Jennifer Lopez Wears Skimpy Lingerie And Lounges Around In Sexy Video

Jennifer Lopez shows off a new line of lingerie by the Italian brand Intimissimi.

By Jessica Scott | Updated

Good news, everyone: Jennifer Lopez has found another way to show off her rockin’ bod in a new line of lingerie by the Italian brand Intimissimi. She shared a video on her Instagram in which she lays on the bed, lip-syncing to an Italian song while wearing a magenta-colored bra and panties with a matching silky robe before going out into her garden, where a paparazzo tries to snap a few photos of her in her undies. With a nod of her head, she sends her dogs after him, and all is well and sexy again.

Jennifer Lopez is giving off some very lighthearted vibes in this lingerie ad, as she has been in real life recently as well. According to The Hollywood Reporter and other news outlets, the singer and actress was all smiles as she attended the premiere of her husband Ben Affleck’s new movie Air

In Ben Affleck’s introduction, he, of course, thanked his best friend, collaborator, and co-star Matt Damon for his friendship and his work on the film, but he also made a special point to thank Jennifer Lopez.

“This has been a joy, and I want to just enjoy this moment for one second. And I want to say that none of it would be possible — this company, this movie, this joy tonight — without the love and support of my wife, who means more to me than anything in the world. I want to say thank you. I love you. You mean the world to me. You’re fabulous, you’re amazing, you’re wonderful, good, kind, magnificent, and I love you.”

Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez was surely pleased as punch as she took in all that adoration – and she was probably also happy that they had the chance to show off the more lovey-dovey side of their relationship after this year’s Grammy awards, during which the whole world started to wonder if they were having relationship problems.

jennifer lopez

Many memes came out of the Grammys based on Ben Affleck’s sour “get me out of here” expression, in addition to a video in which he whispers something to Jennifer Lopez, and she apparently gets a bit angry and swats him on the chest with her hand… only to notice that the camera is on them. She then smiles like everything is fine, but viewers have been wondering ever since if that is really true.

But, as with all things celebrity-related, that video only captured a few seconds in time (if that) and most likely doesn’t say anything about their feelings about one another. Maybe Ben Affleck was having a bad night. Maybe he just hates all music that isn’t sung by Jennifer Lopez. Maybe he ate a bad clam. Who knows?

What we do know is that his words about Jennifer Lopez at the Air premiere were glowing and that the two of them were very close the whole evening. So, it seems fair to say that if they were having a tiff, it is over now, and he can get back to enjoying the sight of his wife in magenta lingerie even more than the rest of us.