The Psycho Horror Movie On Netflix Is The Worst Meet-And-Greet Ever

By Steven Nelson | Published

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Ever walked into a room and felt like you’re at the worst networking event of your life? Well, the film Circle takes that discomfort to a whole new level. This isn’t your average “try to remember everyone’s names and fail” kind of gathering. No, this is a “try to stay alive while everyone votes on who should be eliminated next” kind of soirée. 

Imagine being stuck in a room with a group of strangers, and instead of exchanging business cards, you’re collectively deciding who gets to see another day. Not exactly the icebreaker activity you had in mind, right? Dive into this unconventional party scenario, where every decision is a matter of life and death, and the appetizers are nowhere to be found!

Circle is streaming on Netflix and is like a work networking event from Hell

Talk about a party gone wrong! Imagine waking up from what you hoped was a bizarre dream only to realize you’re in a circle (literally) with 49 other equally befuddled folks. It’s not the typical Monday morning coffee meeting, that’s for sure. 

As the group looks around, trying to find the snack table or at least a friendly face, the room’s lighting pulls a fast one: zap! Someone’s gone. No, they didn’t just pop off to the restroom – they’ve been eliminated, vaporized, taken out of the equation. And the room’s ambiance isn’t done with its tricks.

Here’s where things get spicy. It turns out the group can decide who’s next on the zapping hit list. And so, amidst a whirlwind of frantic negotiations, desperate pleas, alliances, betrayals, and probably more personal confessions than a week at summer camp, the group has to decide who gets to keep their feet firmly in the circle and who’s taking the next express zap outta there.

In Circle, the questions become: Do you save the young? The old? The wise? The comic relief?

The game is a mind-bending mix of strategy and morality. Do you save the young? The old? The wise? The comic relief? Every person becomes a potential ally or threat, and let’s just say, you’ve never seen a debate club quite like this before. By the end, you’re left pondering some serious questions about humanity, society, and, most importantly, how you’d fare in a life-sized game of “Zap, Marry, Avoid!”

Strangers brought together in horror settings seems to be Hollywood’s twisted idea of a mixer, and Circle fits snugly into that weird and wild category. Let’s stroll down this odd memory lane for a moment. 

Think about Saw. Instead of a team-building escape room, we get a sadistic maze that really isn’t what most folks had in mind when they said they wanted “more adventure” in their lives.

Then there’s the classic Cube, where strangers navigate a deadly Rubik’s Cube-like structure, probably wishing they’d just stayed home and tackled a jigsaw puzzle instead.

Circle taps into this same primal fear, but with a minimalistic twist. No intricate traps or blood-thirsty monsters. Just a group of people, a weird alien tech-ish game, and the unnerving human psyche. 

Circle taps into primal fear, but with a minimalistic twist

What all these movies, including Circle teach us is that sometimes the scariest monster in the room is human nature itself. Forget the aliens or elaborate death traps; it’s the person next to you that you might want to keep an eye on. 

Or as the old saying might go if these movies had their way: “Strangers in tight spaces spell imminent dangers!” And yet, we keep coming back for more because, let’s face it, watching folks in bizarre, life-threatening situations from the safety of our couch is an oddly entertaining pastime. Go figure!

Circle manages to remind us that sometimes, the simplest premises can make for the most nail-biting tension. It’s a testament to how complex human nature is when distilled down to its essence in dire situations. 

So, next time you’re thinking of joining a meet-and-greet, maybe just opt for a quiet night in watching movies like Circle on Netflix. It’s safer, and you’re less likely to get zapped out of existence by your neighbor. Grab your popcorn, buckle up, and remember to always be nice to strangers — especially if they have the power to vote you off, literally. Happy watching!