See Doja Cat Posing Naked In The Shower 

Doja Cat poses nude in silhouette.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

doja cat

Doja Cat dropped her last album Planet Her on us two years ago, but it feels like an eternity ago because waiting for her new album has been as excruciating as waiting for Yellowstone to return. And while this singer has never been a controversy magnet like Britney Spears was back in the day, she knows how to stay in the headlines between albums. If you don’t believe us, just check out the hot pic Doja Cat posted to Instagram where she is posing naked in the shower.

Instead of going completely R-rated, though, Doja Cat’s image mostly shows the singer in silhouette as she steps into the shower. But it’s clear she has removed all of her clothing, both because of that skintight silhouette and the fact that we can see her undergarments draped over a counter. While stars like Salma Hayek keep dropping thirst traps where they are bursting out of their own underwear, Doja Cat decided to cut to the chase and get out of her undergarments altogether for the sultry shower picture.

While their musical styles are completely different, we can’t help but focus on some of the similarities between Doja Cat’s recent social media content and what Britney Spears has been posting in the last year or so. Once she escaped her onerous conservatorship, Spears celebrated her newfound freedom by posting a number of nude pictures of herself to Instagram. Sometimes, these were playful pictures where she covers her nudity with her hands, but there are many more where she simply covers her private parts by editing strategic diamonds and hearts into the images.

Compared to that, Doja Cat’s naked shower silhouette photo is downright modest. You could even say that the singer is just adapting to our culture being a lot more chill about female nudity online. It probably helps that major Marvel stars like Brie Larson are constantly posting pictures where they are wearing no shirt or simply wearing a bra, so it’s important for Doja Cat (whose image has always been about pushing the envelope when it comes to style and taste) to keep up with the trends.

However, despite how sexy this current pic is, it’s still modest enough that we don’t think Doja Cat is in any danger of following in the footsteps of Janelle Monae. Recently, Monae flashed her breasts to fans during a performance, and she appears topless on the cover of her latest album The Age of Pleasure. Compared to that, Doja Cat’s picture is about as tame as pictures of models in those old Sears catalogs your dad never bothered to throw out.

Speaking of albums, Doja Cat’s spicy social media post has all of her fans asking the obvious question: when are we going to get the new album? Her fourth album First of All (which previously had the very Buffy the Vampire Slayer-esque title Hellmouth) is supposed to come out this year, but we don’t yet have a firm release date for this album where the singer returns to her hip-hop and R&B roots. Until the album drops, we’ll have to console ourselves with the next best thing: Doja Cat gifting us these amazing naked pictures of herself.