mars life

A Helicopter Just Flew On Mars, See The Video

NASA has flown a helicopter on Mars. Watch the video.

2 years ago

mars oxygen

See Blue Sand Dunes On Mars, Captured By NASA In New Image

See a stunning new image from the surface of Mars.

2 years ago

planets planetary protection

National Plan For Planetary Protection Released By The US Government

The White House has released their National Strategy for Planetary Protection.

3 years ago


30 Incredible New Images Of Space From Hubble

See these new and astonishing Hubble images.

3 years ago

jupiter feature

Glow In The Dark Moon Discovered Around Jupiter

One of Jupiter’s moons might actually glow in the dark.

3 years ago

Neptune Secret Planet

Secret Ninth Planet Searched For By Astronomers

Two astronomers from Yale are utilizing new techniques to try and find a hidden, secret planet beyond Neptune.

3 years ago

Jupiter sprites

NASA Spots Sprites And Elves In Jupiter’s Atmosphere

NASA’s Juno mission on Jupiter has discovered “sprites” and “elves” dancing in the atmosphere of the planet.

3 years ago

See An Asteroid Worth 10,000 Quadrillion Dollars

Who knew asteroids could carry worth, any amount? Most asteroids are made of ice or rock.

3 years ago


Water On The Moon Discovered By NASA

Water on the moon has been discovered! Here’s what this could mean.

3 years ago

Astronomers Discover A Planet That Shouldn’t Exist

New planets feel like they should be discovered all the time. After all, this is the infinite and unending nature of space we are talking about.

3 years ago

international space station NASA

The International Space Station Oxygen Supply Just Failed

The International Space Station just lost oxygen.

3 years ago

astronaut feature

Watch Astronauts Use The Bathroom In Their New Space Toilet

Watch how you use the bathroom in space in this new video from astronaut Chris Cassidy.

3 years ago

international space station NASA

The International Space Station Is Leaking Air

There is a mystery aboard the International Space Station.

3 years ago

jupiter feature

New Jupiter Image Is Our Best Ever Look At The Planet And Europa

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and one of the most fascinating. Now, new photographs taken by …

3 years ago

NASA Puts A Bounty On Moon Rocks

NASA is offering to purchase dirt and rocks from the Moon from any company willing to collect them. They’re paying cash for pieces of the moon.

3 years ago

outer space nasa

The Universe Is More Beautiful Than Ever In New NASA Images

New images showcase the true beauty of the universe.

3 years ago

NASA News: Changing Names Of Cosmic Objects To Eliminate Racism

We have the latest NASA news. Follow us into NASA’s present and future of exploration.

3 years ago

First Photo Of NASA Astronauts Back On Earth After Historic SpaceX Splashdown

It marks the first time in a decade that human spaceflight will launch from United States soil.

3 years ago

NASA planetary defense

The New Space Race: Japan’s MOMO Spins Out OF Control

This time the space race isn’t the sole providence of governments; massive global entities with near unlimited funds and infrastructure.

3 years ago

President Trump’s Space Force: Official Flag Unfurled

The Space Force was first proposed by U.S. President Donald Trump in March of 2018.

3 years ago

Killer Asteroids: How Long Until Earth Is Destroyed And How To Stop It

What are the odds of another major catastrophe caused by an asteroid or meteorite?

3 years ago

NASA’s Plan To Have A Moon Base By 2024

The goal is to have humans on the moon by 2024, something that may take a Herculean effort to make happen.

3 years ago

Curiosity Rover On Mars: What Is It Doing Right Now?

Seven years on the Red Planet. What exactly is NASA’s current goal for the Curiosity rover and what has it discovered?

4 years ago


NASA-Created Travel Posters For Real Exoplanets Make Us Want To Book A Trip

If you’re a fan of GFR, there’s a good chance you grew up dreaming of leaving footprints in alien sand, …

9 years ago

Mars Helicopter

Autonomous Helicopter Drones May Assist NASA’s Exploration Of Mars, Here’s How

NASA’s rovers have provided a wealth of information about Mars over the years and continue to ramble on. Devices like …

9 years ago

Cloud City

NASA Could Construct A Cloud City Over Venus, Details Here

With events like the successful test flight of the new Orion spacecraft, there’s been a great deal of talk about …

9 years ago


NASA Gets An Unexpected Budget Increase—Yes, You Read That Right

What’s the first thing you think of when someone says NASA? Maybe the Apollo missions, maybe the ISS, maybe the …

9 years ago

orion capsule

NASA Scrubs Orion Test Flight, Will Try Again Tomorrow

I got up bright and early this morning to watch the first test flight of the Orion spacecraft, which was …

9 years ago


NASA Announces Tomorrow’s Orion Launch Is The First Step Towards Mars

Tomorrow, NASA plans to launch their newest spacecraft Orion. Since its inception, one of the aims has always been that …

9 years ago

Doctor Who

This Former Doctor Who Star Introduces NASA’s Latest Spacecraft

Colin Baker knows a thing or two about space and time travel, at least in a totally made up and …

9 years ago