Best Fast Food Combo Meals, Ranked

By Doug Norrie | Published

Best Fast Food Combo Meals

Fast food combo meals are about as good a deal as you’ll get on the go with each franchise offering their own unique spin. We’ve taken a look at the most popular and best fast food combo meals out there to sink your teeth into next time you’re on the road or looking for a quick bite.

10. In-N-Out Burger Double-Double Meal

In-N-Out Burger has one of the most dedicated customer and fanbases there is in the fast food world and it’s easy to see why. The chain brings it with the menu and their consistency is nearly unmatched. In the Double-Double Meal, you get two beef patties, all the toppings and it with it comes the fries that are fan-favorites at this establishment. Toss in the drink and it’s all just bonus.

9. Arby's Classic Roast Beef Meal

Arby’s continues to offer something just different enough from the standard fast food fare and it keeps customers coming back. A big reason is the Classic Roast Beef Meal which is their best menu option in a combo meal form. It’s the standard roast beef sandwich with the Arby’s curly fries to boot. 

8. Whataburger Whatachick'n Sandwich Meal

Whataburger is another fast food chain that might not have the same number of locations as the bigger players, but offers something as good, if not better. The burger chain does the classics, but their Whatachick’n sandwich meal should be what you grab next time you are in one of their spots. It’s the marinated chicken breast on a fresh bun with crispy fries and a cold drink. This lines up with the best out there. 

7. Chick-fil-A Spicy Chicken Sandwich Meal

There will be a certain section of fast food aficionados who think this Chick-fil-A ranking is simply too low on the list. That’s because in terms of brand buy-in, really no one does it better than this outfit. And their Spicy Chicken Sandwich Meal has been a go-to for years. The spicy chicken has been a franchise favorite for a while now and the meal comes with fries or chips as well. In terms of taste, it’s really tough to beat this one.

6. McDonald's Chicken McNuggets Meal

In terms of iconic fast food combo meal offerings, this one ranks right up there historically. It seems like the Chicken McNuggets have been in our lives for, well, forever. And they continue to be among the most popular menu options at the Golden Arches. Grab the 10-piece combo meal with the signature McD’s fries and fountain drink and you won’t be disappointed. 

5. Carl's Jr./Hardee's Famous Star with Cheese Meal

Going a little off board here with the fast food chain combo meals, but Carl’s Jr/ Hardee’s does it right with the Famous Star with Cheese Meal on the menu. This is their classic burger offering with cheese and toppings on a sesame seed bun. The fries definitely play and of course, the fountain drink is the kicker. While this might not rank all the way up there in terms of popularity, when it comes to taste and consistency, they get the job done.

4. McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal

McDonald’s is going to feature heavily on this list, and for good reason. Their menu options have been among the most popular in the industry for decades, and that doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. The quarter-pounder isn’t the most popular menu option (Spoiler alert: we’ll get to that one in a second), but it isn’t far behind. It’s really tough to go wrong here which is why it ranks so high on the fast food combo list. 

3. Wendy's Baconator Combo

The Wendy’s Baconator Combo meal tops the list from this establishment. With its combination of two juicy beef patties, six strips of crispy bacon, melted American cheese, and mayo, all sandwiched between a toasted bun, it’s bringing all the franchise flavors into one. Throw in the hot and crispy natural-cut fries and a refreshing drink, the Baconator Combo delivers. Oh, and the bacon doesn’t hurt.

2. Burger King Whopper Meal

The Whopper has been around since 1957 and the Burger King value meal is about as good and consistent as it gets in the industry. The flame-grilled burger on the sesame seed bun has been a signature for decades, and there’s a certain segment of the fast food crowd who think the fries are the best around. It’s close between this one and the next one on the best combo meals rankings. 

1. McDonald's Big Mac Meal

You probably saw where this was going, right? The Big Mac Meal at McDonald’s has been at the top of the mountain for decades and that’s unlikely to change. The classic offering has been around and on the menus since 1967 when it was invented and conceived at a location in Pittsburgh. The timeless meal has two patties, cheese, toppings and signature sauce along with the golden fries and drink. Simple, tasty, consistent and iconic.