Canceled Shows That Were Saved Because Of The Fans

By Rick Gonzales | Published

Canceled Shows That Fans Have Saved

It always seems to happen. Just when you are getting into a series, whatever network it is on decides to pull the plug on it. Canceled. You are up in arms, the fan base is up in arms, and it appears there is nothing that can be done about your show going away. Or is there?

Ever since social media became the way of life, fans of canceled shows have begun to speak up. They have started petitions to save their shows, some have even gone old school and sent in actual letters. You know, where you put pen to paper, stuff it in an envelope, slap a stamp on it, and let the post office do their thing. And believe it or not, it has worked. Fan petitions and dedicated fan bases have actually revived dead shows.

We have nine shows that met their fate early, only to become a Phoenix and rise from the ashes. Let’s take a look at them.


Jericho was a post-apocalyptic drama that developed a very serious fan base. The series only lasted one season before the network (CBS) canceled the show, citing a ratings dip throughout the entire run. What CBS didn’t expect was a fan campaign called “Save Jericho” that was launched.

It made enough noise that CBS decided that it would bring back the series for a shortened second season. Fans got what they wanted, they just wish they could have gotten more.


Fox is a network name you are going to hear a lot from as it pertains to series cancellations. When Firefly premiered in 2002, it was immediately behind the eight-ball. This is because the network in its infinite wisdom, decided to air the series out of order.

To make matters even worse, Fox had already chosen to cancel the Joss Whedon series even before the entire 14-episode series aired. If it wasn’t for its cult following that made a bunch of noise, Serenity, the conclusion to Firefly never would have been made.

the expanse

The Expanse

The Expanse is a science fiction adventure series whose original home was the SYFY network. It lasted three seasons before SYFY decided to cancel it. Three seasons, though, was long enough for the series to develop a very strong base whose strong support of the series paid off. After a well-organized campaign to save the show, Amazon Prime Video picked it up for three more seasons.

community movie


Community is another canceled show where fans took to social media to air their feelings. It turns out it worked. Community lasted for five seasons on NBC before the Peacock Network chose to do away with it. During those five seasons, the series developed a rabid fanbase that pulled together to try and save their beloved sitcom.

It worked because Yahoo! Screen brought it back for its sixth and final season. But that’s not all. The fanbase still wants more and sometimes a fanbase gets what it wants. Look for a Community movie coming soon.

Tom Ellis Lucifer


In 2016, Fox fans were treated to a new series called Lucifer. It was led by Tom Ellis, who played with wicked glee the title character. Bored with reigning over Hell, he decides to venture to the real world where he helps solve cases with the Los Angeles Police Department.

But Fox was ready to drop the series after three seasons, prompting Lucifer’s dedicated fan base to get to work. Their passion for the series was apparent to Netflix, who picked up the series for the finals seasons.

family guy movie

Family Guy

As popular as Family Guy is, it is hard to imagine that the series was up for cancellation. But the Seth MacFarlane animated comedy actually did get canceled, not once, but twice.

Fox’s inability to put the series in a good time slot is what initially hurt Family Guy, but after fans called out the network, the series returned. Unfortunately, it was given its worst time slot yet. Thursday night was the death knell once again and it was gone.

It wasn’t until reruns and DVD sales hit that the network decided to give it one more try. They brought it in on Sunday nights, where the series has continued to thrive.

arrested development

Arrested Development

Fox strikes again! This time it was for the sitcom Arrested Development. The series had a very devoted fanbase who were not having any of what Fox was selling. It ran for three seasons on Fox before the network decided it didn’t see the value of keeping the show on the air.

Then something strange happened. The dedicated fan base started talking. This wasn’t the weird thing. The weird thing ended up being that fans were able to get the show back in the air. But it took Netflix and seven years before fans would see the Arrested Development revival.

andy samberg brooklyn 99

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

One of the greatest comedies ever survived for five seasons on Fox before the network decided to pull the plug (what is the deal, Fox?). The Andy Samberg-led sitcom then got a second chance when fans took to social media to get their show back on the air.

Fox wasn’t budging, but instead, NBC stepped up to the plate and brought the series back. Brooklyn Nine-Nine survived for three more years on the Peacock.

Star Trek

It’s true. The original Star Trek series needed to be saved from cancelation. For William Shatner’s part, he felt the writing was on the wall as the viewership numbers were in decline throughout the entire second season.

But what came as a huge surprise, especially to the network, was the outpouring of support the series was getting. A letter-writing campaign began during the second season that saw thousands of letters come in each week.

Even the Smithsonian got in on the action by asking the producers for a print of the show to set in their archives. The end result was the original series was picked up for a third season. The rest, as they say, was history.