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harsh realm

The ’90s Sci-Fi Mystery Series Completely Gone From Pop Culture

It seems impossible that Chris Carter, the creator of The X-Files, had another sci-fi series in 1999 that has disappeared …

1 week ago

The True Crime Mystery Series Netflix Revived Still Creeps Us Out

When Unsolved Mysteries released in 1987, the series aired on NBC and was hosted by Robert Stack. The series documents …

2 weeks ago

the x-files monster

The X-Files Reboot Can’t Work Because Conspiracy Theories Aren’t Fun Anymore

Now that The X-Files reboot has officially been announced, many fans of the original series are overjoyed at the thought …

3 weeks ago

cause and effect star trek

Star Trek TNG Perfected A Sci-Fi Subgenre With One Episode 

Fans everywhere know that Star Trek: The Next Generation is a nearly perfect show within the sci-fi genre, but would …

4 weeks ago


The X-Files Reboot Needs To Redeem Its Most Underrated Character

Despite a disappointing revival in 2016 X-Files fans are excited to see what Ryan Coogler does with his upcoming reboot …

1 month ago

david duchovny

David Duchovny Has A Better Role Than Mulder From The X-Files

David Duchovny has left an indelible mark on viewers with his iconic portrayal of FBI agent Fox Mulder in the …

1 month ago

X-Files Mythology Episodes Made One Fatal Error

The beloved 90s sci-fi series The X-Files was divided into two types of episodes, the standalone monster-of-the-week ones and the …

2 months ago


Fan Favorite Sci-Fi Thriller Series Had The Perfect Ending But Didn’t Stop

The X-Files is one of the most iconic TV shows of the 90s, an absolute monolith of nerd culture, and …

2 months ago

Gillian Anderson Netflix Teaser Promises Historic And Shocking Moment As Thriller

Netflix has dropped a trailer for a new show titled Scoop, starring Gillian Anderson and based on the infamous Newsnight …

2 months ago


Sci-Fi Comedy Streaming Series Invents Tons Of Laughs And Smiles

For science fiction fans, the past few years have been good, with everything from Star Trek to Star Wars experiencing …

3 months ago

Disney+ Sci-Fi Mystery Series Still Finds New Fans Decades Later

It’s impossible to overstate The X-Files’s impact on television, not just sci-fi, but the entire medium. From encouraging women to …

3 months ago

Disney+ Gets The Greatest Sci-Fi Thriller Series Of All Time

The truth is out there, and now you can stream it on Disney+. Popular science fiction thriller The X-Files was …

4 months ago

The ’90s Sci-Fi Thriller Blockbuster Hit That Is Being Totally Forgotten

The X-Files is probably one of the most famous television shows of the 90s and for a good reason. It …

5 months ago

Meg Ryan Is Returning To Rom-Coms With An X-Files Star

After a great deal of anticipation, Meg Ryan is returning to romantic comedies, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Her new …

6 months ago

david duchovny The X-Files

The X-Files Revealing More About Alien Conspiracy Than Ever Before

The X-Files is one of the best and most beloved sci-fi series of all time, and fans will always appreciate …

6 months ago

The Most Iconic Duos In TV History

Whether great friendships between lifelong pals or contentious partnerships characterized by friction as much as affection, the history of Television …

7 months ago

x-files villain

The X-Files Antagonists Who Could Be Marvel Super Villains

The X-Files may be known best for aliens and conspiracy theories, but occasionally the show presented fans with more Earthbound …

7 months ago

the vast of night

The Sci-Fi Thriller On Streaming Every X-Files Fan Needs To See

The Vast of Night, streaming now on Amazon Prime Video, will be of interest to fans of The X-Files and …

7 months ago

the x-files
bryan cranston x-files

The X-Files Episode That Led To Breaking Bad

Before Bryan Cranston was cast as the infamous Walter White in the AMC hit TV series Breaking Bad, he landed …

9 months ago

the x-files monster

The X-Files Villains We Need To See Again

The X-Files loved to employ the old horror movie tradition of hinting the bad guys would be back. Indeed, The …

9 months ago

ryan coogler x-files

Best Recurring The X-Files Villains

The X-Files suffers its flaws like any other series, but few other franchises have succeeded in creating as many popular …

10 months ago


Best Alien Races In Television History

Sometimes it seems like we’ve got so many fictional alien races in our media, that if the real ones ever …

10 months ago

Sci-Fi Shows That Should Have Ended Sooner

Sci-fi tv shows that went on too long include Lost, Supernatural, and ALF.

10 months ago

How The X-Files Helped Create Breaking Bad

Vince Gilligan was a long-time writer for The X-Files, which is how he first met Bryan Cranston, years before coming up with the idea for Breaking Bad.

10 months ago


8 Best The X-Files Episodes About Serial Killers

Here are the best The X-Files episode that feature Fox Mulder and Dana Scully pursuing serial killers.

10 months ago

the x-files monster

8 Best The X-Files Monster Of The Week Episodes

Here are our picks for the best 8 Monster of the Week episodes of The X-Files.

10 months ago

10 Best Wrestler Guest Appearances In Television History

The best wrestler guest appearances on television come from Kane, Mick Foley, and Rowdy Roddy Piper.

11 months ago