Stargate Atlantis’ Sixth Season Would Have Included A Moon Base And Time Travel

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Stargate AtlantisThere are tons of infamous roads-not-taken when it comes to science fiction television. What if the original Star Trek had been such a hit that it completed its five-year mission on TV? What if Babylon 5 didn’t have to adjust its arc when they thought they weren’t getting a season five? What if The Lone Gunmen had become a breakout hit that far eclipsed the success of its parent series, The X-Files? Okay, admittedly some of these are less likely than others. But here’s one you probably haven’t heard about: what would have happened if Stargate Atlantis had gotten a sixth season?

Atlantis writer Joseph Mallozi recently took to his blog and revealed some details about where the show would have gone in a hypothetical sixth season. He explains that, as the fifth season was wrapping up, the writers were unsure whether the show would continue with another season, or perhaps a standalone movie, or (as the case proved to be) not at all. To hedge their bets, they decided to pen a two-part season opener that could also be repurposed as a direct-to-DVD movie (to be titled Stargate: Extinction). Sadly, neither saw the light of day.

Mallozi reveals that the movie/premiere would have opened on the moon, which is apparently where Atlantis has relocated (full disclosure: I’ve never seen an episode of Atlantis, so you’ll have to forgive any incorrect assumptions I make). I’ll let Mallozi take it from here:

We learn that the gate has been offline since its return to Earth but, under pressure from the IOA, the decision is made to bring it back online, have it supersede the Earth gate, and make it a permanent lunar base. The decision isn’t embraced by everyone. Woolsey and McKay, for instance, point out that they still have a responsibility to the people of the Pegasus galaxy. Of course the IOA are hardly moved.

Unfortunately, when the gate is finally brought back online, Zelenka reports a build up of energy in the capacitors. Too late they realize that the Ancients put a failsafe in place in the event Atlantis was moved. McKay realizes – the city will self-destruct unless it returns to the Pegasus galaxy.

Woolsey gets the band back together, transporting John and Ronon up from the hospital emergency room where they are getting fixed up following a bar room brawl (an opportunity to write in the scar actor Jason Momoa had received at the time). John, in turn, pays a visit to Area 51 and, again under the heavy protests of the IOA, springs his buddy, Todd.

The plan is to use the wormhole drive to execute a series of jumps to Pegasus – however, the drive burns out partway through their journey, stranding them in the Triangulum Galaxy, some 300 000 light years from home. They manage to muster up enough power for one, final short range jump, putting them within range of a subspace anomaly they detected.

What follows is a high-flying adventure involving a mysterious civilization tapping the limitless potential of the accretion streams between two stars, time travel, and a race against time to avert not only the destruction of Atlantis but the extinction of an entire race.

Of course, the Stargate franchise instead moved on to the short-lived Stargate Universe, which premiered in 2009 — the same year Atlantis wrapped — and ran for two seasons. Mallozi has tons more details about where Atlantis would have gone, so its definitely worth hitting up his blog post if you’re a fan.

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  1. Neb says:

    Absolutely loved SGA, it’s too bad there is no Stargate being aired =( SAVE STARGATE

    • Verne Munroe says:

      I agree… SGA was great, and was definitely killed before it’s time… I’d love to see it return to TV. IMHO: Stargate Universe was a huge mistake, as it was boring to watch. It was too big a departure from the rest of the series.


      To quote the Great Teal’c of Chu’lak: “Indeed.”

      • Tyler says:

        SGU was a mistake only in that they didn’t market it as a separate entity. It was a departure from the rest of the series, but I loved it. It was made for a different audience. They should have kept SGA alongside SGU. They could have broadened their audience instead of killing it.

        • an audience of morons?

          • Donaald says:

            Like your inbred family, no.

          • whoa dude calm your fucking tits…
            how am i an inbred ? i have priniciples, i have opinions and i reckon i have good taste this show was 90% soap opera which i totally hate….and they cancelled atlantis for it….
            oh did i call you a moron for sucking off the shows creators dicks ? who then cancelled it when it actually got interesting ?
            yeah fuck you and eat shit…
            ps: i hear a hunting party is in your neibourhood looking for troll pelts you might want to relocate you entire family other wise you’ll be next years latest fashion craze…

          • An audience that cared about Characters, not just random Science Event 4?

          • if by characters you mean cardboard cut outs from most lame soap opera’s and some rather stupid teen angst like love triangles, body swapping and then some how the lucian alliance shows up…to take over…
            how does the lucian alliance a) find out about the destiny/9th cheveron ? spy or mole ? seriously.. if we the sgc only just recently found out…

        • The way they left SGU hanging makes me angry. I would like to know if Eli survived or not.

      • Donaald says:

        Boring? Only if you have an IQ below 90.

        • Verne Munroe says:

          A: My IQ is well above 90, and yes, it was boring. In fact, I would go so far as to say I have never been more bored while watching Sci Fi. It was a soap opera masquerading as Sci Fi.

          B: It’s apparent to me that you are just a troll, and this will be my only response to you. You’re a troll, and you have the audacity to suggest I have a low IQ? I’m not the one who goes online to needlessly start arguments with people so that I can amuse myself. Grow up, and get a life.

      • william says:

        i dont think that sgu was a mistake i just think that the people who wrote the scripts couldent think of anything good so they just went with theyr first idea and i thaugh that sgu had a lot of potential

  2. I loved SGA certainly more than that crap they replaced it with. The above storyline would have been friction awesome and they could easily have integrated the original SG cast into it which would have made it far more awesome.

  3. Jamesuhavetoask says:

    I would take any and all of the different series back. Atlantis and the original stargate was the best.

  4. abbeyroad39 says:

    I will probably regret posting this, but I’m a fan of SGA so here goes nothing.

    There may be a way to get Stargate: Extinction , it is being done with another cult favorite that was cancelled before it’s time, Veronica Mars
    Here are some headlines and quotes “Almost since Veronica Mars went off the air, there’s been talk of making a movie.” Creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell have launched a Kickstarter project to raise $2 million to pay for a Veronica Mars movie. You pay for it, they’ll make it, (they hit $2M Kickstarter goal in 10 hours, it’s now up to almost $3.5M.) Go to the Kickstarter website and read about how they raised the money and the deals they made,http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/…oject?ref=live I think if there is enough fans who really want this, we could make it happen for Stargate: Extinction .
    That was maybe 25 days ago, with 3 days to go they have raised $4,874,408. Yes I realize a SGA movie would cost more do to the loss of the sets and fx costs, and many more issues that will I’m sure detractors will list. But a girl can dream.

    • mrelegos says:

      Theres actually a crowdfunding site entirely dedicated to funding cancelled shows now. It’s called SMGO (Show Must Go On)

      Check it out”

  5. diana says:

    Syfy really has a knack for canceling some of their most successful shows and then putting in subpar replacements. I watched the first episode of SGU and wasn’t thrilled. It lacked the chemistry and great characters that SGA had and the well-known scifi actors too, hello Jewel Staite!

    • Be honest though, when you started watching any Stargate series, you don’t immediately feel the chemistry…

    • If you only watched the first show, you missed a good series. It was made for a more mature audience, but it was still a great story. So they didn’t have hotties like Ronan and Shepherd, but it was still an interesting take on long-term space travel.

      • startrekin81 says:

        I agree… It was a departure from the norm, and I often missed the quirkiness that was inherent to SG1 and Atlantis, but it was a good show, none the less. It was getting better too. I felt that the show started hitting it’s stride midway through the second season.

        What I did NOT like was the overuse of love triangles and so much character conflict (as in between multiple characters, not just between two or three people). It got to the point where I was like, “Enough already”.

    • Watch it all. It has amazing character storylines.

  6. Mainer says:

    That sounds like a very interesting movie… too bad it didn’t happen.

  7. me says:

    Time travel? Come on… that seems like everyone’s answer nowadays. It’s overdone and unoriginal.

    • Fionn O Reilly says:

      Stargate actually did time travel very very well, not the usual type you would see, stargate was definitely unique, it will be missed (until it comes back of course!)

  8. there’s a stargate game out on ios about sg1.
    ok so mgm had trouble but they are still around, surely another net work can pick up stargate series and run them ?
    and i’m sure they would have no trouble getting money/sponsers to make a movie..
    the idea of atlantis having a fail safe that blows it up seems stupid…
    the city knows it’s occupied by humans with the ada gene right ? and it has the star drive right ? so if it has to move out of the galaxy say cos it’s going to get blown up and there is nowhere else to hide?
    oh we escaped for now but we gotta go back other wise the city blows it’s self up.. is retarded….
    and then we have midway.. gates used/moved reprogrammed and macro programmed… oh sure none of those gates complain….and before that barl’s gate hijacking again moving gates around and storing them.. and sg1 uses one of them to gate out ??
    these plot holes need more thought lol

    • Travis Hansen says:

      Actually part of the problem with getting Stargate on the air is MGM signed a contract with Syfi giving them rights to the series so unless Syfi gives them permission to go to another network they can’t.

    • universal_cynic says:

      It would probably turn out that McKay (and others) was lying in order to get back to Pegasus.

      • even worse, yes lets all get in blind panic to get back shit we’re gonna die, fuck we are so close…. aww nooo now the drive blew up…. we’re doomed… everyone looks at mckay and he goes ‘insert troll face’ i was kidding.. just thinking of ronan and teyla….

  9. Fionn says:

    This sounds amazing, i loved this show, loved SGU as well, none of them should have been cancelled, i hope someday it comes back 🙂

  10. Barry says:

    Why would they let someone write a Stargate Atlantis article who has never seen the show? Puzzling???

    • They can be impartial. Just reporting the facts and not pushing an opionion.about the show itself, but the way it and many good shows were treated by poor marketing. SyFy tends to loose tough with it’s viewers.

  11. Scarab83 says:

    I loved SGA, but I also loved SGU. I’m not really sure why SGU got so much hate.

    • Trevor says:

      For me I felt like it was being pushed upon me like “TAKE THIS INSTEAD” I gave the show a chance but it was lacking in everything and to be honest I could not get to grips with it if I wanted to watch a show about drifting around in space I had BSG what I wanted was what SG1 & SGA had given me action and a cast that you could not wait to view again and again SGU gave me nothing. It was (well to me anyway) a poor replacement to SGA

  12. Andy Purden says:

    I heard show time were in talks with sifi to buy the rights to the stargate franchise

  13. Trevor says:

    It’s time to bring it back. There was nothing wrong with the show well except for the so-called big shots getting in the way of what could have been something truly awesome. So in short all the fans here are asking is to bring it back or give us the movies (SGA & SG1) movies we were promised when they brought out SGU

  14. disqus_9C4JSyLLOe says:

    u should make the movie or make season six stargate iniverse wasn’t that good but sg1 and atlantis was the best i miss them both if you would contacr me i have great ideas for a return for both stargate sg1 and atlantis

  15. disqus_9C4JSyLLOe says:

    Should have made it sounds like it would’ve been good I have great ideas for future stargate shows

  16. disqus_9C4JSyLLOe says:

    u should make the movie or make season six stargate iniverse wasn’t that good but sg1 and atlantis was the best i miss them both if you would contacr me i have great ideas for a return for both stargate sg1 and atlantis

  17. Save future Stargate travel

  18. Maverick says:

    SGA was canned for SGU, whose genius idea was that. SGA was and is a strong series that followed up from SG1 which was also popular. They should have stayed the course and multitask both series since one had seriously no ties to the other, other than it’s franchise name.

    • Actually, they were canned nearly the same time. SG-1, SGA and SGU were all original, with a few of the casts intermingled at times. None was to replace the last. Just like Star Trek Generations couldn’t replace Star Trek and Enterprise couldn’t replace Star Trek Generations. They were all stand-alone entities.

  19. J*Lynn says:

    I loved SG -1, SGA, and trying to get into SGU. SGU seems a little too slow for me, I like action, not too much into drama. I love the entire team of SGA and Teal’c from SG-1, but I would particularly like to see more action involving Ronan and (my mind just went blank… the exotic amazon looking woman) and also more of the Wraiths! Give Us More!!! 🙂

  20. Would love to see them reboot Space1999. But you would have to cal it Space2099 or something to that effect.

  21. Shelleysam says:

    You should really watch Stargate Atlantis. It’s totally worth it.

  22. They should continue Stargate Universe while they’re at it. I thought it was stupid to leave it hanging like they did.

  23. waaaaaaaa says:

    ill take any new stargate in any form, tv is missing it badly..

  24. Naturally. What is a Stargate series without time travel… or any sci-fi series, for that matter?

  25. DanZee says:

    I loved Stargate: Universe. I had the same sense of wonder feeling as I had watching Star Trek: TOS and Star Trek: TNG. However, SU lost steam in the second half of the second season. I mean, REALLY lost steam. It was as if the writers just had no fresh ideas, and stretched about two episodes of plots over the last 10. Just the same way Caprica went from brilliant to boring in the back half of season 1, and Sarah Connor Chronicles became a sitcom in its second season. I’m guessing that’s what happened with Atlantis. I can’t tell you for sure because I both got bored with the series and my local station moved it to the early morning.

  26. Mark Varry says:

    Hey Time Travel in a Sci Fi show! Thats not been done to death! *bang*

  27. Monkeyspit says:

    The premise is amazing, but the series went in the wrong direction. Instead of building mystery about the ship, its mission, and so forth, that became a distant back story, and it mostly focused on the endless whining about getting home, and everyone’s personal issues. I’d love to see it come back, but it needs a rethink.

  28. Stef says:

    Stargate Universe, SG1, Atlantis SGU has a big fan bace on Iceland nead i say more Bring all of it Back 🙂

  29. Alex says:


  30. victer says:

    I think the story about SGA is the best because the pegasus galaxzy is the strange galaxy. There are some mysteries to waitting SGA team found them same as new advance aliens intelligent same as or more than ancient. Why ancients select to the pegasus galaxy from million galaxy. May be other advance aliens at there invite them. It is so sad SGA cut off at 5 season. There are a lot of thing more than SGA found in the pagasus galaxy.

    I think the idea the syfy story of stargate is better than star trek because the stargate is tell a story from present environment but star trek is tell from the future environment. it far from us. The travel from stargate is faster than starship. However I do not like SGU because SGU is a drama story. Stargate is the action and discovery not a life drama, so SGU is mistake. When I see SGU, I think I see lost in version starship not Island. The mistake of SGU that copy tell story from Lost. It not work and bring failed to SGU and SGA and SG1. This is a long time so SGA return to the new season.

  31. Micheal says:

    I like ths show the needs to put this show back

  32. Micheal says:

    I like sgu amd sg1 and.sga they meed bring thim back

  33. william says:

    i wish that all of the stargate franchises where still on tv

  34. bea says:

    Atlantis besser als SG1