NASA Mars Mission To Retrieve Soil Samples Has A Ludicrous Price Tag

NASA’s mission to retrieve soil samples from Mars is going to cost $10 billion, forcing the agency to push plans back for decades.

3 months ago

asteroids, earth

Golden Asteroid Worth More Than Earth’s Entire Economy Is Being Visited By NASA

NASA is sending a spacecraft to a golden asteroid that might be a rogue planetary core.

3 months ago

milky way

Scientists Find Structures In Space That Are Light-Years In Length

Scientists discover hundreds of one-dimensional filaments in space.

4 months ago

nasa mars

NASA Is In Trouble For Spending An Obscene Amount To Reach The Moon

NASA is billions of dollars overbudget, and years behind schedule, for the Artemis Moon program.

4 months ago

NASA Shares First Images Of A River On Mars

NASA found evidence on Mars of rivers.

4 months ago

robot snake alien

NASA Is Using Robot Snakes To Look For Aliens

NASA is developing a snake-like robot to explore other planets.

5 months ago

the challenge

NASA Satellite Plummets Back To Earth And Might Not Hit Anyone

NASA’s RHEESI satellite is re-entering orbit, and parts are expected to hit the surface.

5 months ago


NASA Has Made A Simulated Mars Habitat And It Includes The Best Video Game System And Best Board Game

NASA’s simulated MArs habitat mission will include a PlayStation 4 and Settlers of Catan.

5 months ago

biggest comet ever

NASA Found The Brightest Object In The Universe

A new star has been discovered that is brighter than anyone thought possible, exceeding the brightness of our own Sun by 10 million times.

5 months ago


NASA Is Making Real-Life Moon Mission Posters Like It’s A Blockbuster Movie

NASA is now making movie-like posters to go along with its moon missions.

5 months ago

Scientists Found A Black Hole So Old It May Have Ties To The Big Bang

An ancient black hole is the oldest object humans have found.

6 months ago

SpaceX satellites

SpaceX Satellites Are Starting To Fall Out Of The Sky

One of SpaceX’s mini-satellites has fallen out of orbit toward the Earth.

6 months ago


NASA Finds Asteroid That Shoots Rocks All Over Space

NASA has discovered that the asteroid Didymos is spinning so fast it’s throwing rubble into space.

6 months ago

mars oxygen

Mars Mission Gets Volunteers To Attempt Living On The Red Planet

NASA found four volunteers willing to live in a simulated version of Mars for one year to test the limits of human endurance.

6 months ago

movie shot in space

Researchers And Military Set To Prove Alien Mothership Is Out There Sending Probes

Researchers have put forth a theory that an alien mothership is sending probes to Earth.

6 months ago

NASA Found Evidence Of a Dust Storm On A Planet Beyond Our Solar System

The James Webb Telescope captured a dust storm on exoplanet VHS 1256 b, a “super Jupiter” planet beyond our solar system.

6 months ago


Giant Asteroids Hitting Earth Is Becoming More Dangerous Than We Thought

A NASA scientist thinks catastrophic asteroid collisions with Earth could be a lot more likely than we think.

6 months ago

outer space nasa

See NASA’s Amazing Image Of An Exploding Star

NASA has captured an image of a Wolf-Rayet star.

6 months ago


NASA Planning To Destroy The International Space Station?

NASA is developing a spacecraft capable of pulling the International Space Station to a controlled destruction point in Earth’s atmosphere.

6 months ago

moon clavius crater

NASA Is Speeding Up Moon Mining Mission Because Of China

NASA plans to mine the moon as part of its goal to have a permanent human presence there in the near future.

7 months ago

movie shot in space

NASA Scientist Wants To Explore Inside Uranus

Uranus has not been poked, prodded, or probed by NASA for over 30 years, and one scientist wants to give it the attention it deserves.

7 months ago

china moon

NASA Boss Says China Is Going To Take Over The Moon

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson claims that China will outpace the United States and claim mineral-rich areas of the Moon.

7 months ago

international space station (1)

The International Space Station Is Leaking Again

Yet another Russian spacecraft has experienced an unexpected leak while docked at the International Space Station.

7 months ago

hawaii lasers

See Actual Lasers Being Shot At Hawaii From Space

Onlookers in Hawaii were perplexed to see giant green lasers fired from space, right at the state.

8 months ago

NASA Rover Just Collected Samples For Proof Of Ancient Life On Mars

NASA’s Perseverance rover has created the first soil deposit on Mars and now comes the hardest part: getting it back home.

8 months ago

space collision

A Near-Collision In Space Was Almost A Catastrophe

Two pieces of derelict space machinery narrowly avoided a collision in space, which would add to an increasing problem of blocking access to Earth orbit.

8 months ago


Bear Face Found On Mars Goes Viral, See The Unbelievable Image

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter camera records a shot that many believe looks exactly like a bear’s face.

8 months ago

nuclear rockets

NASA Using Nuclear Powered Rockets To Go Into Space, Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong

NASA is looking into the possibiity of using nuclear-powered rockets for a mission to Mars.

8 months ago

earth's core

NASA Just Discovered Another Planet Just Like Earth, Colonization Next?

A new Earth-sized planet named TOI 700 e has just been discovered by scientists.

8 months ago


NASA Developing An Alien-Spotting Telescope

NASA is working on a spacecraft called the Habitable World Observatory that may help find evidence of aliens.

9 months ago