Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Are Making A Movie Together And That Reminds Us Of The Worst Movie Ever

Ben Affleck has confirmed Jennifer Lopez will appear in his next movie, which reminds us of their last collaboration, Gigli.

By Kevin C. Neece | Published

Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez

MovieWeb is reporting that Ben Affleck has confirmed Jennifer Lopez will star in his next film. This, of course, sends our minds reeling back to the colossal flop that still reigns in infamy: Gigli. While former Daredevil Affleck and Lopez have had their ups and downs, their marriage last year has reinstated them as a power couple, despite their most famous joint venture’s lousy reputation.

Gigli was supposed to be a huge hit. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were at a high point in their careers and in their visibility as a romantic pairing. Columbia Pictures threw $75.6 million into the project, but with terrible reviews from audiences and critics alike, the film only managed to make a paltry $7.2 million, a painful loss for the studio, despite their big hits like Bad Boys II and S.W.A.T., which released around the same time.

Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez

The stink of failure has followed Gigli—along with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez—ever since its release, ultimately winning it Golden Raspberry Awards for Worst Picture, Worst Actor, Worst Actress, Worst Screen Couple, Worst Director, Worst Screenplay, Worst “Comedy” of Our First 25 Years, and even a Razzie nomination for “Worst Picture of the Decade,” which it lost to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. But why? What made this film so bad?

From a nonsensical plot to ridiculous dialogue, virtually every aspect of this movie has been excoriated. Even Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were criticized for their lack of onscreen chemistry, a fact that might seem strange for a real-life couple who have since married. Not every critic totally panned it, with Roger Ebert giving it points for trying and for some “clever dialogue,” despite being “too disorganized” to earn his recommendation. His then co-host Richard Roeper, however, wasn’t as kind, ranking it seventh in his list of 100 worst films of the 2000s.

Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez
Justin Bartha and Jennifer Lopez in Gigli

As much as Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have done since, they have yet to shake the specter of the Gigli curse. They are perhaps more well-known as a couple for that film than for their on-and-off-and-on again relationship. The film has even been mocked in a Weird Al song. So, why are we bringing it up again?

Frankly, Ben Affleck’s announcement about Jennifer Lopez has us a little shook. Following up on Air, the first film from their production company Artists Equity, Affleck and longtime friend and collaborator Matt Damon are set to work on a new film that, as Affleck confirmed, will star Lopez. But there’s no word yet on what that film will be.

News of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez working on a film together reminds us of a story we reported recently: Lopez would like to see a Gigli sequel. In the worst of all worst-case scenarios, could it be possible that the sequel is actually happening and that this is the mystery project to which Affleck alluded? After all, Lopez is now married to one of the heads of a production company, who also happened to be her costar in the original film.

Let’s be clear. We have no indication that this is happening. But if it does, just remember: we warned you.