Star Trek Fans Break A World Record, And Think Into Darkness Is The Worst Film Of The Franchise

By Nick Venable | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

star wars fansThis past weekend, 1,085 costumed fans attending the Star Trek convention at the Rio Las Vegas Hotel and Casino broke the world record for the largest number of costumed Trek fans all in one place, beating out the U.K. record of 1,063 set last year. While it kind of seemed obvious that it would happen, given the rabid fervor that takes over when Americans find out other people have done something better, I’m not sure anyone could have predicted the attendees’ tastes in the film franchise. A poll was held at the One Trek Mind Live panel, where fans ranked their favorite films in order, and the results are stunning.

How did people feel about J.J. Abrams’ latest effort, Star Trek Into Darkness? Apparently they would have been perfectly fine if it never existed, as it came dead last. Yeah, it finished after Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. I have to assume the wounds are still fresh from this one, and that it might rank higher in another few years, once the John Harrison dust has settled. After all, Abrams’ initial reboot finished in sixth place, so it’s obviously not just hatred for the man himself. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe some people just really hate Into Darkness that much. Stay tuned until after the third Star Trek flick comes out, and I’ll let you know.

It’s no surprise that Wrath of Khan took the top honors, and that the first film wasn’t among the fans’ top picks. But sitting dead in the middle of the pack is the most puzzling film on the list, Dean Parisot’s 1999 film Galaxy Quest. Is anyone else scratching their head over this one? Not only was it actually included in this list, no doubt as some kind of joke, but that it actually beat out six other Star Trek films in a poll about actual Star Trek films. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the hell out of Galaxy Quest, but its inclusion here isn’t nearly as clever as they thought it was. Take a look at the full list below.

star trek fan film rankingIncidentally, do you know who else had a few choice critical words to say about Into Darkness? Captain Jean Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart), that’s who. And Riker (Jonathan Frakes) is quick to point out just how ridiculous certain aspects of the film are. Both men, however, are quite content to look at Carol Marcus in her skivvies. Check out Picard’s thoughts in the video below.

If you haven’t yet, you can catch Into Darkness when it hits shelves on September 10.