Jennifer Love Hewitt Fights Back After Filtered Photos

By Robert Scucci | Published

Jennifer Love Hewitt in her youth before Filterw

Jennifer Love Hewitt is firing back at her haters after receiving criticism for using facial filters in her Instagram posts. In a recent interview on the Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum podcast, the I Know What You Did Last Summer star explains how the controversy came to be, and how she reacted to it. Citing how difficult it is for an aging woman to show her natural self in Hollywood, Jennifer Love Hewitt fought back in a way that’s absolutely hilarious, but also quite telling.

The drama began last fall when Jennifer Love Hewitt posted a picture of her new haircut on her Instagram account. Wanting to show off her new do, but realizing she wasn’t wearing any makeup at the time, she quickly threw on a facial filter without giving any thought to how the images would be received by her followers. It didn’t take long for the internet to do its thing, and the Criminal Minds star was quickly criticized for concealing her crow’s feet with a little post-photography magic.

Jennifer Love Hewitt on Instagram

Jennifer Love Hewitt, who is now 44 years old, was called out for concealing her actual age. Some users even suggested that she must look terrible without the use of facial filters, stating that she now looks unrecognizable. What started out as a fun hair-salon photo to show to her fans ended up backfiring in a way that was hard for the 9-1-1 actress to ignore.

Shortly thereafter, Jennifer Love Hewitt decided to feed the trolls by uploading even more pictures that featured over-the-top filters while jokingly claiming that this was her natural look. Naturally, this effort to make light of the situation was polarizing in its own right, and Hewitt was met with even more criticism.

jennifer love hewitt
Jennifer Love Hewitt earlier in her acting career

When asked point-blank why she decided to interact with her haters, Jennifer Love Hewitt stated that she felt the need to defend herself. Looking back at her career, she mentions how she didn’t feel self-confident in her teens and 20s even though she was once a Maxim cover model. Now in her 40s, she feels that women in Hollywood are held to unrealistic standards in regard to maintaining their youthful glow despite the fact that time will always march forward and age an individual.

Now a mother of three, Jennifer Love Hewitt is more confident than ever. Despite all of the backlash she received, she’s made it clear that a majority of her fans have been kind to her. She attributes this kindness to the fact that most of her fans grew up watching her on television and in movies, meaning that they’re the same age she is.

Jennifer Love Hewitt without filters
Jennifer Love Hewitt without filters

It goes without saying that women in Hollywood are held to unrealistic standards of beauty as they age. But Jennifer Love Hewitt embraces her 40s, and clearly has a sense of humor over the whole situation. Though entirely avoiding internet comment sections comes with strong recommendations, she simply couldn’t help herself in this case.

And we’re glad she’s advocating for younger and older women alike to embrace whatever signs of aging naturally occur throughout life.

Source: People