bullet time

Ex-NASA Engineer Creates Matrix-Style Bullet-Time Effect

If you’ve ever seen the Matrix (and honestly, who among you hasn’t?), you’ve likely marveled at the special effects, particularly …

10 years ago

Hexagon Saturn

Saturn’s Hexagonal Hurricane In The Spotlight In New Cassini Footage

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft is the gift that keeps on giving. The photos it provides us of Saturn, the most picturesque …

10 years ago


Zachary Quinto Invites You To Ask Him Anything: Today In Science & Science Fiction

Star Trek’s Zachary Quinto is braving the wilds of Reddit today, participating in an AMA — “Ask Me Anything” — …

10 years ago

Scientists Appeal To Congress To Support Technology To Search for Extraterrestrial Life

Given how many candidate planets Kepler has identified, and the recently announced estimate that billions of habitable planets may exist …

10 years ago


Nine Universities And A High School Launched Nanosatellites Into Space With NASA

When money is tight, creative solutions make all the difference. NASA, no stranger to funding woes, has made the brilliant …

10 years ago

Space Blogger Alison Wilgus’ Webcomic Takes You Inside Of NASA’s Inner Workings

Alison Wilgus writes about space and space exploration over at, but she’s also got some serious chops when it …

10 years ago


NASA VeSpR Rocket Telescope Scours Venus’ Atmosphere For Signs Of Water

While the Cassini, Curiosity, and MESSENGER craft have been giving us extensive information about Saturn, Mars, and Mercury, respectively, it’s …

10 years ago


Kepler Telescope May Soon Function Once More

While it’s responsible for some of the more amazing exoplanetary discoveries of the last few years, NASA‘s Kepler Telescope has …

10 years ago

plants on the moon

NASA Will Try To Grow Plants On The Moon In 2015

In President Obama’s 2010 speech on the country’s space program, he undid the previous administration’s plan to send American astronauts …

10 years ago

Falcon 9

3, 2, 1 — Uh Oh, SpaceX Reschedules Falcon 9 Rocket Launch For Thursday

Earlier today, SpaceX’s website was counting down, stopping, then counting down again, then stopping again, scrubbing the launch that was …

10 years ago

sally ride

Sally Ride Receives Posthumous Presidential Medal Of Freedom

Too often, one’s contributions to the world don’t get their just honor until it’s too late. Sally Ride, the first …

10 years ago

NASA Animation Shows Ancient Mars As A Lush World

Scientists know that Mars has changed a lot over the years. It used to be warm and wet, and quite …

10 years ago

Challenger disaster screenshot

Mars MAVEN Hopes To Crack The Mystery Of Mars

If the weather cooperates, tomorrow will mark another step in our long journey toward the Red Planet, with the launch …

10 years ago


NASA Finally Reveals Cassini’s Stunning Big Pic Of Saturn

Back on July 19, NASA turned the Cassini orbiter around so that the craft faced its home world, and took …

10 years ago

Flight Of The Conchords’ Bret McKenzie Is Working On An Animated Series About NASA

For now, it seems like Flight of the Conchords, the musical/comedy duo Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement are taking a …

10 years ago


SpaceX Is One Step Closer To Manned Flight Capability

Back in 2009, NASA began the Commercial Crew Program (CCP), designed to promote private sector development of human spaceflight. The …

10 years ago

Space Racers And NASA Aim To Take Over Preschool Entertainment

If you have children you’ve probably been inundated by one program after the other that teaches kids how to count, …

10 years ago

Orion capsule mock-up

NASA Prepares Orion For Unmanned Flight Tests

Despite the government shutdown, NASA was able to continue working on the Orion, NASA’s next manned spacecraft. Before any humans …

10 years ago


Asteroid That Zoomed Past Earth Last Month Probably Won’t Hit Us In 2032. Probably.

It seems that asteroid-related doomsday predictions have become a staple of science news. Yep, there are asteroids out there. Yep, …

10 years ago


President Jimmy Carter’s Voyager Letter To Any Theoretical Extraterrestrials Out There

The Voyager 1 probe made history last month when scientists agreed that it had finally, officially ventured beyond our solar …

10 years ago


Remote-Controlled Space Robots Will Work Better When They Can See The Future

While remote-controlled robots are awesome and can do loads of tasks that are too difficult and dangerous for humans, there’s …

10 years ago

scott carpenter

Scott Carpenter, The Second Man To Orbit The Earth, Has Passed Away At 88

As we enter a new era in space travel, we are reminded of those who pioneered the initial space race, …

10 years ago

Juno spacecraft

Juno Will Use Earth For A Gravitational Slingshot As It Heads To Jupiter

Even though NASA has been crippled by the government shutdown, maintaining enough staff and operations to keep our ISS astronauts …

10 years ago

Lego Curiosity

Legos Make Everything More Awesome, Even Space

Legos are easily one of the greatest inventions in human history. That may be bit much, a bit too hyperbolic, …

10 years ago


The Moon Is Covered In Human Feces

Those of you who saw Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity this past weekend—and if the box office numbers are any indication there …

10 years ago

Kepler-7b next to Jupiter

Scientists Spot Clouds On An Exoplanet

The search for potentially habitable planets not yet saddled by ridiculous government shutdowns (I’m going to keep bringing it up …

10 years ago


Seven Possible Scenarios For Manned Interstellar Travel

Since we learned that Voyager 1 has been in interstellar space for over a year, it’s become a bit easier …

10 years ago


NASA May Slam An Asteroid Down On The Moon Like A Giant Domino

Using up resources then getting rid of the evidence has become such prevalent behavior in the U.S. that we may …

10 years ago