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Sci-Fi Shows That Should Have Ended Sooner

Sci-fi tv shows that went on too long include Lost, Supernatural, and ALF.

3 months ago

Best Television Presidents To Ever Take Office On The Small Screen

The best TV presidents are in 24, Designated Survivor, and Veep.

3 months ago

Best Television Cliffhanger Moments Ever

The best television cliffhangers come from Community, Friends, and Dallas.

3 months ago

The Best Television Shows You Didn’t Know Were Based On Comics

Television shows based on comics include Happy!, Snowpiercer, and iZombie.

3 months ago

Funniest It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Episodes, Ranked

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s best episodes are the pinnacle of cringe humor.

3 months ago

edward norton
walking dead

Game Of Thrones Best Fighters

From Oberyn Martell to Brienne of Tarth, these are the greatest fighters in Game of Thrones.

3 months ago

steven yeun

Most Shocking The Walking Dead Character Deaths

We still aren’t over these deaths in The Walking Dead.

3 months ago

Best Television Lawyers Ever, Ranked

These are our favorite TV lawyers ever put on the small screen.

3 months ago

star trek romulans

7 Best Star Trek Romulan Episodes

Here are the best Romulan centered episodes of Star Trek.

3 months ago

Best Buffy The Vampire Slayer Fight Scenes

We narrow down the greatest fight scenes in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

3 months ago

7 TV Characters Who Were Written Out Of Shows Because Everyone Hated The Actor

Sometimes, enough is enough. This is especially true on the set of television shows when an actor just can’t seem …

3 months ago

grey's anatomy

Most Shocking Scenes In Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad’s most shocking scenes involve Hank, Gus, and Walt deciding to do nothing.

3 months ago

Funniest Charlie Moments In It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Charlie Day’s work as Charlie on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is amazing, but these are his best moments.

3 months ago

stranger things season 4

Stranger Things Characters Likely To Die In The Final Season

Stranger Things has gone lgiht on killing off the main characters, but we think these four may not make it out of the final season.

3 months ago

Times Reality Stars Died Very Young

Reality tv stars that died young came from The Real World, The Bachelor, and Buckwild.

3 months ago

Times Television Shows Added Terrible New Characters

The worst new characters on television shows come from The Office, Dexter, and That 70’s Show.

3 months ago

kelsey grammer
paul haggis
family guy movie

Family Guy’s Funniest Cutaway Gags, Ranked

Over its 23 seasons, Family Guy has given audiences plenty to laugh about. Seth MacFarlane’s wicked sense of humor slices …

3 months ago

Brooklyn 99 Halloween Heist Episodes, Ranked

Brooklyn 99’s heist episodes should all be watched, but here’s the best of the best in the series historic run.

3 months ago

norman reedus

7 TV Shows With The Most Annoying Fans

The most annoying fans include Bronies, Rick and Morty stans, and people that unironically say “Bazinga.”

3 months ago

7 Coolest Gadgets And Tools Used By The Investigators On CSI

The best CSI gadgets include a portable DNA scanner and virtual autopsies.

3 months ago

star trek

7 Best Star Trek Courtroom Episodes

Of all the courtroom episodes throughout Star Trek, these seven are the very best.

3 months ago

Community’s Best Parody Episodes

No show spoofed popular movies and TV quite like Community, and these were the 8 best parody episodes.

3 months ago

star trek horror

8 Scariest Star Trek Horror Episodes 

Here are the most terrifying Star Trek episodes of all time!

3 months ago