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The Best TV Kisses Of All Time

Television shows love to use kisses to create drama. Maybe it’s a longtime will-they-won’t-they situation where fans have been waiting …

3 months ago


Best Alien Races In Television History

Sometimes it seems like we’ve got so many fictional alien races in our media, that if the real ones ever …

3 months ago

rick and morty star wars

Rick and Morty’s Craziest Inventions And Gadgets

Rick and Morty took the basic premise of a mad scientist relative and used that as the launching point for …

3 months ago

South Park’s Most Ruthless Celebrity Parodies

Since it first debuted, South Park has ruthlessly parodied every topic, politician, social movement, age group, religion, and country (especially …

3 months ago


Best Community Guest Stars That Need To Appear In The Movie

#Sixseasonsandamovie finally paid off, and a Community movie is officially in the works. But with few details and no release date on …

3 months ago

Law & Order Series Ranked

The Law & Order franchise is the most successful in television history, with seven series (and an eighth on the …

3 months ago

star trek the next generation james doohan scotty

The Best Star Trek Transporter Mishap Episodes

We talk about the best of Star Trek’s transporter mishap episodes.

3 months ago

The Best Office Romances: Ranking The Relationships On The Office

The key to the success and influence of The Office is that it wasn’t actually a show about selling paper. …

3 months ago

Most Memorable Ron Swanson Moments On Parks And Recreation

There have been plenty of great TV sitcom characters over the years, but one of the best has been Ron …

3 months ago

star trek picard

The Best Star Trek Murder Mysteries

Here are the best murder mystery stories to ever unfold in Star Trek!

3 months ago

Grey’s Anatomy’s Hottest Female Doctors

The most beutiful Grey’s Anatomy doctors span the entire history of the show, from Seaosn 1 to Season 19.

3 months ago

star trek big bang theory

Best Star Trek References on The Big Bang Theory

Here are our picks for the best Star Trek references in all of The Big Bang Theory.

3 months ago

lena headey
supernatural villain

The Best Supernatural Villains, Ranked

Here are our picks for the top eight villains in all of Supernatural.

3 months ago


The Best Seinfeld Episodes To Stream On Netflix

The greatest Seinfeld episodes from the series’ nine-season run.

3 months ago

star trek worf

The Best Star Trek Episodes About Klingons

Here are our choices for the best Klingon episodes in all of Star Trek.

3 months ago


Futurama’s Most Hilarious Running Gags

We cover the six funniest running gags on Futurama.

3 months ago

Honey I Shrunk The Kid Series Reveals Devastating News To Fans

The upcoming Honey I Shrunk the Kids series with Josh Gad and Rick Moranis has been shelved.

3 months ago

Best Big Bang Theory Celebrity Cameos

The Big Bang Theory’s best celebrity guest stars came from Star Trek, Star Wars, and included real physicists.

3 months ago

golden girls estelle getty