Ben Affleck Just Deleted A Major Social Media Account

By Faith McKay | 4 weeks ago

ben affleck

Ben Affleck just starred in The Last Duel. He has some major movies on the way, including The Tender Bar and The Flash. It seems like the perfect moment for him to be revving up his social media presence so he can promote his work. Instead, the actor just deleted his Instagram account without making any kind of announcement or explaining why, leaving his fans to speculate on the reason behind his decision. Were fans bothering him? Did his social media manager get mad at him and delete the account behind his back? Was he simply bored with it? Did the account cause him the kind of stress that so many people report experiencing on social media these days? The list of possibilities is long.

It isn’t uncommon for celebrities to delete their social media accounts only to bring them back a few weeks later, so fans may be checking on the account regularly to see if he simply returns. However, disappearing and then reappearing is more common among celebrities who update their accounts often. Ben Affleck was never a frequent poster to his Instagram account. The actor rekindled his romance with Jennifer Lopez over the past year. So far, she hasn’t mentioned his departure from Instagram on her own account. However, reports have noted that the two don’t follow each other, so she may not have noticed.

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It is common for celebrities to hire others to manage their social media accounts. It’s also common for them to make their own personal/secret social media accounts, where they can interact with friends and family without the social pressures of celebrity and public image holding them back. Last year, one user appeared to find what may be Ben Affleck’s secret Instagram account. That account is private, so no one can see the 35 posts within it. The account appears to still be active. The username is positiveattitudehunting, a reference to his 1997 film Good Will Hunting. It’s never been confirmed whether it’s truly his account or not, but the number of posts hasn’t gone up since it was discovered by the media a year ago.

Although Ben Affleck deleted his Instagram account, two other social media accounts still remain. He can be followed on Twitter and Facebook. For now, anyway. He doesn’t update either account often. This raises more questions about why he singled out his Instagram to delete but has kept his other accounts active. Did he specifically have an issue with Instagram? Did fans message him more there?

He will be doing more interviews in the coming months for The Tender Bar, which releases in December. He’s already been talking about the film at events and has said that he had a great time making the movie. He’s shared that George Clooney is the best director he’s ever worked with. Now that he’s deleted his Instagram, it’s likely that Ben Affleck will be getting asked about the decision while he promotes the upcoming movie. Even if he reinstates his account, interviewers will want to know what happened, so answers about these choices will likely be revealed soon.