Amber Heard Now Being Canceled By A Shocking Number Of Fans

The court case between former spouses Amber Heard and Johnny Depp has a staggering number of people to call for the cancellation of Heard.

By Dan Lawrence | Published

Amber heard

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s battle in court is being exposed for the whole world to see. The eyes of the world have been glued to every testimony and piece of evidence over the past few weeks. Now though, the defamation trial between Depp and Heard has seen the latter receive renewed scrutiny across social media, Fandomwire reports.

The renewed cancellation claims for Amber Heard come in the form of an online petition on that has over 2 million signatures. The petition calls for Heard to lose her role in the upcoming Warner Bros property Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. In the petition, claims are made that Johnny Depp is a victim of abuse, and as such Heard should be removed from her role as Mera in the Atlantean comic book tale. Just a few weeks into this latest court appearance between Heard and Depp, it would appear the court of public opinion has already made up its mind. A report from USA Today highlights that #johnnydeppisinnocent has 1.4 billion views on TikTok. This represents a massive bias on social media in favour of Depp, something that has been building for some time.

The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard saga has been raging for several years. Their very public marriage split spiralling into cases calling one another’s character into question and alleged claims of domestic abuse. The court is currently hearing Johnn Depp’s case to sue Amber Heard for $50 million for defamation of character, and Amber heard countersuing for $100 million. Depp’s case cites an op-ed Amber Heard wrote for The Washington Post in 2018, in the piece, Heard makes claims of being a victim of abuse, although Depp is not mentioned by name, some reports suggest the article was indirectly targeted at the actor, and in part cost him the opportunity to reprise the role of Captain Jack Sparrow in the event a sixth Pirates of the Caribbean movie were to be produced.

In 2020, Johnny Depp lost a libel case against UK Newspaper The Sun which labelled the actor with the moniker of being an abusive partner. The fallout from this trial was that Depp lost his role as Grindewald in Warner Bros Fantastic Beast: The Secrets of Dumbledore and all subsequent films in the franchise. Herein lies the seed of Amber Heard’s previous social media ‘cancel’ campaign. As UK newspaper The Guardian reported, claims were made during the 2020 libel case that Amber Heard allegedly falsified having black eyes during a television appearance. This spun into a social media narrative of distrust towards Heard and previous calls for her to be fired by Warner Bros, which were often rebuffed. In recent days reports have also suggested that Heard allegedly pushed for the aforementioned op-ed piece to mention personal details of her marriage to Depp.

Social media judges and juries have clearly had their say on Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, in favour of the latter. Of course, the verdict in court is yet to be made, with Amber Heard still yet to take to the stand. In the aforementioned piece from USA Today, they cite Kellie Lynch, an associate professor in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Texas at San Antonio, who says; “I would urge people to just listen to the full case, and to understand that everybody’s behaviourĀ is going to be put on blast.” That certainly appears to be the case from the daily outpouring of news of the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial.