Elizabeth Hurley Cheerfully Poses In A Low-Cut Top For Latest Stunning Photos

By Britta DeVore | 2 months ago

elizabeth hurley

Proving that selfcare can do amazing things for your body, Elizabeth Hurley took to Instagram today to give her followers a peak at her time at a detox facility. Captioning the image with “Detox, physio, infusions and footbaths going swimmingly at @vivamayrmariawoerth #veryhungry”, the actress and model showed off her body complete with a beaming smile. Shot on location at the center’s base in Austria, Hurley snapped two photos rocking tight black leggings paired with a bright pink shirt and plunging neckline. Living her best life, the second photo sets a chilly scene, showing the actress posing in front of a body of water with snow on the ground. Two days ago, Hurley posted a pre-detox photo with an ankle brace wrapped tightly above her left foot, so it’s great to see that she made it to the facility and is enjoying life, albeit a little hungry. You can see her newest photos below.

Elizabeth Hurley has been a Hollywood name since she hit screens everywhere back in 1992 in the Kevin Hooks directed film, Passenger 57. Starring alongside the likes of Wesley Snipes and Bruce Payne, the actress gained a name for herself for her role in the film. She would gain even more notoriety two years later while on a date with Hugh Grant at the debut of his hit comedy film, Four Weddings and a Funeral. Cameras went wild on the red carpet when Hurley appeared clad in a now iconic black Versace dress with a plunging neckline held together by gold safety pins. What wouldn’t be a shocking look in today’s world compared to Lady Gaga’s meat suit and the countless sheer, bikini dresses that confidently strut the red carpet without the batting of an eyelash, Hurley’s 1994 look absolutely blew minds everywhere. Gaining momentum from her dynamite fit, the actress snagged her first modeling job with Estée Lauder of whom she still collaborates with today. 

In 1997, Elizabeth Hurley’s acting career picked up when she landed the co-starring role of Vanessa Kensington opposite Mike Myers in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. With the global hit under her belt, she would go on to star as the Devil in the 2000 film, Bedazzled, opposite Brendan Fraser. From here, the acting roles began to slow down for Hurley. That is until 2015 when she landed one of the leading parts in E!’s hit series, The Royals. In the network’s dramatic take on the British Royal family, Hurley played the woman in charge, Queen Helena Henstridge. Dealing with the inner and outer exploits of her family, Queen Helena tries to keep everything underwraps and out of the peering eyes of the press. The series ran for four seasons before being canceled. Although The Royals was shopped around for a new home network, it was ultimately not picked back up.

Along with her modeling and on screen jobs, Elizabeth Hurley has found passion in designing clothing, specifically beachwear. Beginning in 2005, she launched her company which quickly gained popularity. These days, her clothing line takes center stage on her Instagram, with the gorgeous Hurley constantly modeling her own designs. Proving that she’s still got it, Hurley’s stunning body shines in each shot. Though we don’t think she needs any sort of detox, we’re happy that she seems to be enjoying her time away during her health based journey.