ISS Astronauts Tip Their Hats To Hitchhiker’s Guide With New Mission Poster

Unless you’re a die-hard NASA junkie, you might not know about the space agency’s tradition of getting a bit silly …

9 years ago


Boeing Wins Manned Spacecraft Bid—We Think

When President Obama announced the end of the Constellation program, many people worried about the U.S. not having a method …

9 years ago

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

NASA Renews Seven Planetary Missions

Here’s an all to rare thing: a post to celebrate the extension of seven planetary missions. I’m exercising cautious optimism …

9 years ago


NASA’s Asteroid Capture Program Has Haters

For all the man-made catastrophes humans have to fear, there are natural ones too, like volcanic explosions, earthquakes, and asteroids. …

9 years ago

tumbling cubes

NASA Funds Tumbling Robotic Cubes

As NASA debates whether to send more people to the moon, as well as whether, how, and when to try …

9 years ago

Pluto Charon

NASA’s New Horizon Probe Captures Its First Images Of Pluto And Charon

Pluto may not be an official planet anymore—revoking a celestial body’s planet hood still seems a bit harsh—but that doesn’t …

9 years ago


Watch Footage Of NASA’s Flying Saucer, The Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator

A few months ago we reported on the NASA’s new Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator (LDSD), which looks like a flying saucer …

9 years ago

going to mt sharp

Curiosity Celebrates Its Two-Year Anniversary On Mars

How time flies. Can you believe the Curiosity Rover has been on Mars for two years already? Sure, Opportunity’s got …

9 years ago


Microwave Propulsion Breakthrough Could Revolutionize Space Travel

“Game changer” has become an overused buzz term. Every innovation or advancement is either a definite game changer, or at …

9 years ago


Comic-Con 2014: 14 Things To Do And See On Wednesday & Thursday

Break out your to-do lists.

9 years ago

NASA Confirms That Voyager 1 Is Soaring Through Interstellar Space

Let’s see what’s out there.

9 years ago

Launch Of NASA’s Climate Satellite Delayed

While debating climate change with a denier can be like delving into a circular debate about religion or abortion, scientists …

9 years ago


SpaceX Wants To Put People On Mars Before NASA Does

The race to Mars is on. And by race I mean “painfully slow planning and plodding.” Not that I’m complaining, …

9 years ago

man on mars

The House Seems To Be Supporting Manned Flight To Mars

Perhaps the recent National Research Council report lambasting NASA’s plan to get humans to Mars was the wake-up call the …

9 years ago


NASA’s Newest Warp Drive Ship Design Is A Thing Of Beauty

I’m guessing any fan of GFR dreams of living long enough to see our species actually spread out beyond our …

9 years ago


Is Going To Mars A NASA Pipe Dream?

Both NASA and President Obama—at least, early on, before budget realities called for revisions—have outlined goals to get humans to …

9 years ago


Astronaut Reid Wiseman Is Your New Twitter Must-Follow

One of the coolest things about social media is the way it lets us experience by proxy something most of …

9 years ago


NASA Art Contest Lets Kids Explore The Final Frontier

I’m not sure how long the tradition of putting your kid’s art up on the refrigerator has been around, but …

9 years ago


CNN Publishes Hoax Article About Doomsday Asteroid

We like to remain optimistic here at GFR. We like to think that, in spite of all the challenges facing …

9 years ago


Mousetronauts Headed To The ISS

Soon there won’t be any cosmonauts on the ISS, but new residents will soon arrive, and while they might not …

9 years ago

project morpheus

NASA’s Morpheus Project Successfully Completes Test Flight

It won’t get astronauts to the ISS anytime soon, but NASA’s Morpheus is pretty darn cool, and it’s always good …

9 years ago

Russia Bailing On The ISS

Six weeks after NASA announced that it would be cutting ties with Russia, except for their collaboration on the ISS, …

9 years ago

nasa spacesuit

NASA Reveals Crowdsourced Spacesuit Design Winner

It’s astounding to me that more big decisions aren’t solved by crowdsourcing opinions. I mean, it doesn’t always work so …

9 years ago


NASA Recruits R2-D2 To Help Send Star Wars Day Message

Today’s news cycle may have been dominated by the official announcement of Star Wars: Episode VII’s cast, but I’d hate …

9 years ago


NASA Builds Inflatable Saucers And Giant Parachutes For Mars Landings

The Opportunity and Curiosity rovers are triumphs for NASA, but why should the space agency rest on its laurels? Even …

9 years ago


Crowdfunding Mission Seeks To Resurrect ISEE-3 Space Probe

A long time ago (1978) in a galaxy…well, pretty close to us, NASA launched the ISEE-3 (International Sun/Earth Explorer 3) …

9 years ago

Mark and Scott Kelly

NASA To Test Einstein’s Twin Paradox On Actual Twins

NASA’s latest experiment is something straight out of a sci-fi horror movie. Mostly because it involves identical twins—apologies to any …

9 years ago

SpaceX Sends Microbes And A Space Farm To The ISS

UPDATE: A helium leak nixed plans for today’s launch. It has tentatively been rescheduled for 12:25PM PT/3:25 PM ET on …

9 years ago

Z2 Technology

You Can Vote For NASA’s New Spacesuit Design

Dava Newman is still working on a futuristic, 3D-printed spacesuit, but in the meantime, NASA has developed a few other …

9 years ago


Urgent Launch Of Air Force Satellites Delays NASA’s Orion Spacecraft Flight Test

NASA’s next manned spacecraft — its first new model in 40 years — is called the Orion, or “Apollo on …

10 years ago