See Sam Jackson In First Ever Scene From The New Saw Movie

By Drew Dietsch | 2 months ago

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Sam Jackson is adding his talents to the Saw franchise by starring as Chief Marcus Banks, the father of Detective Ezekiel “Zeke” Banks (Chris Rock) who finds himself on the trail of a serial killer that seems to mimic the murderous setups of the iconic figure Jigsaw. We have seen a few trailers for the movie but have yet to get a full clip that gives us some idea of what to expect from this newest entry in the long-running horror series.

However, that has all changed with this new clip that was exclusively hosted by the good folks over at Bloody Disgusting. Check out this clip in which Sam Jackson investigates the new killer and finds himself running across a very familiar phrase that will immediately send Saw fans into a state of excitement:

Spiral: From the Book of Saw will be the ninth entry in the gory ongoing story of serial killer Jigsaw and the murderers he has inspired. Chris Rock and Sam Jackson are undoubtedly the biggest stars to ever lead the cast for this franchise and this newest entry certainly looks like something special. Chris Rock himself is the one who pitched the idea to the powers-that-be behind the Saw series and he’s also a producer on this new installment. And while we are certain to get plenty of elaborate traps and sadistic games in Spiral: From the Book of Saw, it looks like this entry will be returning to more of the detective story roots from the original film.

The real question fans will have after watching this clip is whether or not Sam Jackson is going to survive by the time the credits roll. It looks like this new killer could be targeting police officers and is potentially interested in Chief Banks or his son, Zeke. If that’s so, it could be that Sam Jackson ends up caught in one of the memorable traps from the series and it’s up to Chris Rock’s Zeke to try and free him. If the movie does end up killing off Chief Banks, you can bet they won’t want to waste such a memorable occasion as getting to brutally murder the star of Pulp Fiction and Deep Blue Sea. And if you remember how Sam Jackson died in that shark movie, you know his on-screen deaths in horror movies are always one of the best things you can see in a flick.

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Spiral: From the Book of Saw is slated to release exclusively in theaters on May 14. Could this horror movie be a winner at the box office as the pandemic continues to cast an uncertain cloud around the movie theater experience? If the box office results of Godzilla vs. Kong and Mortal Kombat are anything to go off of, it looks like the movie business could be getting a shot in the arm. We will have to wait and see whether or not this new Sam Jackson movie can generate the kind of fervor needed to make it a hit at the box office, and whether or not this will reignite the Saw franchise for a new generation.