Transformers Director Michael Bay Charged With Murder Of A Pigeon By Police

Michael Bay is accused of a pigeon accidentally dying on the set of his Netflix film, 6 Underground, which filmed in Rome, and yes, bird murder is a real crime in the European Union.

By Jonathan Klotz | Updated

Michael Bay

Hollywood hit-maker Michael Bay is accused of committing murder in Italy, which is already strange, but his alleged victim is a pigeon. The Wrap broke the news that sounds like something The Onion would publish, clarifying that yes, this is real, and the Italian police are taking it very seriously. The details of the case make it even more bizarre, but for an avowed animal-lover like Bay, this is no laughing matter.

Allegedly, while filming 6 Underground in Rome, a dolly accidentally killed a homing pigeon. Michael Bay denies this ever happened, insisting that no animal has ever been harmed on his movie sets over his illustrious 30-year career. Bay’s story is that one bystander snapped a paparazzi photo and took it to police, prompting the investigation, but the Armageddon director insists the photo is misleading and should not be taken seriously.

As for why killing a pigeon is a crime in Italy, it’s because the species is protected under European Law through the Birds Directive. This law protects all 500 wild species of birds in the European Union, which includes pigeons, along with more important species. According to Michael Bay’s legal team, the Italian authorities gave the director a chance to pay a small fine and clear his good name, but the Bad Boys director refused, insisting on his innocence.

While Michael Bay is allegedly responsible for the unintentional killing of a pigeon, here in the United States, baseball fans can remember witnessing a murder most fowl on live TV. The year was 2001, at a Diamondbacks vs Giants spring training game, when an innocent pigeon swooped down at the wrong moment. The bird exploded into feathers, no match for the Hall of Fame pitcher’s 100-mph fastball.

Michael Bay in his natural habitat, filming explosions during the golden hour

Video of the incident is easy to find on the internet, though be warned, the bird did not survive, so it could be hard to watch. There have been other examples of birds being killed in this country, including a duck getting caught in the engines of a jet, resulting in the famous Miracle on the Hudson, immortalized in the Tom Hanks film Sully. Michael Bay should be careful, though, as sometimes, the birds fight back.

No, not just in the classic bird-themed horror movie from a legendary director, Birdemic, but also when famous supermodels are just trying to ride a rollercoaster. In 1999, Fabio got hit in the face by a goose while riding the Apollo’s Chariot coaster at Bush Gardens. While he remains innocent until proven guilty, Michael Bay may want to look into the services of noted bird law attorney Charlie Kelly from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

6 Underground, starring bird-murder accomplice Ryan Reynolds, was a crime-thriller made for Netflix. As the director of the film, Michael Bay is on the hook for the alleged homicide, which is again, something that sounds funny to us, but has been bothering one of Hollywood’s greatest filmmakers for years. Here’s hoping for a positive resolution to this really strange story, one that will keep the man behind Ambulance out of Italian prison.

After all, if Michael Bay is put behind bars, who is going to film explosions exclusively in the golden hour just before sunset?