Michael Dorn Is Pitching A Star Trek Movie About Worf

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Somehow Star Trek missed out on the direct to DVD craze. While other science fiction franchises like Babylon 5 and Farscape have used the medium as a way to extend their universe with fairly high-quality, direct to DVD movies, somehow Star Trek missed that boat. Michael Dorn thinks its time that changed, by using DVDs or a TV movies to tell stories about his Klingon character Worf.

Dorn, who played Worf in not one but two Star Trek TV series’, says he’s pitching a lower budget Star Trek movie project. He thinks there’s a place for it direct to DVD or as a one shot on cable. He wants to write it himself (he has some writing experience already) and here’s how he describes what Worf would be doing in it…

He is captain of a ship – a Federation ship. He is out there in the front lines basically chasing terrorists.

The idea is for something smaller, edgier, and darker than the normal Trek fare. And as like any good science fiction should be, he thinks he can make it relevant to modern times. Michael explains to TrekMovie

I think we will have some of our Star Trek people in it, but mostly new characters. It will be interwoven into the fabric of Star Trek. And also what we going through right now?

This isn’t just a pipe dream. He’s meeting with former Trek producer Rick Berman soon to run the idea by him. Then he’s meeting with the SyFy network to pitch it to them as a TV movie. His goal is to have this on the air next year, if he can get anyone interested.

Well I’m interested, though actually if I were him I’d ditch the Federation idea and make it a more Klingon-centric series. Get Worf captaining a Bird of Prey instead. And while you’re at it, make it an entire TV series and not just a one-shot movie. Star Trek: Klingon is a television series which needs to happen, and since Worf is the pre-eminent Klingon, having him in it seems like the best possible scenario.

That said, he might actually have a better chance of getting CBS and JJ Abrams’ to rubber-stamp this by pitching it as a TV movie rather than a television series. We already know that JJ Abrams is blocking the production of another Trek TV series. He won’t let one be made until after his next movie comes out. But Dorn isn’t pitching a full on series, just an independent movie which could, done properly, be really cool.

Maybe, just maybe, if it’s good enough he can talk Abrams and CBS into turning it into a full television series down the road. At least that’s my dream. Q’Apla!


  1. Syfy will never do this. They only cancel Sci-Fi not make it.

    • JT says:

      Maybe that’s why he’s pitching it as a one-shot movie. They might make that, but they’ll never commit to science fiction as a series.

      • Darrin Bell says:

        They’ll cancel it after the first commercial break.

        I’d watch it, though. I’d like to see it reference the events in the Star Trek: Countdown comic book Abrams & crew made, to settle once and for all that the TNG-era timeline continues to exist even after Spock and Nero disappear. Maybe some of the terrorists could be Romulan survivors who’re as bitter as Nero was toward Vulcan’s failure to save them, and who’re convinced their homeworld was destroyed by a Federation conspiracy. Maybe they were right; maybe a rogue element of Section 31 conspired with a revenge-seeking Dominion to cripple the Romulan empire, and maybe once he discovers this, Worf doesn’t know who aboard his own ship he can trust. Lots of possibilities, but again, I think the biggest opportunity here would be to placate fans who to this day believe Abrams’ movie wiped out the “original” timeline.

      • If the Stargate Atlantis Movie wasn’t made I doubt this will be made too.

    • Yeah that’s why star gate sg-1 ran for 10 seasons. try again…

      • Phil Hsueh says:

        10 years total but only 5 on SyFy, you have to remember that the show originated on Showtime and didn’t move to SyFy until season 6. So far, no scripted show on SyFy has ran for more than 5 seasons and none have ever received early enough notice of their pending cancellation to wrap things up the way they would have wanted to; the closest to this was Eureka which actually managed to air a proper series finale although they had originally been promised and had planned for a 6 episode season 6 to wrap things up.

  2. AKA “Can I have some work please?”

    • Darrin Bell says:

      I don’t care about his motivations, I just want to see Worf on the screen again.

    • chiana says:

      It’s about time! I miss seeing Michael Dorn on the airwaves, and of course he should have been cast in The Lion King instead of Matthew Broderick. His voice is almost as impressive as James Earl Jones, can’t believe we haven’t been seeing much more of him. I hope he’s been busy doing theatre…

  3. Charles Seitz says:

    Just don’t expect SyFy to want it if it’s actually science-fiction. They’ve killed every real sci-fi show they’ve made in the last 5 years before it was fully baked. SyFy – Imagine Bankruptcy

  4. cactus says:

    I think Abrams should dedicate himself to do just another crappy teenager version of hulk or lost in space or stuff and live trek alone. Dorn instead has been in a REAL trek and I think he knows how REAL trek is done!

    • Pendaws says:

      I agree, that last movie KILLED the WHOLE Star Trek family in one small explosion of a Planet. 🙁

      • Darrin Bell says:

        No it didn’t. It just created an alternate timeline. We saw literally 296,000 of those alternate realities in just one episode of TNG (“Parallels”).

        • The difference is that the “…296,000…alternate realities” you mention from TNG never irrevocably altered anything permanently. The alternate timeline you speak of might exist as a bubble of quantum irregularity, but if that bubble is all we see represented in movies, then that BECOMES Star Trek from this moment on.

          • Exactly. It is not an alternate timeline anymore, it is the new star trek universe because that is the direction the movies will now take. They could have easily done a reboot that would have appealed to a younger generation as well as to the older, loyal fans. Instead, everything familiar and 46 years of star trek history is now gone. All the star trek stories are now meaningless because hollywood is going to stick with this new timeline. As a star trek fan, it feels like a betrayal. I would gladly watch a movie with Worf, though, and try and push aside how abrams ruined the star trek universe.

          • Mark Marquis says:

            I should have guessed that the Internet and specifically a few unhappy Star Trek fans would resort to hyperbolic exaggeration. I have been a Star Trek fan for most of my life and I don’t see how going forward with 2 or 3 more movies in Abram’s timeline destroys ANYTHING else in the Star Trek universe. It may not be the direction you want going forward but to characterize one movie (so far) as having wiped out 46 years of Star Trek history plays to the worst stereotypes of Trekkies.

          • meme says:

            I think Abrams will correct this bubble paradox in the third movie and everything will resume as normal.

  5. heronymo says:

    Oh god, not Rick Berman. Why would you go to him!

  6. Adam says:

    Ok someone check my geek-cred, but I am fairly certain Worf can’t be a captain of Federation starship because he disobeyed a direct order and went back to save Jadzia Dax after she was wounded on an away mission. Shouldn’t Dorn know this? Am I wrong? (DS9: Change of Heart)

    • heronymo says:

      I suppose they can still explain that away, if that’s true. Like… some kind of gift lol. “Hey Worf… yeah you disobeyed an order. But you did all this other stuff so… here’s a ship.”

      • Tahomas says:

        actually he increased his likelihood of captaining a starship by doing it. Riker disobeyed many and order and he has his own ship. Worf upheld the highest traditions of Starfleet by saving Dax. They do not want captains who cannot assess a situation and make a decision based on that even though it violates a direct order.

        • JC says:

          Aw, that’s just because Jadzia was his girlfriend. As always, Warf’s actions are motivated by a hormone imbalance 🙂

    • JT says:

      Actually that just “lessened” the possibility of him ever getting his own command, it didn’t prevent it.

    • addi says:

      easy enough, captain gets killed and he gets a field promotion and does such a good job tracking down the killers he gets to keep command 😀

    • Darrin Bell says:

      Captain Sisko’s direct quote was ” You should know that they’ll probably never give you a command of your own after this.”. Simple solution: Sisko was wrong.

    • I think that was in an “alternate reality” anyway. 😛

    • mike says:

      he could still be a captain… Take Kirk he disobeyed a direct order from the head of starfleet and he was able to keep a career as a Captain

  7. bhak1 says:

    I love the idea. A bit concerned that if Berman is involved that Paramount will instantly say no, but if it isn’t too expensive they might just be willing to give it a shot. I mean it’s practically a guaranteed success as a DVD… the utter drought of new Trek combined with the teeming masses of diehard and desperate Trek fans means that it should sell quite well and probably have a decent premier on SyFy.

  8. Eddie Boot says:

    Michael Dorn must be running out of money, hahahahahaha. But DAMN this is some crazy news, a TNG character returning to Trek? Come on people, this is HUGE Star Trek news. Besides the new movie which is extremely different from familiar trek, we haven’t seen anything serious in a while. This movie could definitely work. Canon wise, they could have this take place sometime after Nemesis and before the 2009 film for the people that whine about that.
    I think this is awesome, I only hope they actually go through with it. I always wondered why Star Trek has no TV movies. We’ve had literally a thousands episodes total shot, I think a series would be awkward at this point. Keep the TV movie idea. It’s cheaper and easier, plus if it works out they have room to do more of them.

    I have my doubts though. SyFy will probably kick it to the curb. It’s going to need a decent budget, they are starting a new theme from scratch they have no sets/costumes/actors on board. Also I don’t know if they will be on board with brining back a TNG character after a good 10 years or whatever it’s been since Nemesis. I don’t know if I would like a Worf thing that much either… I like him but a whole series revolving around him? I don’t know… I agree though a major network like CBS would be better.
    Personally I always wanted a Voyager movie. The actors are all kind of older now but hey, they brought back TOS after ten years. I always wanted a continuation of the Voyager crew it was just so lame how the series ended.

    • Darrin Bell says:

      It could even be set AFTER the 2009 film. As Abrams’ “Countdown” comic book showed, the TNG universe continued on even after Spock and Nero went back in time and created an alternate universe (the “alternate reality” is something they explicitly stated in the ’09 film but that people keep ignoring).

      • Yes, yes, alternate reality…blah, blah, blah. As I stated in a previous response, even if you buy into the whole quantum mechanic’s “alternate reality” ploy, it makes no difference. If the only Star Trek we see in the movies is through the prism of this alternate reality, then this becomes Star Trek, obliterating all that has come before it.

        • Marc Koller says:

          do not forget star trek lives in our universe and the only thing that matters is money. So there could be 2, 3, 4, or however many they want that makes money.

  9. Mr_Katanga says:

    Stainless Games just raised 400k for Carmageddon: Reincarnation in a very short space of time through Kickstarter… How much would a decent TV movie cost? Four, Five million? Maybe even less. I reckon there are enough fans on the planet to raise that sort of budget in no time. After that all you’d need is a network to cover the marketing costs for a cut of the DVD/screening profits. Dorn needs to sack off that idiot Berman and get on the interweb.

    • JT says:

      In this case it’s not just about getting the money to do it though. They have to get permission from CBS who owns the rights to Star Trek, and right now JJ Abrams gets to decide who gets to make what with Star Trek. So basically, even if they did get the money to make it, they couldn’t, unless JJ Abrams says they can. And JJ Abrams and CBS aren’t going to say yes unless they’re profiting off it… and probably funding it themselves. Which means if they don’t want to fund it, it won’t get made.

  10. Tyrosine says:

    I wouldn’t trust SyFy. They’ve become to this decade’s science fiction what Fox was the the previous decade’s sci-fi. CBS isn’t a lot better. But I would trust Michael Dorn to see that it’s done right or not at all.

    You’re all so quick to forget the canon – Worf is still in Starfleet following DS9 – he became the Federation ambassador to Chancellor Martok. So it makes perfect sense that he’d be given a Federation ship for special assignments. He might even have his own ship anyway – he was officially the commanding officer of the Defiant as well; Sisko’s authority and experience just overrode his most of the time, when he wasn’t serving as Martok’s first officer.

    His idea of chasing terrorists makes some sense, particularly in the wake of the Dominion War, the devastated Cardassian Union and the power vacuum left after Shinzon assassinated the entire Romulan senate. There are so many ways terrorists and warlords could come to power in all those places and amass enough power to become legitimate threats to the security of the Federation/Klingon alliance. If there were a single person who could embody the authority of both governments at once to deal with this problem, it’s Worf.

    • HashMaster9000 says:

      Heck, in the books he even eventually retires from his Ambassadorship to go back into Starfleet. Supposedly that occurs sometime in between “Insurrection” and “Nemesis”, so that he can still be present as a Starfleet officer during the last film after Riker’s wedding. So this would totally make sense. Problem is though, by this point in the books, he’s first officer of the Enterprise-E under Picard.

      Yes, I know, the books are not canon. I’m just sayin’ it’s not unprecedented.

  11. Andrew Reese says:

    Just one thing…. prepare for ramming speed…. seriously if he gets his own command how long until he’s overwhelmed, declares it a good day to die and rams his ship into something.

    • George says:

      “We’ve lost shields and our weapons are gone”, fighting the Borg in the Sol system.

      Preparing to ram the ship isn’t the result of being overwhelmed, it was a decision driven by circumstances and desperation. Worf is an excellent commander – you need to watch more DS9.

      • Darrin Bell says:

        Yes, but the circumstance was they were overwhelmed (which is also why he was desperate). So he’s right. You two seem to be in agreement.

      • That was in Star Trek “First Contact”. Which was during DS9 before Season 4 Episode 11 “Home Front”.

        And besides he probably won’t get a command because he saved Jedzia Dax instead of completing a mission to extract Larsaran, a Cardasian defector. (Season 6 episode 16 “Change of heart”)

        Later, closer to the end of the series Worf becomes the federation ambassador to the Klingon empire.
        One of favorite lines from the series.
        Martok: “Finally, a Star Fleet ambassador that I can go targ hunting with.”
        (Season 7 episode 25 “What you leave behind”)

        Although he did say in Star Trek Nemisis that he was not suited for the life of a diplomat. This was after DS9.

        Yet, in Star Trek TNG Season 7 episode 25 & 26 “All Good Things” Worf had been an ambassador for quite sometime before relations between the Klingon empire and Star Fleet had fallen apart. But, Q was involved in this one so who knows where Worf ends up.

    • Darrin Bell says:

      My money’s on “before the opening credits roll.”

  12. Penalt says:

    Make it in Canada and broadcast it on the Space Channel. Remember Canada? The place where all 3 Stargate franchises were filmed, BSG, X-Files, Highlander, Sanctuary, Sliders, Dark Angel and Millennium were filmed. Just to name a few. The Space Channel remains dedicated to showing Science Fiction….

    • chiana says:

      And Supernatural, the first season of Fringe, Odyssey 5,…we have the talented crews, great character actors, reasonable tax incentives, and in B.C. the wonderful rainforest…yes please, bring us Dorn’s movie, we would love to have it!

  13. SGU!!!!!!! says:

    I hope the EMH for Voyager will be in it 😛

  14. SGU!!!!!!! says:

    I hope the EMH from Voyager will be in it!!!!!! 😛

  15. perseus says:

    I want Enterprise finish movie!

  16. Alex Allcock says:

    Props to Dorn for pitching a new Star Trek, it seems to me that this might be the only way for new Star Trek to go successfully is with the backing of a previous star. While there are an inherent number of issues to deal with, I’m sure that this will probably get off the ground.

  17. PLEASE let this happen. As a movie first, then followup as a series … on Starz (ala “Spartacus”). Think of it – Star Trek with all the censorship chains removed!
    I think I just got a boner thinking of that….

    • Darrin Bell says:

      Star Trek censors itself. That was one of the problems with the last two series.

    • Alec says:

      AGREED. I mentioned this on Star trek:Phoenix, and Lt. Worf Facebook pages. A Worf series…KLINGON, done in the style of Spartacus would be damned awesome. Klingons cursing, the blood and gore. We’ve never seen a Trek down and dirty. It’s never been done. I had an idea of what if they made The Gorn, a primary adversaries for the klingons ? I am currently working on a fan project …recreating The Gorn. Of course my take on The gorn will be more reptitlian in nature. The would be different classes of Gorn. The Warrior Gorns would be a darker green, larger, and their tails would have spikes on them…like that dinosaur species, The second class would….anyways…I’m giving away too much. Gotta work on it. lol.

  18. Fancealot says:

    Well according to the Relaunch novels Worf is 1st officer to Picard on the Enterprise E, I can see that following the Caeliar/Borg issues that starfleet is stretched thin and they need good commissioned officers to captain ships, plus it would work into the terrorist thing – the loss of so much of starfleet crime and terror can increase (haven’t read any typhon pact novels so a little behind in the stories) But wouldn’t the start of the TV movie look awesome showing a ‘flashback’ of thousands of Cubes destroying starships and planets, starfleet on the edge, then the typhon pact forming, a galaxy in ruins and Worf guarding the frontier, the klingon way! :-O (nerdgasm!!!!!!)

  19. I’d watch it, but I wouldn’t pay 2.99 for it. It might actually be good.

  20. Taletripper says:

    Have them make the Left Hand of Destiny (2-part book series) into a movie. Easily some of the best Trek, and Klingon, ever, IMHO.

    • HashMaster9000 says:

      Agreed. I wish someone would allow Keith DeCandido to write a Trek script. He’s the king of TrekLit right now, and he loves his Klingons…

  21. Alec says:

    Seriously hope they give him a shot. I always thought a direct to dvd/ or mini series on cable would be the way to keep Trek going. We could have a direct to dvd movie of any of the series. You would think after all these years, CBS would have a massive warehouse somewhere, were all the trek sets are stored for future use…as to save money if any of those series are to be revisited. Of course, sometimes a new series or movie calls for new sets to be created. I always thought it would be great to have a STAR TREK:KLINGON series….set on a Bird of prey. Prehaps one day in the near future; it will happen. For now, we can only wait and see.

  22. Alec says:

    For those that say Micheal dorn needs the money. We all need money, Micheal Dorn is set when it comes to that. He loves the character, and he loves trek. Why shouldn’t he get his own movie or series ? Worf is prehaps the most iconic character in The next generation. It was Picard , Data; and Worf that were the true highlights in that show, and if Worf wasn’t such a draw, and fan favorite; they wouldn’t have had him come on DS9.

  23. Pervy McDirty says:

    I’d watch the Grethor out of a Worf movie. better than these J.J. Abrams messes.

  24. Duder says:

    Would have to be REALLY low budget for Syfy to bite.

  25. Yootha says:

    *Groan* my heart always sank whenever I tuned into TNG & it was a Klingon story… I couldn’t have cared less about the Klingons… dull warrior honour shit…

  26. DireLeon2010 says:

    Oh noes!!! This will cut into their budget for the sequels to Mega-Shark vs Mega-Python vs Mega-Piranha!

  27. Eric says:

    I’ll just bet that Michael Dorn IS pitching a Worf movie! 😀
    And Brent Spiner probably has a plum of an idea for a Data movie too!

    Get over it guys the new timeline established by the 2009 ST cancelled out your lackluster imitation of TOS forever & now you have two choices; live off of convention money for the rest of your lives or DO SOMETHING NEW!

  28. iakobos says:

    Make it so. Michael Dorn and Worf have both paid their dues. I think Captain Worf chasing down terrorists is a fantastic idea.

  29. HashMaster9000 says:

    If there’s anything that could redeem Trek in the eyes of its fandom, it’d be this. I personally did not care for Abrams’ STINO film, and Michael Dorn was part of Star Trek for the better part of 15 years, so if he wants to get involved in a production aspect (where one of the more interesting characters is featured) I’d say give him a chance.

    I’d just hope that 3 things are done with the project:

    1)Bring back all the great designers of previous Trek. Mike Okuda, Doug Drexler, John Eaves, Bob Blackman, Joe Longo, Rick Sternbach, Dan Curry- These guys knew how to make Trek look good while also still restrain itself to a budget. They know the style, they all worked well together, and they are the Trek Design team. Abrams’ STINO team and Cryptic’s STO team could learn a thing or two from them.

    2) Bring in other unresolved plot threads. Have Frakes as Riker do a cameo with the USS Titan to pay homage to that crew and it’s mission that was only briefly mentioned. See if Sisko has come back from his year with the prophets, and if Bajor ever actually joined the Federation. Is Garak now the Ambassador the the Federation for Cardassia, or is he the Prime Minister or President of Cardassia? Is Chakotay captain of Voyager now? Wrap up some of these questions for fans that don’t abide by the Book Timeline (yes, I know all of these questions were wrapped up long ago in the books, so why not make some of them Canon?).

    3) Don’t try an link it up with Abrams’ film. Yeah, I know that Worf was featured in the “Countdown” comic, but they messed up his character so badly in that, it made me supremely angry. Let this be it’s own standalone in the actual Trek Timeline. The second you try to link up with the Abrams film, you lose fans.

    I trust Dorn to want to make the best Trek film he can, and if he can get Paramount release its death grip on the franchise name, we’ll hopefully have an excellent bit of Trek in the future instead of mournfully watching Abrams bury it in a shallow grave.

  30. mrxavia says:

    Yes, is all I can say, a Worf film would be excellent!
    There is no reason we can’t have this, plus even a series down the line, and STILL have the new films, new films bring in new fans, Worf film/series keeps the current fans happy!
    Luckily Star Treks fans should easily cope with having two distinct branches of the franchise running at the same time!
    We need more Star Trek!

  31. Adam says:

    It seems to me the only real changes that was made to the Star Trek Universe was A) Vulcan was destroyed and B) The circumstances as to how Pike was paralyzed… I mean it refrenced the older movies like in Star Trek II the wrath of Kahn Kirk talked about how he beat the Kobiashi Maru (sorry 2am spelling sucks). He changed the conditions of the test just as was shown in the movie. And since there was no story telling how Kirk got his command in the first place saying that time travel ruined anything of the Next Generation Universe at all with the exception of the loss of Vulcun is unknown. I mean according to Nero’s story in the 2009 movie his planet was destroyed durning TNG time line anyway….So again all that it intended to do was reintroduce a young cast to make stories that take place within it’s orginal five year mission hell the movie even reffered to Archer and his dog so it does respect the continuity at some point ….and on a side note to people accusing The next movie of rehashing the wrath of Kahn would be inaccurate. If the villian is indeed Kahn which he is unamed at this time it would technically be thier first meeting so it would be more based on space seed…..

    • Bananna Hammock says:

      Except that the Vulcans (and their homeworld) were charter members of the Federation. Saying that its destruction wouldn’t radically alter the history would be like saying: If the Nazi’s bombed new york city into oblivion, there wouldn’t be that much of an impact on the intervening history. It is going to drastically alter everything after.

  32. They totally need to make a non-Terran centric series. Something that shows the other species development in the trek universe. The whole series doesn’t have to revolve around a single species either. They can even go old school and maybe show the wars between the Romulans and Klingons. Sh*t I wouldn’t even mind finding out how the borg started. Let’s just hope by the third Star Trek reboot movie they put the universe back together so this can all work.

  33. hideous says:

    why not set it on a klingon ship, even better, a series, steeped in the klingon empire as all the previous ones were in the federation?

  34. Archangel01 says:

    Now this is something that would have many paying attention, there are way to many questions that were never answered, but it has to done right, unlike Star Trek Enterprise series. With all the races that were in Star Trek TV & Film, were never given a timeline on how when where & why, they just showed up poof they are there. Then there is how Star Trek (2009) was just a FAIL, It was nothing like how it was referenced to by shatner aka Kirk, and Spock was never referenced to having any love interest when he was younger that I can remember. But Worf was one of my Favorite charaters, always having honor and dignity, respect and willing
    to die in battle for what he believed in, even if it meant saving a shipmate.

  35. As someone that plays Star Trek Online (and enjoys the story presented there.) i think it would be awesome if they did they falling apart of the Fed/Klingon alliance and show it from the point of view of Worf who has strong ties to both. It could start out as little arguments, kinda in the background of the show, then get more and more serious till it starts effecting Worf and his command directly finalizing in Worf having to ultamtly choose his side

  36. John Taylor says:

    Never get beyond season one if it does get made.