Jessica Biel Puts On Tights And Shows Off Her Workout Routine

By Erika Hanson | 18 seconds ago

jessica biel

Jessica Biel is well known for her beauty and talent. The former 7th Heaven star has a beautiful family with singer Justin Timberlake, and a popular social media following to boast her “moms that work” fame. With a full-time job as a homemaker, balancing her career and health is obviously important to the 37-year old mother, who just shared a video for her Instagram followers showing off her workout routine.

Check out the video below:

Jessica Biel wrote the caption, “I take my Kinderlyte breaks very seriously. In other news… @kinderfarmsusa is now available at @walmart! Hence the cooler bag. Great cooler bag,” the mother of two is seen at what we are assuming is her at-home gym space. Wearing a grey workout suit that only the Hollywood star could possibly make look phenomenal, Jessica Biel shows off her go-to workout routine to the beat of Snaps’ “I Got The Power” while she promotes Kynderlite. Kynderlite just so happens to be a product from the actress’s health and wellness brand recently launched.  

While Jessica Biel still remains working in show business, it’s clear that she has been gradually backing away from film and movie projects and taking a more prominent role as a mother, and venturing into her own entrepreneurship. Earlier this year, Biel launched her company, Kinderfarms. The idea for her venture was inspired by her own struggles as a mom as she searched for trusted products with known ingredients. After meeting with Greg Willsey and her business partner, Jeremy Adams, Kinderfarms was officially launched with products being sold on pharmacy shelves countrywide. 

Although inspired by her children, Kinderfarms products aren’t exclusively for the young. The product Jessica Biel is seen drinking and promoting in her latest Instagram video comes in either a liquid or powder-based form and is a hydration supplement. With different varieties, each is packed with electrolytes and formulated to target different things such as sleep or immunity. 

Before taking on her latest health and wellness venture, Jessica Biel’s most recent Hollywood project was a failed Facebook watch series, Limetown. Biel was the main character in the drama series that was canceled after its first season. The show focused on Biel who played a journalist for American Public Radio as she unravels a mystery behind the disappearance of over 300 people at a neuroscience research facility. While the series received generally good feedback, it was ultimately canceled as the social media platform announced they were still in experimental mode with their break into television.

Other than acting and running a business and home, the busy actress also has made a breakthrough in stepping behind the camera to helm the production. Jessica Biel broke into the role with her film, The Book of Love, alongside the hit TV series, The Sinner, both of which she acted as a producer for. Most recently, Biel acted as the executive producer for the Freeform show, Cruel Summer. The series follows two teenage girls in the 1990s and the repercussions on everyone’s lives after one disappears and the other seemingly takes her place. Following a successful first season, the network announced the series was renewed for a second season this past summer.