See Brie Larson In Yoga Pants And Top Doing Weird Stretches

Brie Larson does stretching exercises in yoga pants and a matching top.

By Zack Zagranis | Published

brie larson

It’s impossible for Brie Larson to look anything but smoking hot, no matter what she’s doing. Whether it’s laying the smackdown on intergalactic baddies as Captain Marvel or speeding around as her Fast X character, Brie always manages to turn heads. Larson’s latest Instagram post of her working out in black yoga pants and a matching tank top is no different.

What is different is the weird machine the actress is using in the post. Brie Larson posted a short video yesterday of her standing on a machine that functions more like a medieval torture device than exercise equipment. In the video, the MCU star is standing sideways on what looks like a treadmill until the part she’s standing on quickly separates like it’s the saucer section of the Starship Enterprise. Brie’s left foot remains stationary while her right foot is dragged away by a moving platform straight out of Super Mario Bros.

The machine seems to be some kind of automatic stretcher that lets Brie Larson do splits with little effort. While stretching is the key to any good workout and the cornerstone of great physical health in general, is a device that forces you into a split really necessary? This modern version of the rack has an added danger, the two-foot wide crevasse that opens below Brie whenever the platform she’s standing on separates.

One small slip from the actress, and she’s bound to fall into the open space and break one of her perfect legs. The caption Brie Larson used for the video, “Taking it easy on a Monday,” is clearly meant to be taken sarcastically since balancing on that exercise deathtrap appears to be anything but.

It’s not like the actress is wearing anything that would absorb any of the damage, either. Her yoga pants are so tight they might as well be painted on—that’s not a complaint, by the way—as is her top. Thankfully Brie Larson looks to be in complete control of her movements on the machine as if she uses it regularly.

Brie’s intense physical training is no doubt a result of the more action-intense roles Larson has picked up as of late. The Marvels, a sequel to 2019’s Captain Marvel, looks to be the typical action-heavy Marvel adventure meaning that even with the use of stunt people for the more dangerous moves, Larson probably had to do a lot of running and fighting. Brie’s introduction to the Fast and the Furious series, Fast X, most likely also presented the star with plenty of physical challenges.

Meanwhile, on the small screen, the actress is gearing up to star in a television show where she plays an undercover CIA operative. IMDb lists the still-untitled CIA project as currently in pre-production, meaning that it’s very likely Brie Larson is subjecting herself to the above torture to get in shape for that role specifically.

Whatever the reason for Brie Larson to post a video of herself wearing tight yoga gear, it’s the fans who benefit most of all. The real torture is knowing that Instagram is probably the closest any of us will ever get to meeting the gorgeous actress in real life.