See Jason Momoa Apologize Shirtless After Posting Photos Of A Sacred Landmark

Jason Momoa has come under fire this week after he had a mishap by posting photos of a sacred landmark on his social media. He now has offered an apology video.

By James Brizuela | Published

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This week, Jason Momoa has come under fire for doing what some people understand as “disrespectful.” Momoa and his crew have been in Italy, as the actor is currently shooting scenes for his villainous role in the Fast X film. The actor did what most people often do in Italy, visit Vatican City. Regardless of most people’s religious views, the Vatican is home to many historical landmarks, which often bring in plenty of tourists. One such landmark is the legendary Sistine Chapel, which was painted by Michelangelo. Tourists may visit this sacred area, but are prohibited from taking pictures, as it is a sacred place for those of the Catholic religion. Momoa took photos and posted them on his Instagram page, leaving many to criticize the actor. However, he has now offered an apology video to fans around the world. You can see this apology below:

We understand that Jason Momoa is certainly a heartthrob figure for many around the world, as he is apologizing to his fans while shirtless. That just seems kind of odd. He is working out, and figures this is the best time to offer his apologies for being accused of disrespectful behavior towards the Catholic religion. To his credit, he does seem to genuinely apologize for the mishap. According to Momoa. “I definitely paid to have that private moment and gave a nice donation to the church. I love you — sorry if I offended you. My apologies.” The actor claims to have given the church a donation so he and his crew could see the wonders of the Sistine Chapel, however, he didn’t account for fans wanting to take pictures of him while there.

Jason Momoa is of Hawaiian and Pawnee ancestry, so he understands that culture is extremely important to many people around the world. The Sistine Chapel is a sacred landmark that is meant to be enjoyed and taken in by travelers but not to make a spectacle on social media. Momoa added, “if you ever felt that I disrespected your culture, it wasn’t my intention.” It seems that the actor had asked for permission to take pictures at the Vatican, but he accidentally posted pics of himself at the Sistine Chapel. Hopefully, this mixup can be forgiven. Momoa speaks in the video about his love for Italy, the people, and the culture. Maybe his way of apologizing was being shirtless, as a great many people prefer him to stay that way. Odd way to go about it, but it still seems rather genuine of the man.

Jason Momoa is set to star as the villain in Fast X, and he has been busy shooting the scenes for his huge part in the billion-dollar franchise. The last thing that this franchise need is more drama attached to it by the actors. Justin Lin recently left the production after only a week. He announced his departure on Twitter, but everyone began to speculate as to why it happened. Especially considering that he was part of five of the Fast & Furious films. Reports came out that he had enough of star Vin Diesel’s behavior, and needed to step down. Since then, Louis Leterrier has stepped in to handle directing duties. When all is said and done, maybe Vin needs to post an apology video while shirtless.