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The Psycho Horror Movie On Netflix Is The Worst Meet-And-Greet Ever

Ever walked into a room and felt like you’re at the worst networking event of your life? Well, the film …

6 months ago

The Mystery Thriller On Netflix Will Scare You Awake

Dive into the depths of human psychology and survival instincts with 2021’s Deep. As Netflix continues to expand its international …

6 months ago

zone 414 sci-fi

The Cyberpunk Sci-Fi Thriller On Netflix With A Disturbing Prediction About Robots

Hop into the cyberpunk universe of Zone 414, now streaming on Netflix. In a world where humans and androids coexist, …

6 months ago


The Sci-Fi Thriller On Netflix Needs An Entire Movie Universe

Dive into a world where science fiction meets military action in Spectral, now streaming on Netflix. When mysterious supernatural phenomena …

6 months ago

kidnapping stella

The Abduction Thriller On Netflix Keeps You Guessing

Step into a world where suspense meets psychological drama in Kidnapping Stella, now streaming on Netflix. This taut thriller weaves …

6 months ago


The Home Invasion Thriller On Netflix Will Have You Locking The Doors

Prepare for a gripping descent into psychological suspense with Intrusion, now captivating streaming audiences on Netflix. In a world where …

6 months ago

The Sci-Fi Thriller On Netflix That Uses Dreams In A New Way

Step into a realm where dreams and reality intertwine, where the depths of the human mind can be as puzzling …

6 months ago

The Dystopian Sci-Fi Horror Movie On Netflix At The Worst All-Girls School Ever

Dive into the unnerving world of Level 16, a gripping dystopian thriller that seamlessly melds the boundaries between sci-fi and …

7 months ago

The Creepy Lily Collins Thriller On Netflix Leaves You Guessing

Dive deep into the tangled webs of family secrets and sinister legacies as you witness Inheritance, now streaming on Netflix. …

7 months ago

jared leto

The Jared Leto Mafia Action Thriller Streaming On Netflix

In The Outsider, we bear witness to a world where cultures clash and loyalties are tested, set against the murky …

7 months ago

chris evans

The Chris Evans Spy Thriller On Netflix Based On A Wild True Story

In a powerful depiction of untold true stories, Chris Evans swaps his Captain America shield for a role steeped in …

7 months ago

gerard butler

The Gerard Butler Psychological Thriller On Netflix That’s Leaving Streaming

As September’s end nears, Netflix presents audiences with a final chance to delve into the suspense-filled world of The Vanishing, …

7 months ago

The Forgotten Sean Bean Horror Thriller Making A Huge Streaming Comeback

Dive into a world of nail-biting suspense and heart-stopping thrills with The Hitcher, a riveting horror-thriller that showcases the formidable …

7 months ago

The Jake Gyllenhaal Netflix Thriller That Will Get Your Heart Racing

If you like thrillers, then you’ve probably noticed most of them are overly bland and (if we’re being honest) completely …

7 months ago

oscar isaac

The Oscar Isaac Sci-Fi Thriller On Streaming Is A Chilling Nightmare

As we hurtle ever faster into an era defined by breathtaking advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics, the film Ex …

7 months ago

The Psychological Thriller On Free Streaming That Stephen King Loved

Dive into the intricate web of secrecy and suspense with The Neighbor, a thrilling 2017 drama now available for streaming …

7 months ago

gina carano

The Gina Carano Action Thriller On Free Streaming Is Her Best Movie

These days, Gina Carano is better known for her controversies than for her acting career, but the star has a …

7 months ago

idris elba

The Steamy Idris Elba Thriller Streaming On Netflix That Deserves A Second Chance

In the glamorous yet treacherous world of corporate allure comes a thriller that ties together lust, deceit, and obsession in …

7 months ago

The Sci-Fi Cyberpunk Movie On Netflix That Predicts A Terrifying Future

Step into a chilling vision of the future where artificial intelligence meets human resilience in the Sci-Fi cyberpunk thriller, Tau. …

7 months ago

colin farrell

The Colin Farrell Serial Killer Thriller Streaming On Netflix

In the world of psychological thrillers, a film often needs to strike a fine balance to captivate its audience fully. …

7 months ago

bill skarsgard

The Bill Skarsgard Psychological Crime Thriller Streaming On Netflix

Bill Skarsgård can definitely do creepy. In a chilling landscape where sinister characters and intertwining destinies carve out a tale …

7 months ago

The Alexander Skarsgård Action Thriller On Netflix Is Incredibly Intense

In the depths of Alaska’s wild and merciless wilderness, a chilling narrative unfolds that blurs the lines between man and …

7 months ago

The Best Hostage Negotiation Movie Ever Is On Netflix, And It’s A True Story

In a world where danger can lurk in the most unexpected places, Tom Hanks brings to life the harrowing true …

7 months ago

The Ben Affleck Thriller Streaming On Netflix

Step into the entangled worlds of journalism and politics as you delve into State of Play, a gripping thriller that …

7 months ago

mel gibson

The Forgotten Mel Gibson Crime Thriller On Netflix Is A Must-Watch

Ah, Mel Gibson. Whether he’s playing a post-apocalyptic road warrior or donning a kilt in medieval Scotland, he’s always brought …

8 months ago


The Sexy Horror Movie On Netflix That Was Almost A Documentary

Delving into the shadowy world of online identity, Cam made waves on Netflix in 2018 as a psychological horror thriller …

8 months ago

Four Thrillers Streaming On Netflix That Are Scary Good

Get ready for a riveting lineup of suspense and supernatural intrigue on Netflix! psychological thrillers to supernatural horror the streaming …

8 months ago

hilary swank

A Forgotten Hilary Swank Thriller Is Now Netflix’s Number One Movie

Hilary Swank stars in Fatale, the number one streaming movie on Netflix

8 months ago

The Johnny Depp Thriller On Netflix That Is Almost Too Creepy

We know that Johnny Depp can do funny creepy. It’s been a big part of his career. But sometimes he …

9 months ago

nicolas cage

Nicolas Cage Stars In A Bloody Revenge Movie You Can Stream For Free Right Now

Nicolas Cage’s bloody revenge movie Mandy is available to stream for free on Tubi.

1 year ago