Dean Pelton’s Funniest Moments In Community

By Erika Hanson | Updated

Jim Rash as Dean Pelton in Community

From the pilot episode all the way up to the season finale, Dean Pelton played a crucial role in Community. Jim Rash portrayed an eccentric, flamboyant, and lovable head of the school. It’s no wonder he quickly went from being a supporting character to a leading star on the show.

To commemorate our beloved Dean, we’ve gathered our favorite moments of the Dean at his absolute Dean-iest.

Level 7 Susceptible – Season 6 Episode 7

Not only did we see the return of Rick (formally known as Subway) in “Advanced Safety Features,” but we got to see him working for a new mega-corporation, Honda. Dean Pelton falls for Rick’s charming sales pitches without realizing it (someone Rick refers to as a level 7 Susceptible).

In this Community scene, Frankie walks into Dean’s office and finds it filled with Honda products he’s recently purchased. Feeling sorry for the Dean and his utter naiveness, Frankie goes on a rant about how dumb the Dean really is, and the scene ends with him breaking down to tears after he realizes how easily he’s fooled.

Payday Apology Rap – Season 5 Episode 9

Dean Pelton always delivered his school announcements in Community in the most colorful way possible. But his Payday rap in “VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing” was his wildest and most memorable message.

The dean has to inform members of the study group employed by the college that their paychecks won’t arrive on time. And in typical Dean fashion, he chooses to relay the message with an apology rap. Really getting into it, he references Barack Obama and spitting knowledge for free by the end and even seems to scare himself this time around.

Freaky Friday – Season 4 Episode 11

In “Basic Human Anatomy”, Troy and Abed are the focus as they take on a Freaky Friday spoof, swapping bodies. But the dean takes advantage of the moment, and decides to swap places with Jeff to really get a feel for what it would be like to be his favorite person on Earth.

In this scene, Annie enters the dean’s office to find him in full Jeff mode, working out and subtly hitting on her. Pulling off an impressive impersonation of Jeff Winger, the dean’s impersonation swoons Annie in a disturbing but hilarious way.

The Karaoke Session – Season 3 Episode 7

In “Studies of Modern Movement,” Dean Pelton’s dreams come true as he blackmails Jeff into spending a Saturday afternoon with him. It’s some of the best Dean/Jeff combos seen in Community, and it was also an all-around great episode diving deep into each character.

Dean drags Jeff to a Karaoke bar and puts on a song that he admits Jeff and him have sung many times (in his dreams). Jeff begrudgingly agrees to sing the song but by the end, really gets into it before admitting to enjoying the experience.

Look at his Shadow! – Season 3 Episode 12

Jeff has a major ego problem in Community’s “Contemporary Impressionists,” and his attitude changes affect the dean the most. Britta tries to keep Jeff’s confidence in check out of fear that his narcissistic behavior will turn him into a monster, which leads to an unforgettable Dean Pelton moment.

Jeff’s newfound confidence finds him wearing aviator sunglasses in the halls of Greendale, and when the dean gets one look at Jeff, he falls to the ground in awe.

Jesus Wept – Season 6 Episode 2

In the second episode of Community’s final season Dean Pelton purchases an outdated virtual reality system for school use, but he quickly becomes dangerously addicted to the technology.

In this scene where the dean tries out the system for the first time, he is oddly amazed at the technology, which quickly makes him feel like a god.

Superhero Elevator Scene – Season 6 Episode 11

This amazing Dean Pelton moment from the last paintball episode Community released is fantastic for multiple reasons. To start, it’s a hilarious spoof on Chris Evans‘ elevator fight sequence in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

But to make it even more significant (or meta, as Abed might refer) the Russo brothers, who directed The Winter Soldier also directed and served as Executive Producers for Community. On top of that, Jim Rash briefly appeared at the beginning of the movie, working at – you guessed it- a college.

We can only hope that this was an homage to the Russo brothers and their brilliant work on Community and the MCU.