See Brendan Fraser Choke Up When He Realizes How Much People Love Him

Brendan Fraser recently reacted to support from his fans.

By Faith McKay | Published

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Brendan Fraser

After not being in a major Hollywood film for a while, it was recently announced that Brendan Fraser would be headed to Oklahoma for a part in Killers of the Flower Moon. This means he’ll be working with filmmaker Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Robert De Niro. These are big names and clearly signaled to the internet that the star we saw so much of in the 1990s is officially back. His name began trending online as the internet rejoiced. No one knew how he necessarily felt about that until one cosplayer signed up for a meet and greet online session through GalaxyCon Live. She has shared that her opportunity to speak with the actor gave her two minutes of his time and was a last-minute purchase. A clip from those two minutes is now circulating online, where she congratulates him on the new role and he reacts in a genuine and beautiful way.

You can see the clip with Brendan Fraser below.

The cosplayer in the video with Brendan Fraser is Lindley Key, who in no way expected to go viral. They had a great experience with someone they admire and thought they’d share the clip online. When The Mummy came out, Lindley Key found something they loved. They took up cosplaying and frequently dress up as Evelyn from the movie. Evelyn was played by Rachel Weisz in the original film opposite Fraser. Lindley Key has since shared that when the meet and greet opened, and they were dressed as Evelyn, Fraser said, “Evelyn, the years have done you well!”. He then jumped off-screen and put on the cowboy hat.

During the meet and greet, Brendan Fraser shared with her that he is scared for his upcoming role in Killers of the Flower Moon. He listed off the big names he’d soon be working with. That was when Lindley Key decided to let him know that the internet is rooting for him. It’s unclear how much of the online love and support for the actor that’s been posted in recent days he’s actually seen, but the cosplayer wasn’t exaggerating. His name has been trending several times and people have been searching for good Brendan Fraser t-shirts to wear. Fans are celebrating his newfound success. His “Shucks, ma’am!” right at the end was a fitting ending to the meet and greet clip. It makes sense that the video has now been viewed well over a million times.

You can see one of Lindley Key’s updates on the online experience of having a Brendan Fraser clip go viral online below. They give some updates and background on what the experience was like.


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Meeting a famous idol is a unique experience. Most will never have that opportunity. When people imagine it, they often feel too nervous. What would you talk about with someone you’re a major fan of? Even for two minutes, would the experience be too awkward to enjoy? Seeing someone else have it, and how sweet Brendan Fraser was throughout the experience, is something that can only make the internet adore him more.