Heidi Klum Stuns In Lingerie Photos From Her Vegas Vacation

By Dan Lawrence | 2 months ago

heidi klum

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. The age-old phrase is often used to mask misguided deeds. In the case of modeling superstar Heidi Klum, however, it’s simply a playful caption. The 48-year-old stunner used the timeless saying to adorn an Instagram post of her equally timeless physique, as she showed off her model figure in a beautiful lingerie ensemble.

The image (which can be seen below) shows Heidi Klum posing by the window of a high-rise Las Vegas hotel suite, sporting black tights, a lace bra, and Olympic-style abs. The German model turned tv personality playfully included the caption, ‘What happens in Vegas…..’ This is just another example of a confident superstar showing that age does not define beauty. Like many others, such as Salma Hayek, or Elizabeth Hurley, Klum is proud of her body and positively embraces that via social media.

Whilst this post, like many of the other beautiful photos Heidi Klum shares with her 9.2 million Instagram followers is sure to get lots of positive attention, there’s one thing the post won’t receive, comments. That’s right, in a bid to champion positivity, Heidi Klum recently disabled comments on her page. Klum cited her reasons when she spoke to The Sunday Times, saying; “Some people say mean things to me. Or else they say mean things to each other, which is in some ways worse-They are coming onto my platform and fighting among themselves and I don’t want to be the person fuelling that hatred.”

Heidi Klum’s comments speak of a mind that is pragmatic and ready to focus on the positive, as opposed to the negative, a hard act to master in today’s age of social media, but in a simple flourish, it would appear Klum has pulled it off. At 48, Klum is unashamed of who she is, and quite right too. Never afraid to pose risqué photos, in an interview with People Magazine in 2020, she revealed her children often attempt to police her: “I’m definitely more open with my body and I’m an outgoing person. I am from Germany and I am, you know, I don’t always tend to wear the most clothes,” she joked, “So you know sometimes they will give me a nudge and be like, ‘Mom, really?'”

It would seem that Heidi Klum’s children are in the minority, as since that interview, Klums following on Instagram has grown by approximately 2 million followers. Those followers will likely know her best for her time on Project RunwayKlum helped bring the reality fashion show to air in 2004 and served as a judge, host, and executive producer for sixteen straight seasons, before heading to Amazon Prime to launch Making the Cut. Making the Cut initially aired in 2020 and has run two seasons to date. Much like Project Runway, the show pits fashion designers against each other in a bid to emerge as a champion fashion brand. 

Outside of Reality Television and modeling, Heidi Klum has been pursuing a newfound interest. A singing career. The star was approached to sing the theme song for the upcoming season of Germany’s Next Top Model and enlisted not only the help of her husband and guitarist Tom Kaulitz, but R&B superstar Snoop Dogg. The song, Chai Tea with Heidi also features DJ/Producer Wedding Cake and was released earlier this month. So far, the venture is proving successful for Heidi Klum as the song has amassed over four million listens on music streaming service Spotify. So to finish Heidi’s caption of ‘What Happens in Vegas….’ one might say, a supermodel, turned reality tv star, turned singer is living their best life.