Jennifer Lawrence Blasts Movie Director For Toxic Masculinity

Jennifer Lawrence accuses her X-Men: Dark Phoenix director, Bryan Singer, of affecting production with his toxic masculinity.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published


Jennifer Lawrence is one of the biggest movie stars in the world thanks to her starring roles in The Hunger Games films as well as supporting roles in several of the X-Men movies. Now, in a recent interview hosted by The Hollywood Reporter, this stunning actress put former X-Men director Bryan Singer on blast for his toxic masculinity. Most of her criticism focused on the director’s alleged emotional outbursts and how they affected her as well as other actors on set.

One reason that Jennifer Lawrence is so open about problems with Singer is that she later had a much more positive relationship with female directors. For example, in the interview, she mentions how different things were on the set of the movie Causeway, a film for which she is a lead producer. Lawrence described working things out honestly and respectfully and being open to the fact that her own ideas might be wrong.

To hear her tell it, things were the exact opposite when she worked with Bryan Singer. Jennifer Lawrence described how Singer allegedly threw “the biggest hissy fits” that she had ever seen on set, and that he was bad even compared to other “emotional men” that she knew. By contrast, she described working with female creators as a better experience because “they are the calmest, best decision-makers.”

In addition to having more movie star clout in her own right, Jennifer Lawrence may be comfortable taking the gloves off with Bryan Singer because the problematic allegations against him are so well-known. Accusations of sexual assault have been leveled at Singer since 1997, and he was later accused of both underage sexual assault and rape. Some say these latter accusations are why Singer hasn’t directed any movies since 2019, though the poor commercial and critical performance of that movie, Dark Phoenix, may be the real reason.

jennifer lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence in Causeway

Still, Singer being an easy target for criticism hasn’t kept some fans from taking exception to the criticisms made by Jennifer Lawrence. Some of her detractors think she needlessly wandered into the culture wars by describing the difference in working with male directors and female directors. Meanwhile, her fans have pointed out that Lawrence merely used her own experience as a teachable moment to discuss the persistent sexist myths about women being overly emotional.

Speaking of major fans, the card-carrying members of the Jennifer Lawrence fan club have one burning question: is she going to ever have a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Previously, fans assumed that Lawrence’s former character of Mystique would simply be recast for the MCU. But with other Fox mutants appearing in the MCU (most notably Wolverine and Deadpool) in future films, we can’t rule out the return of Mystique and a chance to get the mutants right this time.

Of course, if she’s sick of all that makeup, Jennifer Lawrence could always take on another role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some fans have argued that she would make a perfect Sue Storm for when we finally get an MCU Fantastic Four movie. However, for our money, Lawrence isn’t too old to make a killer Spider-Woman, and spandex may be just a tad less annoying than blue paint.