Bryan Singer To Adapt Robert Heinlein’s The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress

The Moon Is A Harsh MistressAny day where there’s talk of an adaptation of a Robert Heinlein novel, that’s a good day to us. Starship Troopers is the probably the highest profile movie based on his work, but his stories have appeared in many forms, and his short, “All You Zombies,” recently made it to the big screen as Predestination. Now it looks like his novel The Moon is a Harsh Mistress is on the way to theaters thanks to X-Men director Bryan Singer and 20th Century Fox.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Singer is teaming up with Arrow producer Marc Guggenheim to adapt the 1966 sci-fi novel, which is being renamed Uprising, a way less interesting, way more generic title. It’s always disappointing when the adaptation of a book with a cool name gets a bland makeover.

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Bryan Singer And Syfy Team Up To Develop A Creature Feature Series

Bryan SingerDespite the fact that Pacific Rim’s domestic box office take was significantly less massive than the studios had initially hoped, big ass monsters are all over the place right now. Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla looms large on the horizon for next summer, and now it is being reported that X-Men director Bryan Singer is teaming up with the Syfy network to birth a creature feature series into the world.

Deadline reports that Singer, his Bad Hat Harry production company, Syfy, and Universal Cable Productions are working to make a show called Creature at Large a reality. Even though the title sounds like a Saturday morning cartoon show or a teen sitcom about a giant monster trying to survive in a human high school, there is definite potential in the premise.

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Bryan Singer On Whether He Would Ever Direct A Star Trek Film


With the water still trickling down from the Enterprise’s massive water “landing” in Star Trek Into Darkness, talking about possible directors for the next sequel are in full effect. In all honesty, they’ve been in full effect for quite a while now, considering very few films are made without the full trilogy in mind. Whatever role J.J. Abrams plays in it, Star Wars: Episode VII will almost certainly hinder his direct involvement, regardless of what he’s saying now.

When you think about tentpole films like Star Trek 3 will be, Bryan Singer’s name immediately springs to mind. He’s currently busy making X-Men: Days of Futures Past, but that production won’t last forever. The Danish website Filmz recently asked Singer about his feelings about possibly taking over the franchise at some point, and he was predictably hesitant to saying anything concrete.

“Yeah, well right now that’s something J.J. is so involved in, so I don’t know,” Singer responded. “I worry about it only in the sense that J.J. was not a huge Star Trek fan. So he was able to go into it much the way I went into X-Men, where I was not a huge X-Men fan. So you kinda make it your own and give it to a broader audience.” Well, if making movies about things you aren’t a fan of is the way to go, I’ll be going into production on my Adam Sandler biography shortly.

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Bryan Singer On The Prospect Of Directing Star Trek 3


With J.J. Abrams about to become very, very busy in the Star Wars universe, it’s extremely unlikely that he’ll be able to direct the inevitable Star Trek 3. He’ll have plenty on his plate trying to get Star Wars: Episode VII done by its loose 2015/2016 release window, and that would be doubly difficult if the rumors that Trek 3 could come out in 2016 to celebrate the franchise’s 50th anniversary. So, if J.J. is out, who should be in? Once Star Trek Into Darkness has come and gone, and people begin looking ahead to Trek 3 in earnest, you can expect lots of rumors, but one director is already thinking about the project: Bryan Singer.

Unlike Abrams, Singer is a long-time Star Trek fan (Abrams was always more of a Star Wars guy), and the guy even had a cameo appearance in Star Trek: Nemesis, a film that he otherwise had no connection to. Singer seems like a good match to take over the relaunched Star Trek universe, so it’s probably a given that he’d jump at the chance. IGN recently posed the question:

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Bryan Singer Updates On His Twilight Zone Reboot


Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone is justifiably considered one of the landmark programs in all of television history, so it’s no wonder that Hollywood has repeatedly tried to recapture Serling’s lightning in a bottle and relaunch a successful new Twilight Zone. Many have tried over the years, ranging from the semi-successful (the mid ‘80s version) to the utterly forgettable (the 2002 UPN version). The latest reboot attempt has one big thing going for it: it’s the brainchild of director Bryan Singer.

The news of Singer’s Twilight Zone plans first broke last December, and it was instantly more intriguing than that other Twilight Zone project in the works, a standalone movie about time travel. Singer’s project is attempting to resurrect the Zone in more than just name, creating a new anthology sci-fi/fantasy series in keeping with Serling’s original. That’s a more difficult task than you might think: anthology shows aren’t exactly popular these days, and that’s because they’re a tricky beast to tame. Probably the closest anyone has come in recent years is FX’s American Horror Story, which changes setting, characters, and premise with each new season.

While Singer’s Twilight Zone is still a ways down the road, he did provide an update on the project while speaking to IGN.

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Bryan Singer’s Battlestar Galactica Movie Is On Hold


They say no news is good news, but when it comes to the Hollywood development process, no news often means a project has slid into that abyss known as Development Hell. Sometimes that’s bad news, if it’s a project you were really excited to see. But then other times, it just means all is right with the world. We’ll leave it to you to figure out which this qualifies as, but Bryan Singer’s Battlestar Galactica feature film is now on hold.

Speaking to Coming Soon, Singer reveals that his BSG plans have been back-burnered thanks to his new involvement with X-Men: Days of Future Past, the sequel to the surprise hit, X-Men: First Class. “I have that one on hold for a moment, so hopefully, I’d love to be able to get back to that, but for now I’m just focused on this X-Men business.” There’s no telling how long that hold will last, or when/if Singer will get back to his Battlestar Galactica movie, but it will likely be several years away at the least.

As with any high-profile director, Singer has a ton of different projects he’s involved with — or rumored to be involved with — at any given time. Singer’s been talking up his Battlestar Galactica movie since at least 2011, but news of the remake has been sparse in recent months. The last we heard anything was back in August, when he mentioned that the script was undergoing revisions.

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