See Elizabeth Hurley In A Sexy Sequined Dress Video

Check out Elizabeth Hurley dancing around in a red sequin dress in her latest social media post. It's definitely the right look.

By David Harrison | Published

elizabeth hurley

Most folks, when pushing 60 years old, are starting to think about retirement, wondering if they are going to be able to keep up with the grandkids, and contemplating how to spend the golden years. But not Elizabeth Hurley, not by a long shot. In fact, if social media can be believed, and I think it can be for this one, then she might just be starting to ramp things up. The model and actress looks as stunning as ever and her feed is a must-follow for those looking to see how a human being can age gracefully and, frankly, beautifully. Her latest post is just another example of this and a testament to how she is defying age.

In Elizabeth Hurley’s Instagram post, she is sitting at a bar where a dazzling red dress and showing off a few movies. While Hurley doesn’t pull out the full bag of dancing skills, she knows what she’s doing here for sure. The low-cut dress combined with the reflection of the sequins have the desired effect and she’s clearly in her element. Plus, to add to the overall ambiance and mood of the post, Elizabeth Hurley did add something of a soundtrack for the background. That was in the form of “Razzle Dazzle” by Richard Gere, the song he sang for Chicago. Check out the Elizabeth Hurley post and you can see what I mean. 

With the simple phrase “Playtime” to accompany the post, Elizabeth Hurley sure seems like she knows what she’s doing here. And plenty of folks were happy to ring in with some encouragement along those lines, not like Hurley needed it. As of this writing, the post was closing in on 59K likes on the social media platform. And it’s easy to see why Elizabeth Hurley has gotten massive engagement over the years. She’s amassed more than 2.4 million followers on Instagram and that’s mostly on a diet of posts like this with plenty of bikini shots mixed in for good measure. Again, if you’ve got something, flaunt it.

When she isn’t dancing to Richard Gere tunes, Elizabeth Hurley is also promoting her line of swimwear which has taken a major market hold over the years. Sold through and marketed through the Instagram account @elizabethurleybeach, the company focuses on women’s swimwear for children and adults. The company has been around since 2005 with Hurley as the primary spokesperson and model for the goods. That makes sense on a number of different levels.

As for the acting side of things, well Elizabeth Hurley is staying busy on that front as well. She’s got three movies in the pipeline right now due out in the next couple of years. Coming off of Father Christmas is Back which was released last holiday season, she’s set to come out with Welcome to Georgia shortly. She’ll be playing a grandmother (of all things) who’s tasked with helping to raise her grandson. There’s also The Piper and then another holiday movie with Christmas in the Caribbean. So her plate is more than full even when she’s not dancing around wearing sexy sequin dresses.