The Enterprise Was Secretly Destroyed In Star Trek: Picard And You Missed It

See enhanced screenshots showing the Enterprise's wreckage in the episode.

By Josh Tyler | Updated

Star Trek: Picard’s final episode contains not one, not two, but three Enterprises. The Enterprise D, Enterprise F, and the Titan which becomes the Enterprise G are all on the scene. While there’s no mention of an Enterprise being destroyed in the episode, a closer look reveals that one of them almost certainly was destroyed.

During the course of the Picard finale, the Enterprise F ends up on the wrong side. The ship is taken over by the Borg and leads the Federation fleet in attacking Spacedock. What you may not have realized during the craziness of that attack, is that Spacedock is shooting back.

Note the explosion on the starship in the screenshot below…

Borg controlled fleet battling Spacedock

So Spacedock is shooting back and we know the Enterprise F is in that fleet of ships it is shooting at. It’s also the leader of that fleet, and one of the most powerful ships in it. So, if you’re going to focus your weapons on something first, it might make sense for Spacedock to make the Enterprise F a priority target.

We never specifically see the Enterprise F, at least not clearly, during the battle. There are some shots containing other Odyssey-class ships which could be the F. Here’s a screencap containing several of them…

Odyssey class ships in the battle

So did the Enterprise F survive its battle with Spacedock? We think the answer is clearly no, and you can see the wreckage in the following photo…

Screencap from Star Trek: Picard’s series finale

That image is a brightened screenshot from the episode, featuring the Enterprise D and the future Enterprise G after the battle. They’re flying through the wreckage of the fleet that engaged Spacedock. There are several ships in the shot, but the one featured most prominently, the one directly between D and G looks exactly like the Enterprise F.

And while it’s nearly impossible to see, if you brighten it up to the maximum and zoom in as carefully as possible, you can almost make out something which looks sort of like the letter “F” on the wreckage of its primary hull…

Enterprise F destroyed
Wreckage of NCC-1701-F

For comparison purposes, here’s what the Enterprise F looked like before the beginning of the battle…

Enterprise F
NCC-1701-F Enterprise

It’s entirely possible the wreckage we see between the other two Enterprises is just another Odyssey class since the registry is very difficult to make out. But what are the odds that the creators of the show would just happen to position some random Odyssey class on screen between those two Enterprises, when they could have positioned the Enterprise itself and gotten all three ships on screen together all at once?

It’s also possible that even if this is the Enterprise F, it isn’t a total loss. The power is clearly out and much of it is in shambles, but it’s possible some of the crew are still alive on board and it’s also possible the ship could be repaired enough to end up in the fleet museum, alongside the Enterprise A and the Enterprise D.