike was working two jobs to make ends meet. Ryan split her time between driving an Amazon van and working as a barista for Costa, a U.K. coffee chain. Taylor decided to post on OnlyFans part-time and, by 2020, was making enough money to quit her two day jobs.

Ryan takes full advantage of the Megan Fox angle, largely recreating scenes from the Transformer movies in sexy clothing. One fan in particular paid Ryan £250 ($300 American) to replicate an iconic scene from 2007’s Transformers. Ryan obliged the fan by filming herself opening the hood of a car in a bra and denim short-shorts.

megan fox

“A lot of them are just for me to sit in a car topless and play with my boobs,” Ryan said about the majority of her fan requests. While it might sound like an easy way to make a lot of money, Ryan says posing as Machine Gun Kelly‘s better half is anything but. The Megan Fox impersonator works nine hours a day on average, and a lot of that is interacting with fans and other mundane social media banality.

“The late nights, they suck,” the Only Fans star said. “Sometimes I stay up until 4 am.” Taylor does enjoy one part of her day, however, getting ready. The 25-year-old brit says she plays music and sips her morning coffee during what she calls “The glamming up part.” 

In Ryan’s opinion, it’s laughable that people compare her to Megan Fox. Viewers on TikTok disagreed, however, and flooded Ryan’s page with comments pointing out her resemblance to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles actress. Taylor eventually gave in and embraced the resemblance by employing hair extensions and wearing what she calls “tight and booby” clothes.

The transformation worked because Taylor Ryan made an incredible £25,000 (about $30,796.25 American) in December of 2022 alone. The young entrepreneur now boasts a six-figure yearly salary just from dressing up like Megan Fox. Not bad for someone who used to dream of visiting the Playboy mansion as a teen.

Taylor’s friends and family know about the unconventional way she earns a living and couldn’t be more supportive. “They know everything,” confessed the Megan Fox clone. “I’ve always been destined to be a performer.”

Ironically when it comes to sex work, Ryan is in the process of moving from performing to mentoring. Taylor created her own company SX Creators, where the former barista teaches aspiring OnlyFans models the ins and outs of how to be successful on the site. Sadly the one thing Taylor can’t pass on is the thing arguably most responsible for her success: the ability to look like Megan Fox.

That one can be chalked up to good jeans…er…genes.