james webb telescope alien life

First Look At Saturn’s Moon Could Mean Alien Life Is Out There?

Ever since the James Webb Space Telescope became operational, there have been amazing photos of space being taken practically every …

12 months ago

solar system

Scientists Just Discovered A Ghostly Glow Around The Solar System

The Hubble Space Telescope has captured images indicating that our solar system is surrounded by a kind of “ghostly glow.” …

12 months ago

See The New Website That Simulates An Asteroid Strike In Your Hometown

If you’ve ever wanted to just launch an asteroid at your neighbors when they’ve annoyed you, now you can! Futurism …

12 months ago

nasa moon

Humans Expected To Live On The Moon By 2030

NASA is certain that humans will live and work on the moon by 2030.

1 year ago

heat shield mars

NASA Has Found A Key Component To Life On Mars

NASA has successfully tested a new kind of heat shield with the hope of use in landing on Mars.

1 year ago

the sun

See A Solar Snake Slither Across The Sun In Bizarre Video

A European Space Agency of a solar snake making its way across the Sun’s surface has been edited to show the phenomenon’s progress.

1 year ago

alien life

The Government Is Officially Preparing For First Alien Contact

A new SETI-Post Detection Hub established in Scotland with experts from around the world is focused on what comes after first contact.

1 year ago


Object Falling From Space Caught On Video, Destroys Man’s Home And Kills His Dog

A falling object from space sadly destroyed a man’s home and killed his dog in Nevada.

1 year ago

nicolas cage vampire's kiss

A Vampire Sun Is A Real Thing And Astronomers Just Found The Rarest One

Scientists have located a binary pair of stars so close they orbit each other every 51 minutes.

1 year ago

mars attacks

Scientists Think Climate Change Killed The Martians?

A recent study suggests life has already called the planet Mars its home. The study shared by the University of …

1 year ago

tom cruise

Tom Cruise Is Making History With His Spacewalk

Tom Cruise is teaming up with NASA and SpaceX to attempt the first civilian spacewalk.

1 year ago

nasa borg

NASA Video Sparks Fears We May Have Encountered The Borg

A recent video of NASA’s DART mission looked like a Borg Cube to some viewers.

1 year ago

nasa mars

See NASA Crash A Satellite Into An Asteroid To Protect Earth

NASA launched a rocket known as DART into an asteroid called Dimorphos.

1 year ago

terraform mars

NASA Releases Wild Sounds Of Meteorites Hitting Mars

NASA’s audio recordings of meteorites hitting Mars sound more like pebbles hitting water than impacts.

1 year ago

mars oxygen

Organic Matter Found On Mars, Confirms Signs Of Life?

The Mars Perseverance Rover has found a high concentration of organic matter in a part of Mars where life could potentially exist.

1 year ago

satellite solar system

Experts Worried That Newly Launched Satellite Could Be Brighter Than Any Star

A newly launched SpaceX satellite named Blue Walker 3 is likely going to be visibly brighter than any star in the sky.

1 year ago

earth planet

Two Super-Earths Discovered And One Might Have Life

Two new exoplanets known as super-Earth planets have been discovered, and one could be habitable.

1 year ago


Astronauts’ Blood Mutates Due To Spaceflight

Scientists are learning space travel could mutate your DNA.

1 year ago

mars life

Scientists Are Making Oxygen On Mars?

NASA scientists are doing the impossible and creating pure oxygen on the planet Mars, out of practically nothing.

1 year ago

phantom galaxy

See The Phantom Galaxy In Jaw-Dropping New NASA Photos

NASA has managed to take these breathtaking pictures of a phantom galaxy and our minds are cosmically blown.

1 year ago

ocean planet

Scientists Have Discovered An Ocean Planet With The Possibility Of Life

Scientists have found a distant ocean planet that may be able to support life, just like in that one George Clooney movie.

1 year ago

NASA Jupiter

James Webb Telescope Captures Stunning Images Of Jupiter

The James Webb Telescope has now captured stunning images of Jupiter, which have been released by NASA.

1 year ago

nasa black hole

NASA Releases Audio From A Black Hole And It’s Creepy

NASA has released the sound of a black hole screaming across light years and, unsurprisingly, it is terrifying.

1 year ago

robot surgery

NASA Developing A Robot To Perform Surgeries In Space

Robot surgery is becoming increasingly common, and now technology is taking it to the next level: robot surgery in space.

1 year ago

nasa mars

NASA Says They Can Grow Food In Space Without Soil

No soil? Do they use GrubHub?

1 year ago


Scientists Worried About Deadly Pathogens Coming From Mars

Like we didn’t have enough to worry about.

1 year ago


Scientists Think Jupiter Has Eaten Many Smaller Planets

Wow, leave some for Galactus!

1 year ago

ufo hearings

NASA Officially Joining The Hunt For UFOs?

NASA is set to help track and study UFOs as the government has now addressed the aerial phenomenon during a meeting of Congress.

2 years ago

voyager 1

Something Strange Is Wrong With The Voyager 1 Space Probe

Do you want evil space clouds? Because this is how we get evil space clouds.

2 years ago


Massive Asteroid Heading In Earth’s Direction

Fire up those Ataris and get Missile Command going!

2 years ago