See Brie Larson Showing Off Her Midriff

Brie Larson often posts some of her insane workouts, which have led to her having an insane fit body. Her newest post flaunts her midriff, which is a result of those workouts.

By James Brizuela | Published

brie larson the spectacular now

Brie Larson might be one of the fittest people on the planet. The woman shows off her insane workouts plenty on her social media pages. Those intense workouts have led to her showcasing some of the best abs on the planet as well. Her newest post shows off those abs plenty, as she stands next to a sign about rowing. We know that rowing is an Olympic sport that takes plenty of strength and discipline to achieve at a high level. This is just another activity that the Marvel star is likely going to be great at. You can see the images below:

Interestingly, Brie Larson is referring to a new role in her caption. Elizabeth Zott is a chemist who started a cooking show, as sexism did not allow women to work in the field of science back in the 1960s. Larson is going to be portraying this woman in a new series called Lessons in Chemistry. Apparently, Zott was an active rower as well, which could be why Larson is going to be taking up that activity. It makes sense considering the actress is quite active, and she is getting into rowing to seem as authentic to Zott as possible. Zott is the protagonist in a historical fiction novel of the same name, written by Bonnie Garmus. Sounds like Larson is tailor-made for this role.

Apart from Lessons in Chemistry, Brie Larson has some other blockbuster roles that she will be appearing in. She will be reprising her role as Captain Marvel in the sequel to the film of her superhero name, The Marvels. That film is due out next year. Larson is also set to star in Fast X, which is a dream role of hers. She had long begged to be included in the Fast & Furious franchise, which led to Vin Diesel granting her wish by casting her in the upcoming film. Fast X is meant to be part one of two that will end the mainline story for the franchise. Larson is also going to be moving into more of a TV presence with Lessons in Chemistry, and an untitled CIA project that will see her take on the role of an operative juggling her professional and personal life.

Brie Larson clearly has a stacked schedule, and she still finds time to show off her workouts to admirers and those who might need some inspiration. Granted, it might take us some time to get abs like has, but we can all start by taking up rowing. Rowing does look quite difficult though, so we might just appreciate watching her do it on Instagram.

Brie Larson always looks spectacular, and she is plenty active on her Instagram page. She constantly shows her silly hats, her nights out, and her insane workouts that have led to her insane abs. Clearly, she must stay in shape to take on the roles she has been accustomed to receiving these last five years. Superheroes and fast cars require being fit. Row away, Ms. Larson.