The Star Trek: Worf Movie Michael Dorn Wrote And Wants Made

Star Trek: Son of Mogh?

By Henry Hards | Published

Star Trek Worf
  • In 2012 Michael Dorn wrote a script for a Star Trek movie focused on Worf.
  • He pitched that script to studio executives, but it was never made.
  • Michael Dorn’s idea was for the movie to be a low-budget film about Worf hunting terrorists.
  • Worf would have been the captain of a Federation starship.

Appearing as a regular on both Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Worf has been in more episodes of Star Trek than any other character in the franchise. And the man who played him, Michael Dorn, has always wanted more.

He has pitched a number of Worf-centric project ideas to Paramount over the years. One of his most interesting concepts was to make a low-budget, Star Trek: Worf movie.

Dorn first began pitching the idea for a script he was writing back in 2012. His notion was that there might be a place for it in direct to DVD or as a one-shot on cable. Back then, streaming was just getting started, but if he were to pitch it now, it would probably be as a limited miniseries or movie on Paramount+.

Worf movie
Michael Dorn as Worf on Star Trek: The Next Generation

He wrote the script for it himself, which might sound like ego, but Michael Dorn is actually an experienced screenwriter with other projects already under his belt.

Here’s how he described what Worf would be doing in Star Trek: Worf

He is captain of a ship – a Federation ship. He is out there in the front lines basically chasing terrorists.

It’s noteworthy that he would be the captain of a Federation ship in this movie. The other idea Michael Dorn has pitched, and perhaps the one that usually has fans most excited, involves a TV series where Worf commands a Klingon ship and a Klingon crew.

Michael Dorn
Michael Dorn as Worf in the Star Trek movies

His idea for this movie is something smaller, edgier, and darker than the normal Trek fare. As any good science fiction should be, he was convinced he could make it relevant to modern times. Michael explained to TrekMovie

I think we will have some of our Star Trek people in it, but mostly new characters. It will be interwoven into the fabric of Star Trek. And also what we going through right now?

This wasn’t just a pipe dream. He met with former Trek producer Rick Berman to run the idea by him. Then he met with the SyFy network to pitch it to them as a TV movie.

star trek worf
Worf’s return in Star Trek: Picard season 3

Recently, Michael Dorn returned as Worf in Star Trek: Picard season 3. Fan reaction was through the roof and most seemed to agree that despite his age, he hasn’t lost a step.

Perhaps not so coincidentally, the plot Worf found himself involved in for that series wasn’t all that dissimilar from the one Dorn pitched for his Star Trek: Worf movie. Picard had Worf working as an intelligence operative tracking down terrorists.

It’s not too late for Star Trek: Worf. If fans want it, they’ll have to let Paramount know.