Star Trek Into Darkness Was The Worst Trek Film? Simon Pegg Says F*ck You.

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PeggSimon Pegg has never been shy about sharing his opinions. As much as he’s a geek icon, he’s also shown a willingness to be blunt and honest, even if that opinion pisses off part of his fanbase. And honestly, I have to respect that. What’s the point in becoming famous in the first place if you then have to filter every comment through five publicists and a legal team before you can answer a simple question? What sort of simple question? Well, just for instance, what Pegg thinks about the Trek fans who recently voted Star Trek Into Darkness the worst movie of the franchise? There’s no way all those publicists would have let him respond with the a hearty “Fuck you!”

While out promoting The World’s End, The Huffington Post told Pegg about the Trek poll, and Into Darkness’ ignominious ranking and asked what he thought? Pegg’s response begins pretty diplomatically, suggesting that Abrams’ version of Trek is suffering blow-back from longtime fans both because the recent movies have brought in people who didn’t care about Trek before, and because — for good or ill — it’s a very different Trek than the traditional breed. It’s not long before the “indie band makes it big” metaphor come out, and as Pegg continues, you can tell he’s got little patience for the naysayers:

Is that part of it? That it ‘used to be for us and now it’s not’?
A little bit. I think it’s like when you tire of an indie band that you love because, suddenly, they get a number one single. You don’t necessarily start disliking their music, but you stop liking them because you’re pissed off that they’re famous, or whatever. Star Trek Into Darkness is the most successful Star Trek movie ever made. It is, in terms of what it took at the box office and how many people went to see it. More people saw that film than any iteration of Star Trek that existed before. That is probably slightly annoying to some Star Trek fans — which I totally understand.

So it’s like the Pearl Jam ‘Vs.’ album?
Possible, yeah. And you know what … it absolutely isn’t the worst Star Trek movie. It’s asinine, you know? It’s ridiculous. And frustrating, as well, because a lot of hard work and love went into that movie, and all J.J. wanted to do was make a film that people really enjoyed. So, to be subject to that level of sort of, like, crass fucking ire, I just say fuck you. Not you, but the people who said that.

I can’t help but feel for the guy. It’s never any fun to be on the sharp end of a rabid fanbase convinced the thing you helped make is worthy of nothing more than tarring, feathering, and a quick boot out of town. And frankly, he makes some very good points. No matter how mad anyone gets, the rebooted Trek isn’t going anywhere soon. Not when Into Darkness pulled in half a billion dollars worldwide. It’s not the Trek we grew up loving, and it’s not going to be. It’s Trek as a dumbed-down action movie. If you can accept that, great, you might enjoy it; if not, don’t buy a ticket. But the notion that Into Darkness is the worst Star Trek movie? The absolute worst? Removing all arbitrary, bandwagon-jumping, knee-jerk hatred of J.J. Abrams and anything he touches? The absolute nadir of big-screen Trek in a world where both The Final Frontier and Insurrection exist?

I’m with Pegg: that’s a crock of horseshit. (That said, Galaxy Quest is totally a better Star Trek movie than Into Darkness. But then Galaxy Quest is a better Star Trek movie than quite a few of the actual Star Trek movies.)

This isn’t the first time Pegg has invited Abrams-Trek haters to go violate themselves in a vulgar manner. It was only last May, around the time of Into Darkness’s theatrical release, that Pegg dismissed anyone who was still wheeling out that most tired of internet Abrams complaints, the lens flare joke. More specifically, he said, “To the detractors, I offer a polite fuck you and suggest you find a new stick to beat us with, if being a huge, boring neggyballs is necessary for your personal happiness.”

Comments like that are no doubt going to earn Pegg a legion of angry online commenters, but kudos to him for not caring about that one whit. Also, bonus points awarded for his use of the phrase “huge, boring neggyballs.”

What do you think? Is Star Trek Into Darkness really the worst Trek movie ever made, or is it just a so-so Trek movie that’s the victim of blistering hatred of J.J. Abrams? Sound off in the comments; I’m sure we’ll have this debate definitively sorted in no time…


  1. GiffTor says:

    How is Star Trek IV not the worst? I dunno. I’ve been watching Star Trek movies since I was a kid; when mom would go out of town, my dad would fry things and we’d watch Star Trek.

    Anyway. The JJ Abrams ones are different, but I love them. And they’re certainly better than Generations, which was not good. At all.

  2. Kino says:

    “Into Darkness” was the worst film? $500 million dollar box office disagrees…and so do I. I’ve been a Trek fan for 25 years and this film was a damn fine retelling of the Khan story.

  3. Bill says:

    Personally I’m a fan of all the various versions of Star Trek. I take the JJ movies for what they are: Star Trek BASED action movies. They are fun, if not deep. I also think that instead of getting upset they used Khan, I think it was a polite nod to TOS. As far as my ranking goes it is II, 2009, Into the Darkness, First Contact, III, IV, VI, Generations, the rest of the NG movies, STTMP and then V. Star Trek V is the worst of the series far and away.

  4. Chill Bluewood says:

    I found it hilarious that Simon, a devoted Star WARS fan, who was very vocal about how much The Phantom Menace sucked was in this situation. Karma? It’s probably the same way Ewan McGregor felt when Phantom was bashed so hard by Star Wars fans. The Abrams films were fun sci-fi movies. I enjoyed them on that level, but they were not Star Trek. Star Trek is more than Kirk, Spock, space ships and aliens. It’s… wonderful. I can’t define “Trek” exactly. I read some of the posts here and people try to put what Star Trek is into words and they come close, but ultimately fail. “Trek” is defined the way porn is defined. I know it when I see it. And the JJ versions are not Trek. He can take the Trek characters and situations and make a movie around them, but that doesn’t make it “Trek” as a Trekkie knows Trek to be. JJ’s Trek just doesn’t have the same Trek-feel. That doesn’t make them bad films, but it incenses Trekkies that they are taking the Trek characters and exploiting them in unTrek-like sci-fi movies. That’s why it was voted the worst Trek movie by Trek fans. It has nothing to do with Simon’s indie band metaphor. If you want a music metaphor it would be: The JJ versions are like a cover band that is covering your favorite artist’s songs. The cover band is just never going to get it right to a hard core fan of the original. It’s Trekkies that voted it the worst Trek movie, not the general public. I love Simon Pegg. But, in this instance, telling Trekkies “fuck you” was not cool and way off the mark.

  5. Richard Sievert says:

    I would mark them all as dumb because where throwing baseballs around at each other , and meanwhile ten whales die, and hour!

  6. Richard Sievert says:

    The whales one was the best because at least it had a heart!

  7. danzee says:

    Saw Into Darkness over the weekend. I just felt that it wasn’t Star Trek. There’s no characterization. I guessed who was going to die and who was going to be the villain (other than Khan). It was loud. The special effects were great, but does every movie have to blow up the Enterprise? (I think half the movies have blown it up.) About halfway in, I stopped caring about everyone and wished they all would die. Cumberbatch was the only one I cared about.

    There’s also a lot of violations of the Star Trek universe. Scotty, for example, calls the Klingon homeworld on his communicator! The dreadnaught captain says to fire phasers, but it’s actually photon torpedoes that get fired. Khan transports himself to the Klingon homeworld from Earth with a little machine — they don’t need starships if you can do that! The Enterprise has a 30-minute battle above the Earth and absolutely no one comes to investigate! Why have any rules at all?

    The movie was a big, loud mess!

  8. Space scientist says:

    It ruins the science behind Star Trek and sticks two fingers up at scientists all over the world, I’d stick it in with sunshine, 2012 and the core for worst scientific film ever, they mess up warp and ruin the transporter and basically invent technology that would make make colonising the entire universe a snap.

    But other then that it was a great brainless action flick, sadly hard for trek fans tend to become scientists and notable astrophysicists and this film doesn’t really do much for people who get a kick from imagining it could all be real one day.

    So sadly I’d say it is the worst trek film, if NASA did a best and worst Star Trek movies of all time list I dare say they would even put it bottom.

  9. Phil K says:

    Galaxy Quest better ? Are you fucking serious ? It was deliberatly daft, and a piss take. Simon Pegg has it spot on. The rank, fat, bearded Trekkie Comic-Book-Guy double wankers who profess to know everything about Star Trek and have a laughably large ego are the cause of this bullshit.
    I mean – they rant Khan should have been Indian (Khan, see ? Well, no – the character was originally NORDIC, but was named after a friend of Rodenberry’s in the USAF – KARL Noonien Singh. Slight change and little to do with India…..ah, but they don’t know that…..
    And it’s different people playing the roles. Well, I’m not happy with some of them. The woman playing Uhura being with Spock is just moronic.
    BUT – I just love JJ’s Star Trek.
    And Into Darkness was fantastic

  10. Forever Cyrus says:

    Final frontier was nowhere near worst. Insurrection and nemesis clearly beat it out for that one, into darkness i think close 2nd it didnt catch on with me at all, most Next gen movies were total flops.

  11. MRAAlternate says:

    Into Darkness worst piece of shit I’ve ever seen…