See Alexandra Daddario Take Selfies In A Trenchcoat

Alexandra is taking time as a tourist in a trenchcoat.

By Mark McKee | Published

We know what you’re thinking, trenchcoats are for Humphrey Bogart and streakers; they are known for their origins in WWII and, most of the time, should stay back there, but Alexandria Daddario has something to say about that. Daddario is one of the most prominent young stars in Hollywood right now and has worked with actors like Dwayne Johnson, Zac Effron, Matthew McConaughey, and Woody Harrellson; she has also appeared in productions such as True DetectiveAmerican Horror StorySan AndreasPercy Jackson, and Baywatch. Another place where Daddario makes a splash is on her Instagram, and in a recent post, she proved that trench coats aren’t just coming back from the dead, but Humphrey Bogart isn’t the only celebrity who can make them look good. 

The post on her Instagram is a series of selfies that are simply labeled “Tourists,” taking place in what appears to be Venice, Italy, due to one photo looking to be on a bridge over the telling and classic canals in the city. The first photo shows Alexandra Daddario standing in the bright light of a camera, holding a phone and looking to be taking a photo of her own while the sun sets behind her. The second photo sees her with her travel companion facing away from the camera and looking over one of the canals at the setting sun, a slight blurriness adding an artistic twist to the pic. 

The third photo turns the phone around and uses it as a mirror to see Alexandra Daddario sipping a cup of presumably Italian coffee while another companion behind her is snapping the photo. The fourth sees the two companions from the bridge standing together in what seemed like it was supposed to be a simple stand together and smile, but Daddario looks away and creates some drama in her trench coat and black turtleneck.

The last photo sees the two striking a daytime pose on what seems to be a similar bridge, both donning sunglasses, with the San Andreas actress adding a New York Yankees hat and opening the coat for a casual look. 

alexandra daddario

We’re not the only ones who noticed Alexandra Daddario’s trench coat, as Instagram themselves commented on the garment, calling it a power move; the replying comments called out Instagram for aspects of the social media platform they are frustrated with, but they are right about the trench coat.

Another comment calls back to one of her first career-breaking roles by asking if the Yankees hat no longer makes her invisible, referencing her role as Annabeth in the Percy Jackson series, who in the books wore a Yankees hat to become invisible. 

Alexandra Daddario can be seen next in the Anne Rice novel adaptation series Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches, which follows her as a neurosurgeon discovering she is the heir to a family of witches. We don’t know if witches wear trenchcoats in Anne Rice’s universe, but Daddario proved that the outerwear is definitely back, and we, as fans, hope to see her in it again as soon as possible.