Best CSI Characters Of All-Time

By Rick Gonzales | Published

Best CSI Characters of All-Time

For 15 seasons, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation splattered its way across the small screen as the go-to procedural forensics crime drama. So popular was the series that spun off four more CSI series that attracted some high-level A-list talent to star. Some of the big names include Lawrence Fishburne, William Petersen, Ted Danson, Elisabeth Shue, Gary Sinise, Marg Helgenberger, and David Caruso.

Let’s take a look at the all-time best CSI characters.

10. Dr. Raymond Langston (Laurence Fishburne)

A sense of duty was born into Raymond Langston being the son of a soldier, something that he carried on into his professional life. Lawrence Fishburne played Langston for three seasons on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and played the forensic pathologist well. Highly intelligent, Langston was always able to bring a unique perspective to the CSI team.

9. Greg Sanders (Eric Szmanda)

When we first saw Eric Szmanda as Greg Sanders on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, he was a lab tech. Passionate about his work, Sanders is not in it for the money or any accolades. Instead, finding peace for victims and solving crimes is the only reward he seeks. His calm composure around the dead is in exact contrast to when he needs to save a person he cares about.

8. Julie Finlay (Elisabeth Shue)

Elisabeth Shue joined CSI: Crime Scene Investigation during the series’ 12th season and appeared in every episode during her four-season run. Her Julie Finlay was billed as the top blood splatter expert in the U.S. that had D.B. Russell (Ted Danson) give her the nickname of the “blood whisperer.” She also had no issue with breaking department protocol.

7. D.B. Russell (Ted Danson)

There were very few CSI members who got around more than Ted Danson’s D.B. Russell. His passion for his job as an investigator is only matched (and surpassed) by his passion for his family. Russell began with the original CSI series before appearing on CSI: NY, finally ending his time on CSI: Cyber.

6. Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox)

Of all the main characters in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Jorja Fox played Sara Sidle the third most. Known for her tenacity and intelligence, Sidle was a bulldog of an investigator, dedicated to her job, and an outstanding forensic scientist. Her expertise in DNA analysis was top-notch, something that would help the CSI team close many a case.

5. Nick Stokes (George Eads)

In CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, George Eads played Nick Stokes. His work ethic and commitment to justice were on display as Stokes was a skilled investigator who was well-known for his expertise in forensic hair and fiber analysis. Stokes had the tendency to wear his emotions on his sleeves, an issue that sometimes got in the way of him getting the job done.

4. Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise)

Mac Taylor’s ex-military background proved to be vital as the head of the CSI New York team. His calm demeanor made for a compassionate leader, who was also known for his extreme attention to detail. Gary Sinise portrayed Taylor for 9 seasons while also popping up on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI: Miami.

3. Horatio Caine (David Caruso)

You may not have realized this, but David Caruso retired from acting right after the last episode of CSI: Miami. It was a quiet affair and since he has turned his attention to the art business. But as Horatio Cane, he was the Miami-Dade Crime Lab boss. His degree in chemistry and knowledge of explosives made him top in his field. Although Cane would appear a bit rough around the edges, the passion he had for his job was without question.

2. Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger)

CSI investigator Catherine Willows’ background is unlike others as she is a single mom who was first a stripper before turning her life around. Marg Helgenberger’s Willows is a blood splatter expert who was seen on the long-running series for the first 12 seasons before returning in season 14. She has since, though, returned to appear in CSI: Vegas as a co-main character.

1. Gil Grissom (William Petersen)

William Petersen is the one who started it all. As Gil Grissom, the brilliant leader of the CSI team, he is well known for his exceptional forensic skills and his ability to remain calm in the toughest of situations. His “did-they or didn’t they” relationship with Sara Sidle was teased throughout the series until it was revealed they did, and they were a couple. Petersen returned as Grissom in the first season of CSI: Vegas.