Vin Diesel’s Set Behavior Revealed As Justin Lin Gives Up Beloved Franchise

Justin Lin left behind the directors chair for Fast X, and now it has been revealed that was due to the behavior of Vin Diesel.

By James Brizuela | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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The world was wondering why Justin Lin had surprisingly decided to step down as director of Fast X, especially considering production had just begun on April 20th. Now that reason has been revealed to the world. Lin had apparently decided to step down due to the behavior that Vin Diesel had been exhibiting while on set. Diesel is a producer for the film on top of being the star of the franchise, so it makes sense that he might think himself too important to the film. According to a source close to the situation, “Diesel shows up late to the set. He doesn’t know his lines. And he shows up out of shape.”

This news might not shock a ton of people, as Vin Diesel has publicly made it seem as though he was difficult to work with. This stems from the comments that he made about former co-star Dwayne Johnson, which saw most of the world siding with Johnson when those comments were made. Diesel claimed that Johnson needed acting lessons, which is odd considering the massive star that Johnson currently is. Also, more recently, a video was posted by Diesel that now corroborates Lin feeling uncomfortable on set for Fast X, as he is almost forced to claim the film is going to be “the best in the series.” The awkward exchange is chock full of cringe. You can see this video below:

¬†Justin Lin clearly does not seem like he wants to be on camera or anywhere near Vin Diesel. This is just conjecture, but the video shows a clearly stressed-out-looking director. Now that reports are stating Diesel’s behavior is the cause of Lin’s exit, this video makes a lot more sense being painted as an awkward encounter between the pair. Lin had decided to stay on as a producer for the franchise, but he ultimately decided to step away as director. This is after the man was responsible for directing five of the films in the franchise, including F9. It has also been reported that the production is staying afloat while they search for a new director, and it is costing around one million per day. That is a hefty price to pay when it comes to a production that should just be halted until they can find another director to take Lin’s place.

Vin Diesel has been instrumental in pushing forward a franchise that has seen massive gains. The Fast & Furious franchise, including the spinoff films, has pulled in over $6.6 billion in worldwide box office numbers. Universal might just allow this difficult behavior to continue from Diesel considering that these films always bring in tons of money. However, these reports might also ruin the reputation of the actor and put a pause on those who might want to star in future films based in the universe, if Diesel is involved. Justin Lin is a respected director, and it is sad to see him exit a franchise that he is truly passionate about. Having to leave a film due to the behavior of an actor is never good for anyone involved.