Best Sodas To Drink With Burgers And Pizza, Ranked

By Doug Norrie | Published

Best Sodas

What pairs better with pizza and burgers than an ice-cold soda? The answer: nothing. Let’s take a look at the best ones out there and rank which ones you should be grabbing next time the fast-food or pizza order goes in.

8. Cherry Coke

When cola meets a touch of cherry, well, that’s where the magic really happens! Cherry Coke was born in the 1980s and brings a fusion of sweet cola and cherry flavors to your pizza or burger-filled affair. The cherry twist adds some tanginess to complement the savory aspects of pizza. Grab a pie or some burgers and pop open a can of Cherry Coke.

7. Fanta

This one is a bit off-board, but we are fine with it. If you are looking for a burst of fruitiness with your pizza feast then Fanta’s got your back! They have a wide range of flavors like orange, grape, and pineapple which can be mixed and match to your heart’s (and stomach’s) delight. Fanta’s been around since the 1940s and has been kicking ever since.

6. 7-Up

When it comes to a crisp and clean soda companion for your burger or pizza, 7-Up is a time-honored winner. This lemon-lime soda has been around since 1929 and held it down in the soda world for decades and decades. Its light and fizzy nature make it a solid palate cleanser and it’s not crazy sweet like some of the others on this list.

5. Sprite

It’s no surprise that 7-Up and Sprite go back-to-back here with folks often duking it out between one or the other. There’s a lemon-lime fizz and tangy taste, and Sprite adds a citrusy kick to a fast food experience. Plus, it has zero caffeine, so you won’t be too wired for the digestive nap.

4. A&W Root Beer

If you are looking for a non-cola option, then there isn’t much more classic than A&W Root Beer. Root beer has been in the soda scene for ages, and A&W has been brewing it up since 1919. The smooth and frothy nature of A&W Root Beer does add a bit of nostalgia to the eating experience and there’s just something perfect about this combo.

3. Dr. Pepper

Ah, the mysterious Dr Pepper! This enigmatic soda has been part of the soda scene since 1885. With a blend of 23 secret flavors, there’s just something different happening with this soda, and it’s been that way for what seems like forever. It ranks right up there with the best and is about as unique a soda offering as you’ll find.

2. Pepsi

Here’s where the soda gloves come off. If you prefer a slightly sweeter cola experience, Pepsi is your go-to companion for pizza parties or burger-laden meals. Pepsi has been in the soda business since 1893 and it sits basically tied on the soft drink mountaintop.

Often compared to our #1 soda, Pepsi is right up there with the best and isn’t going anywhere. You really can’t go wrong here.


1. Coca-Cola

It’s the classic choice and this really isn’t any surprise that it ranks at the top. Coca-Cola has been quenching thirst since 1886. It has that timeless cola flavor, with a balance of sweetness and carbonation, making it the perfect companion for any fast-food burger or pizza experience. From its secret formula to the iconic red cans, Coke has stood the test of time.