Amber Heard’s Alleged Abuse Revealed In Harrowing Detail In Court

By James Brizuela | 5 days ago

amber heard

Things in the Johnny Depp defamation trial seemed to be going quite well for the actor. Based on the evidence provided by his legal counsel, and the testimony by Depp and witnesses close to the situation, it appeared as if Amber Heard was not looking too great. Her legal team attempted to have the case thrown out as well, but that motion was denied by the presiding judge. However, the tide had possibly turned yesterday when a clinical and forensic psychologist took the stand to detail some harrowing details about the sexual abuse that Heard had allegedly gone through during her time married to Depp.

In yesterday’s court proceedings, Dr. Dawn Hughes took the stand to claim that Amber Heard currently has PTSD, which is known as a post-traumatic stress disorder, which is a disorder that is sadly obtained after someone goings through terrible events. The person involved in the terrible events has trouble letting go of these events. Dr. Hughes claims that Heard was “subjected to sexual violence.” All the details revealed are quite awful. Hughes claims that there are several incidents that occurred while the pair were married. Some of which include moments when Johnny Depp was drunk or high. One incident is that he had apparently thrown Heard onto the bed and ripped off her dress so that he could force her to have sex with him. However, based on his drinking and drug use, he couldn’t perform, so that angered him more deeply. It was also detailed in court that Depp would force Heard to engage in oral sex when he was angered.

Dr. Hughes also claimed those moments in which Depp forced Amber Heard to engage in oral sex were coming from a place of angered moments and not loving moments. The doctor claimed that Depp was trying to gain dominance over his ex-wife, and he was asserting his control over her. The doctor also emphasized the “drug-fueled rage” moments where Depp was forcing himself on Heard. Hughes made it a point to indicate the body penetration that occurred. Hughes also claimed that Heard had been slapped, punched, thrown into a wall, and kicked in the back. Apparently, Depp had also called Heard a “whore” on many occasions too. Dr. Hughes detailed all these events to show the jurors and the judge presiding over the case that Heard had gone through many events of sexual, physical, emotional, and verbal violence. Depp’s legal team has vehemently denied that any of this abuse has taken place.

With Amber Heard and her legal team losing the motion to have the case thrown out, she is likely to take the stand starting today. She will have to answer a myriad of questions by her own legal team, and the same level of cross-examination that was thrown down on Johnny Depp. This trial has certainly been full of awful moments that detail the personal lives of both Depp and Heard. The defamation trial will continue for the next few weeks. Judge Penny Azcarte is set to take next week off based on a conference that she had already planned, so once this week wraps up, we will not see a continuation until the week of May 16th. A verdict will likely not be formulated until the end of the month or early June. Stay tuned for more crazy updates.