Bryan Singer’s Battlestar Galactica Movie Is Underway

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Today word hit the net that X-Men director Bryan Singer’s attempt to remake the classic Arthurian legend movie Excalibur is dead. That matters because it means that Singer, suddenly has a lot more time on his hands. Time that he might spend on one of the many science fiction projects he’s been promising. In particular… Battlestar Galactica.

Singer has had a movie version of Battlestar Galactica on the back-burner for awhile now. In fact it had been long enough that we were starting to wonder if anything was every going to come of it. But talking to SFX on the eve of announcing that Excalibur is dead, Singer said that when their Excalibur project was cast off, “it allowed me to go straight into developing Battlestar Galactica – which I think will be really exciting.”

So apparently he’s not just making that his next project, it sounds like he’s actually already working on it. Singer doesn’t offer any further details, but we do know is that his movie will have nothing to do with either the 70s television series or the more recent Ronald Moore helmed remake series. That’s actually a shame since Moore’s version was about as perfect telling of this story as anyone could possibly fathom. Anything Singer does will only pale in comparison to that television show and, come on, it sort of seems like that show should just find a way to transition into feature films instead of starting all over again. Unfortunately, thanks to series creator Glen Larson they can’t go that route.

So Bryan Singer is starting over with a brand new telling of the Battlestar Galactica mythos. Expect to see it in theaters within the next couple of years. Are you interested? Sound off in our reader poll below.
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  1. Michael Bouvet via Facebook says:

    Oh frak…

  2. Dwane Turner via Facebook says:

    CAPRICAAaaaaaa!!! *Sob, sob* CAPRICAaaaa! *SOB, sniff*

  3. Martin Tucker via Facebook says:

    … was hoping for Logan’s Run myself.

  4. you know what? I mostly ignore the people on my friend list who arent IRL friends….but you find and post the most interesting things! Kudos!

  5. Bonita AndClint Stone via Facebook says:

    Martin, they’re already working on a Logan’s Run movie but it’s in turnaround for the moment.

  6. Martin Tucker via Facebook says:

    It’s been spinning around for years.

  7. Kinda glad the remake of Excalibur is dead. The original is perfect.

  8. Dan Duffany via Facebook says:


  9. Yeah I wouldn’t hold out a lot of hope for Logan’s Run guys, that movie has been in development hell so long it’d take a miracle to get it out at this point.

  10. Dwane Turner via Facebook says:

    *Sob, sob* CAPRICAAaaaaaa!!! *Sob, sob* CAPRICAaaaa! *SOB, sniff*

  11. Robert van Vliet via Facebook says:

    it may be interesting, i liked the 70’s original but never could get into the remake so something different again might be good.

  12. I hope he goes with the stuff he designed pre 9/11.

  13. as long as he doesn’t turn it into a soap opera like he did with xmen, i’m cool.

  14. David Darkeststar via Facebook says:

    So he dropped one remake for another? Swell. :-/

  15. Dr Nathaniel Essex says:

    Can I vote no because Bryan Singer is directing? The X-men franchise was a piece of crap from the get go and I’m sure his toxic touch will do the same for Battlestar.

    • JT says:

      You realize that’s an extreme minority opinion, right?  X2 is generally regarded as one of the best superhero movies ever made.  You’re entitled to have a fringe opinion, as long as you recognize it for what it is.

  16. Peter John says:

    True art never has a definitive version. It transcends media and culture, shaping difeerently for each new telling.

  17. Guest says:

    Rather than going back over ground that others have traveled, Mr. Singer should find a new story to film.  There’s countless to choose from.  If he insists on remaking something, how about Starship Troopers?  It would be hard for him to do worse than the original.

    • Eric Côté says:

      Maybe you should watch Starship Troopers again. Alot of people miss the subtext of the film (as I did) the first time they see it, especially if they were young at the time.

  18. Tmms says:

    Why can’t the remade version transition into movies? What’s Larson’s reason?

    • LoneCoder says:

      mostly because the TV version sucked after the first season. The rest was just silly stuipd and anyone that thinks that was a ‘definitive’ version needs their head examined. Not one of my friends, who grew up on the original BSG, have anything good to say about the series.

      • Eric Côté says:

        Well of course they don’t like it, they grew up on the original. People don’t like remakes of stuff they like, let alone “grew up on”.

      • Vince says:

        Retarded! The original show was a star wars knock off and had a lame ending. The new one introduced a much more awesome ending and yes it had plot holes and mystical mumbo jumbo, but Frak you it was cool.

        • Matias says:

          I grew up with the original BSG and wasn’t so happy with the idea of a new version, but after seeing it, it set such a high bar for me that now I think that Star Wars, Star Trek or any other show stinks in comparison with this new version. The best part for me was the beggining of the third season in New Caprica. This series is best ever for me and I am 43, and again, grew up with original BSG.

      • Wolf says:

        That’s cause your friends are retarded and can’t read. And can’t understand a thing on their own

  19. floridascififan says:

    Yawn…..the continuous rehashing and remaking gets old.  This material has played out regardless of who does it.  Give me something new new please.

  20. MichaelL65 says:

    There are dozens of stories tell in the BSG universe. Personally, I would love to see stories developed about the first Cylon War, the Exodus From Kobol, or the events that led to the destruction on the Earth that RDMs Galactica found in the series.

    • I’m with you.  I was disappointed that they didn’t persevere with “Caprica”, and have been waiting to see if they do bring out the other spin off, (BSG: Blood and Chrome, I think is the series title).  There is a whole industry to be made here, if only good drama and believeable SciFi are the milestones, unfortunately the networks are more interested in Nielsen ratings than good drama.

      Steve Robeson
      Winchester, TN

  21. fan says:

    why cant they create a new show/movie that is not playing on the old. actually create something that sci fi fans will love and stop copying ideas from the 70’s show or moore version or a comic book. oh no see that requires work and ingenuity 

    • I would have to say that I used to agree wholeheartedly…Until the new BSG aired!  It was so intricately and expertly done, save for the ending…The “blending into the landscape” ending didn’t sit well with me.  It felt too rushed and  ill-prepared, compared to the rest of the series.

      Now things like “Charlie’s Angels” really drive me up a wall.  The original series depended upon “T&A” to make the series go and the recent movies, added action and special effects notwithstanding, wasn’t any better.

      Steve Robeson
      Winchester, TN

    • j David says:

      Because stupid that’s the story. Do u understand that BSG is a specific story? Can u fathom that? Give it a try.

  22. I don’t know how a third telling of the BSG story could benefit SciFi as a genre.  Just how many “alternate universe” angles can you manifest and not completely confuse the market?

    I wasn’t a big BSG fan in the 70’s.  The special effects were fairly unique to television and were a direct take-off of Star Wars.  And the show was, to me, too “campy”.  Too much chrome and too little substance. 

    When the new BSG was being promoted in early 2004, I was wondering what drugs the promoters were on, trying to re-make BSG.  But when the new series hit the airwaves, I was a believer.  It was strong drama, solid character development and believeable technologies.

    If anyone comes out with a movie on BSG, it had better be damned good, because Donald Eick and Ron Moore set the bar pretty high.  It’s gonna take some serious  effort to meet that expectation.

    Steven Robeson
    Winchester, TN 

    • PS:  If anyone DOES like “alternate universe” stories and SciFi reading, “FanFiction.Net” has some fantastic stories for BSG fans, as well as hundreds of other genre.  I have a novel-length story there as well as two short stories.  It’s free.  Go look.

  23. Gfowler103 says:

    Unless he adds on or continues to ron moores version its gonna suck big time

  24. Rev1 says:

    In my opinion, the best thing for BSG would be to just throw away every episode after Season 3, Episode 5, and then try again for the rest of 3 and 4.  If one goes back and watches the original season (or to some extent the miniseries), one will find that the show began with so much more promise and substance, and eventually devolved into kind of a narrative hot mess.  

  25. Cburdick9 says:

    i would like to sea it as the 1970s because i would like to see all the reel actors in this they show in galactica 1980 the lost of star buck but they dont show what happed to adams son 
    APOLLO i would like to know if he died or did he crash 

  26. Boopsie says:

    It would be great if Mr. Singer would go with what he and Tom DeSanto almost did and that is a continuation of the original show.  How awesome that would have and could be.

  27. Alfie says:

    i didn’t like the new battlestar galactica tv series in anyways. the cast are boring, the stories are jokes and the fx are old school! 

  28. lee thompson says:

    The new series really sucked. All it was about who was sleeping with who and political intrigue. Boring, boring, boring… i watched a few episodes and never watched again. If i wanted to see a soap opera i would watch daytime tv. And the cylons…don’t even get me started about them! Why the heck would they look human!!! I could go on but I’ve wasted enough time on this.

    • J David says:

      They looked human because they didn’t want to spend money. And you’re right the cylons would’ve never tried to infiltrate the humans. I didn’t even make it thru the pilot.

  29. Will says:

    Hey, I’m open to this. As great as the Ronald Moore version undeniably was, there were still some aspects of the original mythology that he and David Eick, et al, chose not to include in their story, and I believe a movie that was closer to the original “continuity” still has lots of potential—if it is done well. It might be harder to pull off in the sense that it would probably be more straight fiction as opposed to a “this is really a thinly veiled commentary on current events” approach, but that never stopped LOTR or Alien (the first 2 films) or Blade Runner.

  30. clbrown says:

    Okay, I found this post to be a bit annoying… I mean, could you have been a bit more fawningly obsequious in your praise of Moore’s version?

    I, personally, thought it was “passable” but was far from overwhelmed by it. It was pretentious, sure, and dark and depressing, sure… but those don’t translate automatically to “good” in my eyes.

    I watched the whole series… and I consider it to be, on a quality of entertainment level, on roughly the same level as “Lexx” was. That is, I watched both and enjoyed both to an extent, but don’t get the near-religious fervor which both seemed to bring out of their most loyal fans.

    For me… I’d love to see the concepts and style of the original series, but with the “dumbed down” elements removed. I’d like it to be far more serious, overall, than the 1970s version, but not as unflinchingly negative, pretentious, and depressing as the 2000s version was.

    I want a show with heroes… positive heroes, who I can actually LIKE. Moore’s version was largely lacking in that regard. The 1970s version was wayyy too “lighthearted.” But there’s a happy medium to be found. Give us positive, admirable characters, set in a difficult situation. Have the stress and problems be realistic… like we saw on Moore’s show… but have the characters handle it with a bit more grace… without giving in to eating disorders, drugs, punching each other out, etc.

    Give us Cylons who are actually alien, not supermodel humans who can’t be detected…

    Bring back the feeling of “alien-ness” which the Moore show utterly and completely lacked.

    But please, no comic-relief daggits! No shiny-face-paint mime actors! No bad takes on old classic movies. And… No Cylons who can’t shoot straight! (The Razor Cylons were what the TOS Cylons SHOULD have been!)

  31. J David says:

    I hated the new BSG. For you that think art has anything to do with Hollywood let me enlighten you. It doesn’t. It’s demographics. That’s why Boomer & Starbuck had sex changes between the original
    story & this last abomination. The original story the characters & the show had a stable backbone. This latest BSG was Lost (jj Abrams) in space. And you all fell for it. Baltar. What the hell did they do to baltar? Soap Opera bs. The reason they made the cylons humans was because they had no budget in the beginning. Caprica suffered from the same thing. The original show was far better in all it’s elements. BSG 1980 was a nightmare also. The original series also did a better job branding it’s characters. Latest BSG’s characters were weak & as an ensemble did not flow well together.

  32. Fred Mertz says:

    Im really sick of all the negative crap people are saying about the original BSG series from the 1970`s.It was different in many ways to Star Wars as it dealt with the ancient astronaut theory and it was family friendly show.The remake was like seeing Star Wars remade into a CSI show with everyone screwing each other. Come on now,a Cylon that looks like Courtney Love?,Baltar is now a whiny little Brit Limey who cries all the time?,M-16 Rifles and GM Hummers on another world?,Colt Firearms and General Motors are on another planet huh?,Cylon Raiders that look like Batmans Batwing with a RoboCop head??the original series had cool props,neat ships,ect.The new show sucked balls. Moore and Eick along with thier fans should be taken out and beaten.

  33. Harry Knuts says:

    I hate the new show.every reel of film from it should be burned and every dvd copy burned too.Do you know how many used dvd copies of the new Galactica I see at used record shops and thrift stores??!!….ALOT!. nobody is buying them!.As for people saying the original Galactica had cheese,look at your beloved STAR WARS!,That had as much motzarella then Galacitca ever did!,Ewoks,Wookees and other stupid characters.