Alexandra Daddario Allegedly Targeted At Home By Furious Man With A Gun

Alexandra Daddario is an actress with a growing career. Unfortunately, the attention this has brought is not always positive.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

alexandra daddario

Alexandra Daddario is an actress with a growing career. Unfortunately, the attention this has brought is not always positive. According to a new report from TMZ, an angry man with a loaded gun was allegedly arrested outside of the star’s Los Angeles home on Saturday. The man was reportedly yelling things specifically about the actress, though the outlet hasn’t confirmed what those statements were, and the police aren’t yet confirming what was said. TMZ reports that the police asked the man to leave, but he allegedly refused to do so. When LAPD searched his vehicle, they reportedly found a loaded weapon and arrested him for possession of a concealed firearm.

Reports claim that the man is David Adam Cako, a 24-year-old California resident. TMZ reports that he remains in police custody. He’s reportedly being held on a $35,000 bail. It is currently unknown if Alexandra Daddario or her fiance, Andrew Form, were home at the time of the incident. Even if they weren’t, the situation was likely a frightening one for the couple.

Hopefully, this is the end of the situation for Alexandra Daddario. Fortunately, it sounds like no one was hurt, though it’s still an invasion of privacy and a scary one. Unfortunately, celebrity home invasions don’t appear to be too uncommon. There are even top ten lists for the worst stories celebrities have shared of home invasion and stalker situations. It sounds like it was a good thing that someone called 911 and the situation appears to have been dealt with safely.

alexandra daddario

Alexandra Daddario has gained a lot of attention in recent years for a variety of projects, winning the hearts of very different audiences. She got her start in recurring roles on television. Those roles were mostly small, though she had an ongoing part on the soap opera All My Children for a couple of years. Some may know her best from her run in the Percy Jackson movies where she played Annabeth. While she was in those movies several times, it’s been a while, and she’s done a lot since then. In 2015, she starred in San Andreas with Dwayne Johnson. She worked with him again in 2017 for Baywatch. That movie gained a lot more traction in her career than San Andreas and brought her to wider attention. Since then, her career has been picking up year to year.

Most recently, Alexandra Daddario starred on The White Lotus. The series told the story of wealthy guests at a famous resort over the course of one week. The series was a hit, and is coming back for a second season with an all-new cast.

When Alexandra Daddario isn’t being seen on screen, she’s keeping up with her 21+ million followers on her Instagram account. She is a frequent poster on social media, where she shares snaps of her dog, updates on her career, updates on her acupuncture sessions, and shows off her tastes in fashion. Hopefully, the actress will feel safe to share more about her life with fans soon.