• Original Release: October 29, 2004
  • Created By: James Wan & Leigh Whannell
  • Movies: 10
  • Studio: Twisted Pictures

The Saw franchise, with its recent release of Saw X, stands as one of the most enduring and iconic horror series in cinematic history. Kicking off in 2004 with the original Saw directed by James Wan, the series introduced audiences to the twisted mind of the Jigsaw killer, a man named John Kramer, who doesn’t merely kill his victims.

Instead, he places them in elaborately designed traps, testing their will to live and forcing them to undergo physical and psychological torment to survive. These torturous challenges were meant to serve as a dark redemption or awakening, making the victims appreciate their lives, assuming they managed to escape.

At the heart of the franchise’s success is its intricate, labyrinthine plot. While the series may be best known for its gruesome “games”, it also developed an expansive and interconnected storyline.

As sequels progressed, viewers learned more about Jigsaw’s motivations, his apprentices, and the broader implications of his work. Characters once thought to be minor would later play significant roles, and past events were often revisited or expanded upon, providing a richer understanding of Jigsaw’s macabre universe.

A significant theme across all Saw movies is the moral dilemma. Jigsaw, though undoubtedly deranged, believes he is imparting a twisted form of justice. His victims are often individuals who’ve taken their lives for granted or have committed moral or ethical transgressions.

By subjecting them to his traps, he intends to give them a chance at redemption. This blurred line between villainy and vigilante justice keeps audiences engaged, making them question their own moral standings.

Financially, the Saw series has been a consistent performer at the box office, proving that there’s a strong appetite for its blend of psychological horror and visceral gore.

Over the years, the films have been helmed by various directors, each bringing their touch, yet maintaining the core essence that fans have come to love. The series’ ability to reinvent itself while adhering to its foundational elements has been crucial to its longevity.

With the release of Saw X, the franchise reaches a commendable milestone. It’s a testament to the series’ lasting impact and its ability to evolve with the times, continuously finding ways to shock, engage, and challenge its audience.

Whether one revels in the macabre challenges Jigsaw presents or enjoys deciphering the franchise’s intricate plot, the Saw series remains a pivotal chapter in the annals of horror cinema.

The Saw franchise has been terrifying fans for two decades now. That’s left a lot of room for questions about the characters and this world. Let’s look at some of the bigger things having to do with Saw.

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